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Don’t You Feel Cold?

What’s happening to the noise created by Mr. Rodolfo Noel Lozada nowadays. We seem to be hearing none of it at the front. Here’s one of the latest which I found in Inquirer.Net.

If there is another chance by Mr. Lozada, I think, it should be: never again mix justice with politics. While he called on for justice, he allowed himself to be played politics.

For example, many people do not understand why one who was in speaking tour complete with glaring media coverage was claiming he was then under kidnap. And while apparently enjoying his public blitz, has invoked the law stronger than Writ of Habeas Corpus. While he was there seen by all, he was demanding that he be produced by the State! Was not that a mockery of Amparo?

Maybe, indeed, he was sort of a kidnapped person and was due to be liquidated, as he suspected. But then again, maybe it was all paranoia. And does not pursuing something that at first glance has no chance in court, constitute political grandstanding?

Sure, some of his stories sound credible but they also showed cloud or dirt that pose the question of which is which.

I‘d been in the country sides. Last time I was in Bayawan valley was in November 25, 2006. Actually, nothing much can be done in there at present. Bayawan Valley Farmers, the entity, is at rest. That’s for sticking to its decision not to engage in partisan politics and/or corruption. Engaging in them will lead to nothing in the end, anyway. It goes something like a P50M need should be made P200M that cannot be paid in the end. And since such are written on water, they become dole-outs shouldered by Juan dela Cruz. That’s about politics and corruption Aka plunder.

Or it goes like one person got a P300M loan when mass cannot even avail a cent. The guy is in agriculture too, so it can be said that he is also a farmer. That he actually invested a good part of the loan in something else that earns fast, is irrelevant because the guy is actually known to the bank as a good borrower. He pays interest at least. That’s about politics and some grease. At least, not until he has declared bankruptcy to enjoy life silently somewhere where he has stashed his loot.

Besides that, actually, there’s nothing real motivating yet to people out there more than what are already there. I mean, not even one’s relatives are optimistic about lending money if one says it is for some agricultural venture. Perhaps yes, if one says it is to buy standing crop. And what’s that? It’s something very original Filipino. There are people who have no place to go and with no choice to do but to farm. Long before harvest they’ll be juggling financial difficulties. They’ll be selling standing crops at bargain. They are stuck in that cycle. Quite prolific shark business in there, I’d say.

They’re just some reasons that explain the state of our agriculture today after ump trillions of pesos poured into that sector since we can remember. But we are going away, where were we…

As been mentioned, Bayawan valley is insurgency area. No, I cannot be possibly harboring any of them NPA, RPA, to include CAFGUs. For farming to play partisan politics in a place like Bayawan valley would be most stupid.

What has everything to do with Mr. Lozada? I just remembered some personal friendship I’ve developed in the valley. If you’ve heard about Kangaroo courts, I know somebody who sat in one. He did not have cases that formed backlogs in his what we call sala elsewhere. He hates liars. He had hanged a man for stealing a meager half-sack of Palay, actually, not for stealing but for lying about it. And He had also thrown out a murder case because the complainants bloated their stories and he believed defendant told only truths. For defendant to pay a little blood money and to remember the widow and the orphans once in a while was generous.

He was not only prosecutor and judge. He was also defender. All three-in-one since I can’t tell if he also played executioner. His principles? Like Ms. Susan Roces, he believes that liars are likely thieves. People hid or lied because they did something wrong. And were also cowards who could not admit sin. And they will possibly cut peoples’ throats as they sleep, anybody’s throat, his throat included! I like his styles. I think he makes sense.

Morals? One should not do anything wrong. That way there is no need to hide or to lie, or possibly do something more horrible.

Anyway, the fire that is Mr. Lozada seems to be cooling down. It’s becoming cold and wouldn’t it be nice if somebody finds some unproductive tree somewhere out there, slash and throw them to the fire so it would be nice and warm again for all.

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