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Sins of the Fathers

Like I said somewhere, I live in Payatas. It’s one place where most people have claimed every space, even sidewalks and parts of the street, for shelter. It’s a place where National building codes do not apply. The 45 square-meter open space that I’ve maintained in front of my house is considerably extravagant. I have the space not walled around nor properly fenced. Small children are free to run around in my front yard next to their usual playground which is the narrow street.

I am not what many people would consider religious. One time, a group of Born Again Christians asked to use my open space for bible study on weekends. I thought it nice that the youths should hear about God once in a while. Maybe it will help to keep them away from troubles like drugs, petty crimes and gang wars. And so it came to that.

Like I said, I am not what many people would consider religious. I rarely went to church for quite a long time now. However, I do view Sunday Mass in TV once in a while. Also, there are nights I stayed late, viewing shows like the 700 Club. In church or in TV, one has no opportunity to comment or to speak. I guess there are times that people need only to listen and to think about it, and they are the times.

A Bible meeting is different. In there, there is always time for people to participate. I like the part when I can ask question or speak out my mind. Anyway, in the end my Born Again brothers ceased to show up. I guess some of my ideas might have been shocking to them or they seemed unsure how to deal with them. And probably they had realized I’ll be converting all them instead of them converting me if they did not run away.

God is the strongest or he is not God. What cannot be defended is weak and must be false.

God has not been pushed out of people’s homes or pushed into tiny corners of homes. For example, if there is something bad in TV, it is not the TV that is evil but man – Movie and Television Review and Classification Board probably at fault in this case. Like the air gun that I hanged in my wall, it is no more evil than the knives I keep in my kitchen. What are in my humble bookshelves must be all by God. He owns the whole Universe.

[I did not tell them that I have actually hidden away others like Penthouse, Playboy and some VCDs that I’ve kept so I never needed ridiculous things like Viagra or Korean bugs! And they did not make me a rapist nor a philanderer.]

Man should not play God or be like God. God is omnipotent therefore he is good and he is also bad. Maybe they mean that man should play only the good sides of God and stay away from the bad side of him. What man has done that God has not done or cannot do? Nothing. He is all capable or he is not omnipotent yet and God.

God is Wrathful and Cruel. But, I think, how man views God is matter of standpoint and viewpoint. Let’s take him as wrathful and cruel. But, would not that be God the Just and the Merciful viewed from another angle? If so, then where should man position himself? Like, how should man feel about Sodom and Gomorrah?

God the Warrior and the Warmonger. He is waging a war out there. Among in his arsenal is biological warfare: Aids, Herpes, Syphilis, Gonorrhea and many more. Maybe man should make it easy for casualties out there. But instead of disarming God I think man should be on with God, extinction to all Erectus!

[If Aids was discovered during the time of Adolph Hitler, probably we had people thrown into incinerators alive. Aids is said to be from green monkeys (and affects only Homo erectus). Homo sapiens are immune to them, check your genes, folks.]

If you’re one of those hit, don’t be sour at me, brothers. I’m just telling what I think is true and I am not the cause of suffering. If one cannot re-produce, for example, because of his or her abuse, there’s only the self to blame. And one should be thankful it’s only that serious. If one is now dying of Aids or the likes, honest, I wish I can make things easy. We can only pray and hope against hope.

But, what about the innocents? Is the sin of the fathers also a sin of their families to include the unborn? Like, the conspiracy of Adam and Eve is also conspiracy of all mankind? Toddlers and unborn as automatic sinners?

Maybe somebody had got it wrongly passed on, wrongly stated or wrongly translated. Maybe it should be: that ‘the sin of the father also brings sufferings to his family, too, to include the unborn.’

Anyway, God is God and he does what he wants or he is not God. Like Christ had stated it, that His will be done on Earth as well as it is in the world of Spirits.


10 Responses

  1. ‘the sin of the father also brings sufferings to his family, too, to include the unborn.’

    Now that makes sense. And it is so true. But some of the other things that you say; that God is always typified by strength, that what cannot be defended is weakness – we must remember Christ’s example of surrender, submitting to strength, out of Love.

    To say that God is waging war using the evils of our time, both man made and natural, would statement about the ‘sins’ of the father. It is the sins of the fathers and mothers before us, as they build upon each other, generation after generation, that results in much of the suffering we see today. It is man’s arrogance as he intrudes deeper into rain forests, exposing new viruses, or as he builds with disregard for the safety of the poor, resulting in catastrophic hurricane damage, precipitates these things. Not God.

    God is not both Good and Evil God is pure goodness. It is the absence of God that results in the absence of good, something we metaphorically refer to as Evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is merely the absence of God. Only Homo Erectus has the ‘power’ to obscure is goodness.

  2. “would contradict your statement about the sins of the father” – Sorry.

  3. I find the story of Sodom and Gomorrah as one interesting focus there because it shows what God is. Following the argument that God is pure goodness, God, exterminating the two cities, was good and not cruel, and that settles it. And I would not take “wrath” for it because the best word I think would be “just” (which is more associated with goodness).

    Following that, God killing a man is good or must be for good. Man to kill another is bad. Meaning man should not be like God.

    This is not in the scripture, I think Satan is only an underdog, a stooge, a joker. I suspect he’s just a scapegoat. (Unless you think Satan is also an authority like God.)

    (Sorry but I think) there is only one authority in this cosmos and that’s him – GOD.

  4. Who’s denying God’s sole authority? One need not take metaphorical stories and myths literally to understand God. In fact one could argue (and I have ) that doing so obscures the overarching truth contained within Biblical narrative.

    Satan -an underdog, stooge and joker – absolutely? A scapegoat – perhaps if you take him to be an actual created being. But Satan works best ( I think) as a metaphor for the most insidious and dangerous ‘evil’ force out there – our own egos.

  5. “To say that God is waging war using the evils of our time, (everything included). Not God.”

    They are religious ideas that, I believe, belong to the future – religion based in fusion of science and faith. Beheading people or throwing them into the mouth of rumbling volcano to appease God, or so that there will be bountiful harvest, for examples, are obsolete. They are silly and ridiculous to God or he did not bring good minds to explain the laws– the good and the bad sides of them that he put in everything.

    About man-made evil, you’re right; probably he’ll say “nah, not me! It’s the work of the (stooge)! And you can say what you want but, nah, not by me.”

    Contradicting myself, probably they’re true. After helping man on the road to what is good and what is bad, maybe he’s just watching everything as a neutral observer. That’s another school of thought. Futuristic religion I should say. Man caused most of his own sufferings! [Stooge lost his usefulness and job there. Ha-ha.]

    People who worry of the stooge do not know their God. rltj

  6. Man shalt not kill. The nearest explanation for that is because it is bad. God killed both the guilty and the innocent in Sodom and Gomorrah. But that’s because he is God.

    Man played God in Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

    1. Man, by himself, was totally responsible for the acts,
    2. The goodness (?) was possible by man under the authority of God. [God could have snuffed out Albert Einstein at anytime in his life to avert it, for example, but he did not.] The authority of the devil is out of the question because he is a stooge;
    3. God was just a spectator, shaking his head as he watched his subjects killing one another over politics and economics, same as the first.

    Now, let’s go back in time to wrathful acts like the holocaust in Germany and the genocide in Cambodia. The religious issue is, which of the above was which?

  7. I do not believe that God had anything to do with Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Or the Holocaust or Dresden or My Lai or 9/11. He probably had nothing to do with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (if that happened).. Religious man’s way of trying to make sense out of senseless things.

  8. First reason I stated may be atheistic way of viewing history.

    Viewing things from religion, there must only be either reason 2 or reason 3, both of them quite un-orthodox I should say because most religious will always say that war is evil, meaning by the (authority of the) devil.

    Virtual Reality, Abstract literature and Metaphor

    I also think bible needs review and scrutiny. A rain of fire by angels? Somebody may also put Hiroshima and Nagasaki exactly the same!

    But instead of nuke exploded high over the cities, it might have been rain of flaming arrows by marauders at Sodom.Raining fire, literally by themselves, is incomprehensible. Bible cannot all be taken literally. Like all have sin is more understandable to present day man perhaps if put everyone is dirty in the eyes of God or no one is perfect 🙂

  9. Religions out there need to bring morality closer and understandable to present day generations. I have seen young people beating it out when they saw preachers were coming for the bible study. They see preachers as weirdos talking about them as sinners before they were born! 😛

    [Probably many of them relate to themselves like brand new PCs with blank drives the day they were born! Like medicines in the shelves, some literatures could be expired or have ceased to be potent and useful. They have to be modified to deal with the present.]

    There’s no end to religion and God

    Moses came three thousand years before Christ who came two thousand years before us. Society has evolved much in the last five thousand years. Between static and modern minds exists a widening communication gap.

    Religious institutions have only two choices: Evolve with society or fade out to extinction, replaced by consistent ones.

  10. God works in mysterious ways it’s been said.

    God must indeed be GOOD and MERCIFUL at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Filipinos and the world should realize how lucky they were that the Japanese got a good beating they wont forget.

    Filipinos sold Philippine fruits to Japan only if they were in Japanese manufactured cardboard boxes made in Japan. Add to that, things like JEPEPA. Think what if that RACIST Empire lorded it over the world!

    Filipinos seem to be forgetting it…So what if they send home all Filipino sluts doing their trade in Japan 😦

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