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Should Man Have Flaps?

Looking at the history of my browser, and looking back at my posts, I think I have been going religious or am I diverting to religion?

Last night I had been in Religion, in a site that dealt around Christianity and Environment. Before that, I had been in a site that tackled about Faith and Science -‘Intelligent design’. It made me form some crazy, crazy questions in my mind. Imagining through them, I found the answers funny silly:

Should man have four fingers in each hand instead of the five that he now has? Like, maybe his thumb and his forefinger should be made one? Or, why should not man be evolving to the point that his fingers will become like a mitten or a flap – which probably might be a direction back to his past?

You see the issue that played in my mind is whether or not Faith should assert more in environmental concerns. This also reminds us of the old and nagging issues revolving around Religion and Politics.

Religion is one aspect of man and society, same with politics, environment, and others. They are all inter-related like fingers in a hand. In Society I guess each finger, peculiar, specialized and with a mind of its own, sometimes would like to assert to the point of seemingly over-blowing things. I guess this is the time when the issue of interference by one of another becomes hot and highly controversial.

Interacting by all of the fingers? Whether we like it or not and whether we see them or not, religion has and will always inter-act with all other aspects as they are inter-related. They always do and they always did. And inter-action is not one-way but a two-way street.

Children reading Charles Darwin or Albert Einstein today could be religious leaders of tomorrow, or children reading holy scriptures today could be scientists of tomorrow, so there’s no way stopping social evolution. Whatever are conflicting, surely man, thus society, will always come out more refined, more polished, in the end.

I had been in a site that mentioned a list of ‘modern sins’ made by the Vatican. I am not well informed of the details but one of them cited against tinkering in human genetics. Whatever is exactly being opposed, I believe we have that opposition within Science camp itself, and from pure scientific viewpoint, too.

Religious organizations that are active say, for clean air cannot possibly be guilty of over asserting as they are but complimenting Science. In this case, in fact, the origin of the idea is not religion but science. If God was dragged in there I guess science is out of that.

I guess Physics and Metaphysics are bound together towards infinity of time, which means religion will be with man towards infinity, too.

Separation of Church and all others, looking back at history, it was Mother nature herself that decided it that way.

Anyway, trust Mother Nature, folks! She always knows what’s good even when her children do not, and she’s not crazy even if her children are!


3 Responses

  1. a little bit misunderstood about your post!

  2. Hi, Sometimes I write in connection with what I’ ve just read. But more often what I read simply reminded me of similar matter, slightly or could be far different. In such cases I don’t usually specify link, link back, or quote. Yes, article is somewhat distinct.

  3. Ok, based on my understanding of IDism, God kept a disarray of ledgers, notes and black board where he spent most of eternity pondering (and still keeps pondering) how each life and thing has to be made. And there was not a few nights that he jumped out of bed to make some modifications to his plans. Nobody can refute that belief.

    I have my own belief that I guess nobody can refute, too. That God, because he is God, simply flicked things into space and everything becomes what we see there today. And he gave us scientists to unravel and explain to us the laws that he put into each thing, what makes each of them tick…how they were created by him…so man does not grope in ignorance. Survival of the fittest…evolution as we call it. Something got to the Finish line first – incidentally that’s us. And I’m glad about that.

    Is there somebody who can refute that belief with something irrefutable?

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