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God Said…

When I started this blog months ago it never entered my mind to open a space here concerning religion. The subject appears to be the hottest. Maybe it’s because religion is universal of people while issues in politics for example, usually national or regional in scope , may not have common relevance to all.

Browsing through Religion gave me the impressions that this world now is teeming with Atheists and that there seems a tower of Babel stood among people. I am reminded of my early years when somebody had thought it nice to open a forum about religion in the public square of Bacolod City. Then there were debates that attracted the multitudes. But in the end people got bored.

All about God are personal beliefs. It’s one man’s belief against the same when there is conflict. A debate in religion would be endless that establishes nothing in the end. And, limiting debate within the old scriptures is not without fault. Increasing number of people is seeing the Bible as becoming small for The Infinite and Omnipresent to be restricted in.

Evolution, a theory introduced in the 19th century, has since been an established fact. Evolution is not limited to Biology, or relating to plants and animals by Charles Darwin. It also applies universally – religion, society, civilization, everything. In Geography, for example, it’s been established that North and South America were once connected with now Europe and Africa. Eastern and western continents are moving about an inch apart every year.

Man needs constant updates

Everything is constantly gradually changing or evolving. Man needs to update or modify information with time. Attempts to freeze matters, or not keeping pace with progress, have caused tensions, rifts or splits – splits in religions, for example.

While the Bible must have served its purpose during Slave and Medieval societies, in the era of Democracy it has shown symptoms of becoming obsolete. To cite another fault, increasing number of people no longer accept the line of God said this and that. They are deemed fiction because fact is, God never said. It is becoming viewed as manipulative, unfair, coercive – when the same may have been normal in early times.

How do you think? A bread winner impregnated his eldest daughter and had one of his sons took her as a wife, went on to impregnate the second daughter, while the mother of the family allowed all those things to happen? They are outrageous cases of incest practiced only by animals such as Homo erectus, pigs and chickens! Another had projected himself as the Second coming, later to take liberty of all the maidens of the place while the parents of the girls had probably felt only gratification if not fearful submission.

God said…” or dropping God to people, I think, can be the most dangerous thing in the world. It touches on man’s weakest point. It’s good when it suits one’s interest but could be bad when used by another.

People are inspired but fact is, God never said.


3 Responses

  1. Aside from the line, “God said (so and so)” another favorite of mine, which can be seen in many jeepneys, is, “God knows Judas not pay!” hehe 🙂

  2. Hi,

    When Judas received pieces of silver, it showed that the Romans were already practicing bribery that preceded “cash gifts” by everyone else. But then again when the Romans nailed Christ to the cross they had to buy spikes from trader who probably was Chinese and who possibly bribed authorities so he’ll have monopoly right to supply and with his cohorts, dictate price! Kabayan Miriam was possibly right when she pointed to the Tsinos as the root of corruptions! Joke lang, haha.

    [I am F-3 (filial generation-3) Chinese. Our Great must have been Pinoy than any Filipino today. It was not okay to marry a Pinay during those days and they did not usually allow their daughters to marry Pinoys. Racism in those days, you know. He was out of that. Except for an old portrait and the tale that he belonged to a ‘Juan’ generation, he left everything and his past totally behind him.]

    It’s okay to bring talks away from seriousness, sometimes. All-protein foods do not make balance diet.

  3. Going serious, reviewing Allan Krueger this morning, it entered me what if? What if God said? And He chooses you to do thing that He cannot order the Pope? Would you do a Joan of Arc? You’ll probably lose a high paying job if you tell tales. You are hallucinating. You are paranoid. A neighbor might call some mental institution to deal with you.

    People are known to blow themselves to kingdom come for God. That’s a fact. That’s reality out there. What if one of them has access to a Nuke trigger. Allan Krueger’s fears are not really without basis. As the conclusion? If then, maybe, man should steer away from things like Sodom and Gomorrah because he cannot stop God! He’ll be another ignorant fool trying to break his head on how to outwit a wrathful God…..

    My wild imaginations added to Krueger’s.

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