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Grandest Grandstanding or Dawn of Justice for Juan Dela Cruz?

Media is having frenzy in connection with the alleged abduction and release and revelations of a guy named Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr. The air is indeed hot, hotter than when Joey De Venecia came out with earlier revelations about ZTE-NBN deal

ZTE-NBN matter is now resurrected, dragging back names like former COMELEC Commissioner Benjamin Abalos into the spotlight.

Maybe, Senate handling the present situation should speed up its investigation and to either promptly recommend filing of appropriate charges or to categorically dismiss everything if hogwash. People are tired of noises that boiled down to nothing. They have viewed such nothings as political grandstanding. Or worse, some people are already seeing no more than squabbles between thieves and plunderers!

I am not a lawyer. I’m just another ordinary citizen bombarded daily by politics and realities of life. In the streets. Watching TV. Reading magazines. That’s how I got my little understandings of Law.

It looks to me like Mr Noel Lozada is saying that: He (Lozada), Mr Ben Abalos, John Doe, Peter Doe et al conspired to plunder the nation of $130M or some P5.4 Billion Pesos. Taking the words of Mr Noel Lozada, it appears that Mr Ben Abalos at first demanded $130M kickback money aside from cash advances given to Mr Ben Abalos by the Chinese. Furthermore, ZTE, by the change of figure from the original amount to $329M, now appears to be part of this conspiracy concocted by all to include Mr. Noel Lozada.

Sen Enrile is right when he asked Mr Noel Lozada if he was prepared for jail. But apparently, Mr Lozada hopes to stand witness for the State together with another probable co-accused, Joey de Venecia.

If charges be made, will this be treated as a special case by a special court under a special treatment? We have cases there in our judiciaries that have been rotting, undecided for decades already!

For People who have long been suffering and gritting their teeth in the dark under a system that cannot work because of corruptions, Mr Joey De Venecia and Mr Noel Lozada are already heroes. May I add to that, that I hope prosecution has got solid evidence if case goes to court, which I think is what Senator Johnny Enrile was trying to advice Mr Noel Lozada in the senate hearing.

Will truth set people free? Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t.

Case of Armando V. Sierra, Negros Oriental, Circa 70s to early 80s. Serial disappearances and murders. Principal accused was found not guilty. State witness claimed he killed and buried victims (recovered) . The victims were allegedly delivered to him, that he killed  on orders of his master, the principal accused. Prosecution failed to establish their allegations against Mr. Sierra based on the testimony of state witness.  Question now is who’s responsible for all the victims? [This case made it in Time or Newsweek magazine]

Monday, February 11, 2008

Protest rallies had been announced by Civil society groups for this week. GMA Resign Movements are reported (TV Patrol/ABS-CBN) this evening to be at it again this early. Should not they be holding and guarding the line, keep pulling on and see the fish or fishes when they see them? Is not a fish better than no- fish-because of haste(?) if indeed there is a catch at the end of the line? And if there is a catch I don’t think the fish, by any way, can get away unless the line turns out to be nothing at all./blog author

My comment on related subject in vox populi.blog

February 12th, 2008 at 2:06 am

Hello Garci, Jocjoc Bolante, and even this ZTE-NBN matter are, until today, war of words. In short, POLITICS.

Maybe its time Filipinos should talk about JUSTICE.

Absolutely we cannot hang people based on presumptions of guilt and at every time somebody comes up with an allegation hurled against somebody else. Lets give people benefits of doubt.

Maybe its time to be making formal charges so the guilty can be punished and the innocent cleared.

We are in the era of materialism, folks!

4 Responses

  1. Hi Rod,

    I must agree with you that people are tired of accusations that lead to nowhere. But the opposition leaders are busy stirring the pot and coming up with creative ways of encouraging the people to protest against the Arroyo administration.

    I just hope we can have more evidence so that we can convince those who are still undecided.


  2. To conclude that People’s power ended in Edsa 2, or that it was the last of it, would be under-estimation of the Filipino people. And it is like saying that we have reached the end of politics and history in this part of the world. In the other hand Edsa cannot be faked, which again is another form of under estimation.

    “Edsa” was about People’s ultimate absolute struggle for TRUTH and JUSTICE. Under the same conditions or circumstances it can happen again and nobody can stop it. Plug it one way it will manifest another way.

    Why would some try to perfect the negative sides of Marcos or Erap in the first place, anyway? Should not they be breaking their heads trying to think of ways to make people not think of overthrowing leaders?

  3. Grandstanding. Seek attention or admiration: to show off in order to impress people, especially spectators/Microsoft Encarta dictionary

    What constitute political grandstanding? Exercises that created a lot of noise that achieved nothing in the end are perceived by the public as political grandstanding. They are becoming regarded boring show-offs like ‘atras ang nakaupo, abante ako’. Even exercises however well intended by the leaders, but improperly placed, could qualify as grandstanding.

    For example, when it comes to emancipation of the broad masses of the Filipino people the fight should be in congress (and regional wage boards) and not in the streets. It is interesting to note that in advanced countries where States are more liberal to freedom of expression, fewer people go out in the streets. Lobbying with lawmakers is more effective and brought achievements, respect. If it is not about delivering gains then what is it?

    When it comes to Truth and Justice the venue would be any appropriate entity of the law. Ok, so it is not about that. It’s about ousting the President. But then again politics has got its own complications and so we have a divided people at this moment.

  4. […] Comments rltjs on Grandest Grandstanding or Dawn…rltj on Of Politics and Popularit…jabrasr on Of Politics and Popularit…rltj […]

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