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The President is asked to resign plus more

Political oppositions are stepping up campaigns for GMA to step down and for a snap election to be held within 60 days. Some have included constitutional amendments to their demand of resignation. I don’t think such complicated and murky if not muddled issues will ever prosper.

I had a copy of “Hello Garci” CD. It was the version that included conversations attributed to Garci and some senatorial candidates. A neighbor employed in a law firm which handled legal matters for one Senator who made the exposé, passed it to me. A cousin from Negros happened to be in Metro Manila at that time and he borrowed the disc never to return it. And since cousin belongs to a syndicate of desktop publishers, it can be assumed that every Tsismoso in Negros had his ‘pirate’ reproduction of that disc, too. It looks like everybody else has heard them played.

I will agree that Hello Garci is not about good governance and democracy. It’s about election fraud.

And we had the Jocjoc Bolante Scam. As observers know, Cabinet member Mr. Bolante was nowhere found when the P700 million peso Fertilizer Scam erupted. He re-surfaced in the U.S.A. later where he was arrested by U.S. authorities for some offense. Now, people do not understand why after all the noise created, nobody charged Mr. Bolante for the alleged anomaly at home. It smells like political grandstanding. People were expecting to hear Mr. Bolante’s side of the story and get the facts from it.

We had ZTE-NBN deal. We had Malacañang unexplained Payola scam and what more else. It looks to me like they’re all bound to pass, too. A national election costs billions of pesos. Cost of election is not an issue except that the political system, for no cost, can very well take care of itself:

• Assuming that the President resigns, there is the Vice President next in line followed by the Senate President who is not without successors down the line;

• Assuming that there was election fraud in 2004, it did not directly implicate VP Noli de Castro thus making his case very debatable, like he has the right to ask for a recount that everyone knows may take almost forever. And this is moot as Senator Legarda, the contender, has already withdrawn interest in her 2004 election protest;

• The National election of May 2007 expressed the will of 80 million Filipinos. It gave Senator Manny Villar clear, unquestionable mandate and I don’t remember any impeachable issue was ever leveled at him at any time in his career. Why he should resign too cannot be understood by many Filipinos.

I agree impeachment does not work here. Impeachment may even be used to oust an honest President for the same reason that it does not work. I think this safeguard is good only in places where national leadership is among people of high degree of self-consciousness. To make it work here, maybe the oppositions should resort to Payola double that amount exhibited by Governor Ed Panlilio from Malacañang . But then again this will make the system appear not only half rotten but entirely rotten. What now?

I believe the call for the President, the Vice President and the Senate President to step down and for a snap election is incomprehensible to many Filipinos. To ordinary citizens, the whole thing appears to be nothing but desperate ambition of others who cannot wait until 2010 to take over Malacañang. This may translate to a waste of time over nothing.

This is the Philippines. A public official (or aspiring one) is presumed corrupt unless proven honest, is the general rule of the day. ( I, too, hate people who say “pareho lang ‘yan sila lahat.”) Issues must be simplified as much as possible to be understood. People want real change, sure change and not waste of time, efforts and taxpayers’ money, or nothing.

Welcome to the Philippines.

2 Responses

  1. Following after is an import from Vox Populi Blog connected to Inquirer.Net Online. I placed a modified and cut version of my post as comment under it two days ago that I cannot find there anymore today. Scrapped? This is exactly the reason why, after all my life observing everybody from the side, I decided to open a blog for myself- PUTTING MY COMMENT BESIDE OTHERS WHEN I FEEL I SHOULD.

    Everybody is involved in politics. If one does not do it with eyes closed, then one must be doing it consciously. Politics is inescapable, without any exception. It is one aspect of human function. “Non-political” is therefore a misnomer when one probably means “Non-partisan”. And there is no such thing as a pure Non-partisan because if one does not contribute to the cause of its left, then he must be contributing to his right. Non-partisan therefore, points to independence without fixed political position. Like, in some issue one might be supportive of the administration while in the next issue he might be supportive of the opposition. I believe, to be partisan or non-partisan is Rights of people and has no question attached to it unless one is a member of professional Media or Journalism. In there, partisan MANIPULATION would be like dirt on holy ground! Anyway, nobody is perfect trying to perfect what seems to be imperfect.

    Now, like the author, Alfredo Quedi, I don’t understand this everybody-resign-Puno-junta-snap-election thing under the present circumstances. Views of people like Mr. Quedi, in fact, inspired me to write my own post. Mine is probably a few degree pointed off to his. Sometimes I hated to go the opposite way when I feel I should. Like, in said comment I evaded about EDSA II.

    EDSA II, same as EDSA I, was no mistake. It is history. They are erratic movements in time called REVOLUTIONS, brief and bloodless but never the less revolutions. It is not everyday that a revolution like that happens. And it is not always created by individuals as it is but a collective natural expression of people of the time. And a revolution thrashes, or should I say trashes, away any argument of the deposed. A revolution is not in the constitution nor is it in the law and never will be. A new legal order is established by this illegality.

    Ex-President Erap is right. He could not expect to win in his legal fights, not unless he bribes or corrupts the judiciary system!

    Modern man is more civilized today. In early times, people just brought the deposed to the guillotine, or to massacre them to the last heir or heiress, or to hang them in some secluded chamber- to put a little dot to the matter. Times have changed…

    (From Vox Populi)

    Reader reacts to ‘Bishops want Puno at helm’

    Posted under Feedback

    EDSA II was a mistake. What guarantee there is that Puno or anyone else will not be like or worse than this one?

    Correcting it with another will not make it right anytime. Even if they succeed in their plans, there is an election in 2010. Patience would be a virtue instead of haste.

    Is governance now part of the bishops’ temporal responsibility? Look at the wholesale moral decay we are in now — is morality not their major temporal responsibility? They failed miserably yet they want to take more responsibility. Their effort will be more productive if they work hard at uplifting the moral standards of those who are coming after this morally bankrupt generation.

    Unless they are planning to run for public office, grandstanding is not the way to go but to lead in humility as exemplified by Jesus.

    – Alfredo Quedi, Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia (via e-mail)

  2. […] But impeachment is what it is  – a political exercise. What is  needed is numbers. Getting enough  votes, the resolution becomes an act of Congress or of the Senate. The act is legal and apparently cannot be questioned.  Articles for impeachment, as demonstrated, may be mere formality. It’s been unlike in ordinary courts of law where a fiscal’s office determines prima facie evidence first before the case can be elevated to court. That ought to be the role of the lower house of congress in impeachment cases, are they not? In principle, they ought to be. But in practice, as we just saw, they don’t always do. The low… […]

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