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Of Creation and Evolution

Originally submitted (censored) in a site called Don’t Block the Blog. It was titled Of Creation and Evolution the Root Cause of It All…? under the post Don’t Block The Blog Condemns Censorship Of WordPress.Com By The Turkish Government. Modified

Of Creation and Evolution

[Atheism [áythi izəm] noun unbelief in God or deities: disbelief in the existence of God or deities. [Late 16th century. Via French from, ultimately, Greek atheos ‘godless’, from theos (see theo-)]

There is no such thing as atheist or atheism as defined. Man is an intelligent being. It is intelligence that made him to discover God. The more intelligent he becomes the greater the degree of mystery and the more awesome he sees God. Not even Albert Einstein, I believe, really negated God. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed. That’s a fact as far as man is concerned. What stood before matter and space is beyond man that I guess Einstein, a scientist, simply kept mum in public.

Atheist or Godless was an invention by religious chauvinists to tag a person that in their view or opinion is inimical to their belief or faith, a tool in their efforts to maintain religious status quo.

A Christian may realize that God created heavens, earth and man in 6 days and rested in the 7th, is literally a myth.

Another in the scripture, about Adam and Eve, is in danger of being relegated to myth by the mere incomplete jigsaw of facts leading to the THEORY that God created man in a form no better than bacteria that then wriggled, swam or crawled on all four, later to walk on two feet, to finally become what he is today- all that in a span of billions of years.

God Did Not Start nor Ended Two or Three Thousand Years Ago

Modern REVELATIONS point to Earth as already billions of years old when man appeared. If we draw a visual of that in a scale of 1mm per thousand years, it will put Moses at a few millimeters, Modern man at some centimeters and a million years at one meter off the tip of a line that would be KILOMETERS long;

The Sun is only one of countless millions of stars that form our Galaxy. That the Galaxy is just one of countless galaxies in a cosmos so vast, far deeper than eyes can see, and beyond man’s capacity to measure or comprehend. That our Sun will naturally die several billions of years from now. That stars are born while others die somewhere in the universe from time to time. Everything points to time as immeasurable so that 10, 100, 1,000 billions of years and more are nothing to it. A lifetime is not even a dust in there!

[Physics: Matter cannot be created. Matter is there and its existence stretches back to infinity of time. Nor destroyed. It only transforms: energy-solid-liquid-gas, and it has infinity of time ahead of it. Behind or beyond those facts is beyond man’s capacity to comprehend, a fathomless mystery, and man sees this mystery is God. A metaphysics and metapsychological world has been created surrounding this mystery, the center of which, man believes is God.]

Science is about REVELATIONS OF FACTS, no more or no less. Advances no farther than facts. Early churches persecuted scientific community when it was developing. Religion saw scientific discoveries and theories as conflicts to it. Hard facts conflicted with some scriptures although obviously un- intended

A person may look back at his faith not necessarily questioning God but his religion, or some literatures in there. He may come to the conclusion that some teachings in there are myths against facts. Like, they are early man’s perceptions of God or their most practical way of imparting to others about God’s awesomeness. This does not make the person Godless. And although he is broader in mind, he is probably more awed to God today than before. He may or might not probably stick close to his religion of birth. Man simply must hang on to something where there is void. Science, constrained by its own laws, does not have all the answers to satisfy man. Where materialism inhibits, spiritism philosophy stays. Like, science does not have satisfactory answer to what separates man from his relatives – the rest of the animal kingdom. Religion has, or offers some.

Advancement of knowledge brought by science might be confusing to a religious mind. The national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, appears to be one of those vacillating minds. Born Roman Catholic, he converted to Mormon, to revert to Roman Catholic later on. I guess it can happen when jigsaws of acquired or assimilated knowledge have not fitted, do not fit well, are incomplete, incompatible, or incoherent.

If early churches were static with their beliefs and did not bend to facts, they would have gone extinct. That the earth is flat or the heavens revolve around the earth is indeed ridiculous or becoming such. [Until today there are still people who do not know that the earth is round!]

Religions of today are not exactly what they are in Galileo’s time and definitely they will be different 100 or 1,000 years from now. Religious chauvinism has gradually given way to freedom of religion and towards the belief of a universal God. They are evolutionary changes in religion.

Histories of human civilizations showed extinct religions and religious beliefs. They were the ones which became outmoded or made obsolete by time. Bending flexibly with time TO FIT AND TO SURVIVE is evolution.

Author was born Roman Catholic


1. Galileo (scientist) (1564-1642), Microsoft Encarta Premium Suite.

2. Atheism, Encarta Dictionary


One Response

  1. I believe biblical Adam and Eve is pure myth.

    Myth [mith] (plural myths) noun

    • MYTHOLOGY ancient story: a traditional story about heroes or supernatural beings, often explaining the origins of natural phenomena or aspects of human behaviour

    • LITERATURE MYTHOLOGY myths collectively: myths considered as a group or a type of story

    • SOCIAL SCIENCES symbolic character or story: a character, story, theme, or object that embodies a particular idea or aspect of a culture

    • somebody or something fictitious: somebody or something whose existence is or was widely believed in, but who is fictitious

    • allegory or parable: a story that has a hidden meaning, especially one that is meant to teach a lesson

    [Mid-19th century. Directly or via French mythe from modern Latin mythus , from Greek muthos ‘speech, myth’ (source of English MYTHOS).]/Microsoft Encarta Dictionary

    In Biology, same with Social evolution, I guess there was and is always an Adam (or might be an Eve) the first genetic (or social) freak or freaks, mutation – leading to a different more fitting lineage, specie and/or variety.

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