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EDSA, were they mistakes?

Posted by me in a form of comment at Lester Cavestany’s on March 8, 2008, with related comment that followed it. Modified

People power as they happened in Edsa 1 and 2 were collective expressions of people of the times. Nobody can tell people who should be there or who should not be there, so we had people of diverse (political, personal) interests out there in the streets.

Jopay: March 9, 2008

collective expressions or manipulation of the people?

People power per se is not flawed, but our system of people power is.

In Tagalog, the perfect term for it is GAMITAN. People can express their sentiments pro or against the government in a way that they CAN avoid political manipulation.

What happened after Marocs was booted out? power crisis, zero agrarian reform, massacre of farmers at Mendiola

What happened after Erap was ousted? We got a worse one whom we gave the power to manipulate votes.

Maybe we just get the government we deserve, no?

Yes, collective expression: some were there because they stood to gain. Others were there believing we will be coming out much better. Some of them became disillusioned. There were those who were there simply just to remove what was seen as no good, bahala na who took over…fast forward…next.

And, yes, manipulation. Everyone out there, except for the gullible, is a manipulator- user, employer, Gamitan. Even by media you can smell some manipulations in there. Avoiding political manipulation? Ah, non-gullible… That is exactly the reason why we have people holding back and off, avoiding being manipulated by the right or by the left. They jump or will jump-in, to become part of those out there, when they see reason and not because somebody said so. I think it’s a good sign of progress.

Manipulating the manipulators would be another thing…I don’t know if there is such a thing. That would be playing god, or I guess, by God Himself!

IF there will be EDSA 3 it must be because ALL stood there on common ground– removing those who are seated, each going his way after that. Removal has become imperative to the point that it over rode all differences. That’s how history of EDSA went- back to square one – at a little higher, different plane. [Events are best described to run in spiral, rather than in straight line or in flat circles, which made things look like history repeating itself.]

I agree that the kind of government depends on the kind of people. It shows the state of mind of the Whole, each of us being a part of that whole. Yes, people get what they deserve, no exemption, no excuse.

Although not much but the whole is gradually learning. Mere good looks, actors and actresses, or being cute and can sing and dance, for examples, no longer worked in the last election. Not even people’s champ, Manny Pacquiao, made it. It means Filipinos do think. They’d been seeking for the ‘right‘ ones. And if one thinks that we are no better than the last time, then maybe our best are not good enough.

Were EDSA mistakes? Madam Cory was not the problem during EDSA I as GMA was not the problem during EDSA II. EDSA made no guarantees. Edsa revolutions were never mistakes. Those who took over, perhaps, made mistakes.

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  1. […] yes, Revolutions. In the Philippines we had the two EDSA Revolutions in the last two decades. Later attempts to overthrow Malacañang Palace by extra judicial People’s […]

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