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Tell me why

Mothers crying in the street…children dying at their feet…Tell me why

People starving everywhere…There’s too much food but none to spare… Tell me why

Can you see that shaft of sunlight…can you see it in my eyes…I can feel the fire that’s burning…anger and hope so deep…so deep within my heart…but before my eyes…for some it’s too late…It seems there’s no-one listening

People sleeping in the streets…no roof above, no food to eat… Tell me why

See the questions in their eyes…listen to their children’s cries… Tell me why…Please, tell me why

If there’s a God, is he watching…can he give a ray of hope…so much pain and so much sorrow…tell me what does he see when he looks at you…when he looks at me…what would he say…It seems there’s no-one listening

Who would think it still could happen…even in this time and place…Politicians, they may save themselves oh but they won’t save their face…So hope against hope…it’s not too late

You say there’s nothing you can do…one rule for them and one for you, tell me why

Listen, can you see that shaft of sunlight…can you see it in my eyes…I can feel the fire that’s burning…anger and hope so deep…so deep within my heart…but before my eyes…for some it’s too late…It seems there’s no-one listening

Hurry for me, hurry for me…Hurry for me, hurry for me, they cry…They cry

That’s Phil Collins in the Album: Genesis – We Can’t Dance.

Looking for some Phil Collins’ song, I found that one in Micronesia Mall of Guam in 1991. Since there was no way I could try them at the store, I went home less than a mile away to hear them and came back later to do my things…pass time watching people (girls included, yeah), until closing time to drive my sister-in-law, who worked there, home.

Doing nothing, I had my fingers at my collection yesterday. It was nice playing them again after some time. For me, waving arms in some ‘born again’ ritual is silly than lying down listening to my collections.

In the album are: No son of mine…Jesus he knows me…Driving the last spike…I can’t dance…Never a time…Dreaming while you sleep…Tell me why…Living forever…Hold on my heart…Way of the world…Since I lost you…Fading lights

Search the music stores’ archives, Lovers! Try them.


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