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Some Thoughts by another Walking Organism

Browsing the web one day I went into Religion to see the stuffs in there. I came to visit some links that dealt about Atheism. I left a few comments in some of them. By now, I must have repeated the line many times of there is no such thing as Atheist or Atheism, which I believe is one subject that I need to expound in here.

That there is no such thing as Atheist or Atheism…

There are people who claim to be Atheist. They say so and they won’t hesitate to say it again and again that there is no God, denying the existence of God. Interesting, all of them I know however, practice to varying degrees and forms what are attributes of the spiritual world – in short, God.

What happens when we take away the absolute spiritual aspects in man leaving only the absolute material aspects? My guess is, man will be not even fit of expressing whether there is or there is no God, an ape. Like, he will probably be no different from a person who lost one side of his brain in some accident, no better than a vegetable in one side of a coin to a mechanical robot in the other side of it.

In the world of Materialists, Religion is classified under Social Culture. And today’s culture is the sum of what man has developed since he was homo-sapiens. And any sociologist will agree that religion, belief in the existence God, has played an important role in shaping that culture sparing nobody.

I’d been studying people and their ways (social-political actually), which incidentally is not really free of religion. So far, what people who claim to be atheists have exhibited are, in fact, not proof that there is no God but presumptions, assumptions, perceptions, attributions, theories, beliefs, faith or anti thesis of the same things that sum up to what we call Religion. Disbeliefs are centered at religion rather than God. Factually, It is religious beliefs and practices that are in question.

I have known some Atheists. There was a time when Atheism is more of politics: That there is no God… And since audience happened to be Roman Catholics it means no Pope, no Bishops, no parish Priests, no Clerico Fascists, no Peace on earth, no Thou shalt not kill. No authority other than selves.

It is also a sort of redeveloping religion. Like when program turned to something like Eradicate all demons and beasts and send them all to their shallow graves… And the definition of demons and beasts? They are people without conscience! Is not conscience about God? Well, there’s our Atheists with their feet on spiritual ground if they did not know it!

An anti-thesis of religion is in fact (developing or modified) religion. [see Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel on Dialectic.]


3 Responses

  1. My personal definition of an atheist would be someone who does not fully believe in the “old man in the sky” concept and traditinal beliefs preached by a number of organized religions. Most of them would rather be in touch with their own spirituality and connect on a personal level with a Higher being. Some of them believe that words cannot describe and define who God is and what God is.

  2. A person who thinks he is Godless or godless, I think, is a confused mind. Me I do not believe in the old man in the sky. I believe in the old man everywhere.

    Every believer does communicate directly in private moments. Out in the world, some simply want to be the high priest. Me, I just want to follow where there is sense and logic. There’s nothing to be discovered in religion if you have tried exploring in there. Where you think you have reached the outer fringes, others had been there before. There are only things to re-discover or viewed in newer lights. Others must have gone beyond and they got lost – deranged…blinded by light…another cornerstone marking the outer fringes, telling others get back or be careful…another lighthouse that warns of dangers nearby.

    Some people just don’t want to think deep. Fine. Nobody can fathom the fathomless, anyway. And nobody can escape God anyway. From the religious goes to the Layman and into civil institutions, so? Nobody can murder, nobody can steal, nobody can covet his neighbor’s wife, etcetera, or else one will be hunted and prosecuted.

    Sometimes things are not what they seem. While a person may display disbelief in God, It could be a rebellion against existing organized religion or religious authorities. Or, it could be a defensive mechanism of a person against what it sees is manipulation by religion. An adverse reaction that serves the natural process towards the formation of a more progressive synthesis or thesis.

    I am or might be an Atheist in my own definition of the word. I think Atheism needs redefining. I think Atheist and Godless are two different things.

  3. Some of them believe that words cannot describe and define who God is and what God is.”

    Somebody threaded that line of thought some 200 years ago. His name is George W F Hegel who I find interesting….” God is God only in so far as He knows himself.”

    Even without reading Hegel, man may come to think of that likewise as much as man, separated by millenniums and by continents, has come to think that there is God in his own understanding of Him. When white men came to the Americas, the Aztecs and the Incas already knew God.

    I read Hegel some 30 to 35 years ago in connection with the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. [Every world leader, to include Churchill and Hitler alikes, could not have possibly missed reading them.]

    Maybe, unorthodox like Georg Hegel, Charles Darwin and Galilei Galileo could have qualified as Atheists by religious chauvinists’ standard, or must have been crucified or burned at the stakes had they been born much earlier or, to put it in the language of religion, if God created them much earlier .

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