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Tomorrow Came Yesterday

The proposed Federal form of government consisting of eleven States is short. That is if we indulge in tribalism, which is one of the causes of the turmoil now in the south, as basis for the creation of this proposed federation of eleven States.

We already have the 10 Bornean Datu, or what became of them. Originally, four (4) of them settled in Panay and six (6) of them settled in Luzon. This will leave one slot to be settled by Eastern Visayas, the northern group like the Cordilleras, and the southern groups. Never mind others like the Chinese Filipinos. They are good at survival. They are well distributed and well assimilated everywhere in the country. And they are not interested in any territory except titled properties.

History is not clear why our Eastern Visayan cousins were not mentioned among the Group of Ten. I guess Filipinos did not want to talk about it to have passed it down generations.

I imagine the Cebuanos woke up one morning, angry, cursing and spitting. “Ang mga Muklo! How could they have the heart to leave their cousins behind without a word!” They probably uttered them in disgust. And they decided that they must follow suit or else Sultan Makatunao might make bowling balls of their heads! [Hiligaynon: maka capable of, able to + tunaw melt] Anyway, I came from the tribe of Datu Sumakwel. Surely my slot in the eleven proposed States is secured, and I don’t talk for the others. But we expect Palawan and Cotabato, at least, as part of our State, Republic, State within a State, whatever.  And since the Tagbanua and the Kuyonin are splinters of the old Hiligaynon group, we are claiming the Mindoro to include the Romblon and the Masbate groups of islands. 🙂

The ten Bornean Datu, although without any articulate or signed articles to show it, by conspiring and acting as one, were in fact a federation under the natural and mutual leadership of Datu Puti. We had a case of desertion, a secession or rebellion, that happened in old Borneo during the time when the frontiers was vast.

I suppose: Going north in mind, hugging or moving closely by the coastlines of Mindanao, naturally going northward and eastward, the ten Bornean Datu decided to make a perfect sharp turn to north at the point where it appeared that they could be going back south. The First major island that they had come upon was Negros today that they called Buglas, which is believed to be the word for North Star known to some as Polaris.

Borneo-Sulu-Mindanao-Visayas. Malay migration Ilonggo Tagalog. Added drawings are by rltjs

Deciding to take the western side of the island, again exploring northward and then turning eastward, there loomed [Panay]. Impressed only by the mountainous ranges close to the shores of southern Negros, they decided to explore Panay. Awed by what surely appeared like great plains (pan’ay, pan’hay, or pantay in Tagalog, meaning: leveled, equal, all the same), the Hiligaynon group then decided the place was just right, the end of exodus. By mutual relationship or common sense, the Liwayway group naturally, must simply find a place that suits them. And they settled for no less than [Luzon].

Malay migration Tagalog. Map is by Atlas. Added drawings are by rltjs

A vast paradise with many ideal lusong –  a movable piece of cut log hollowed at midpoint where rice is pound with wooden pestles, deep recess, must have been the impression of the island. [Liwayway, Hiligaynon and Sugbuhanon A-ba-ka-da did not have C, F, J, Q, V, X and Z]

Mga Bicolano are cross of Ilonggo and Tagalog but I guess they liked Datu Puti more than they liked Datu Sumakwel. Maybe Sumakwel was poor at making people laugh. 🙂

It must have been perfect with Buglas there for the Sugbuhano group in case they followed. But the Sugbuhano, of equal intelligence and instincts, upon seeing [Negros Island], must have smelled mga muklo just around the bend.

Malay migration Bisaya. Map is by Atlas. Added drawings are by rltjs

Maybe they had spat on their locked fingers never again to talk to their cousins! They must have turned starboard where they discovered their new homeland that people now call Cebu. [sugbu/subu/sebu in Hiligaynon means to temper (steel), to dive into (water)]

I think there it is. The dread Sultan Makatunao produced weapons and the Cebuanos were among his favorite craftsmen-slaves! 🙂

So, for a time until after the Spaniards came, Buglas was un-inhabited except by aboriginal Aetas and a few scattered adventurous Malays. Because tattooed individuals that Miguel Legazpi spoke of in 1565, is of Malay culture. Maybe Legazpi had heard of the Aetas who were shy and who probably always hid in the jungles, but did not see them. And more so since black Aetas, most often victims than culprits of abuse by Malays, did not fancy themselves with charcoal tattoos! It might have been sun-burned Malays Legazpi saw so that the Spaniards called the island Negros. Anyway, that were many centuries ago, and cousins together again, have long time ago drank Basi and Tubâ before beer came. 🙂

Mass migration from Panay to Negros, much of them under Spanish rule, came only in the 18th and 19th century when commercial agriculture – sugar – was being developed. At about the same period, the eastern side of the island was also being settled from Cebu. That explains Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental provinces, today.

But so much about history and culture as I had my head upon my hands on the pillow. So, how would federalism be today? Let’s look at our east. There is the United States of America (USA). Hmm, not bad. It’s one of the best in the world today, I should say… To our west, there is the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), or what is left of it – after Kazakhstan, Georgia, others, decided to stand on their own. [Copycats! They copied the Philippines and the Southern Philippines’ experience!]

Which way, or where from, now Philippines?

After independence of U.S. Commonwealth in 1946, we had been in Presidential system… that we changed to Parliamentary… only to be reverted to Presidential… that now is proposed by some to be reverted back to Parliamentary – Federal Parliamentary.

Probably we could buy USA experience. We can copy them word for word. But we are Filipinos. Let’s think and put originality, realities, over this federalism. We are peculiar. We promote tribalism. We are corrupt. We are too much Trapo. We can go pendulum between two systems and they are doomed to fail, not unless weaknesses are handled properly, placed in their proper perspectives, are eradicated or diminished. It’s not the systems. It’s the people – the internal conditions of society in general, the present state of mind of the people. What if this proposed new form of Federation won’t work and cannot work?

While I am trying to visualize American federalism in the Philippines, its funny that I am seeing the picture of Russia and Yugoslavia. And I am still seeing the same Southern Philippines but a little bit different. I see Croatia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, etc instead of Mindanao. Not rebellions but turmoils of nations.

Didn’t tomorrow already came yesterday?

Add to your vocabulary folks. Muklo ( mok lô ) [ Modern, Hiligaynon. plural mga muklo ] Creep. One that sees only itself or things near it.

4 Responses

  1. One of the motives behind honest clamors for federalism is that development and progress is all concentrated in and around the capital city and Metro Manila. And proponents are hoping that by federalization there will be automatic decentralization.

    Interesting however is that many of those proposing for Federalism, which would formally decentralize this unitary State, were also seen as the loud critics against the Pork Barrel system. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the much criticized congressional pork barrel system is already part of decentralization if people don’t see it as such. There cannot be development and progress without funding. Money, money, and more money, to be brought closer to the people.

    And money is also the crux of the issues for Federalism. But cannot Filipinos go direct to the point without affecting revolutionary change, costly shake-up to the present system?

    For greater decentralization

    Looking into the issues against Pork barrel system, it shows that it is corruption and/or perceived corruption that are being objected. It follows, the problem is corruption and not the system. And when corruption is the cause, this cannot be corrected by a changed from Unitarian to Federal system.

    Like I have been ranting somewhere sometimes, in fact, I am suggesting increasing Pork barrel for all the congressional districts. This may sound ridiculous, guys, but instead of the Php 200M per district maybe we can make it say Php 10 or 20 whooping Billions each! And by law, a fixed percentage of it should also be decentralized to municipalities and likewise to their respective Barangays. My figures may be hyped and dramatic, I think Php 200M per district is small for progress to be felt in the countrysides. Many people in the provinces do not even know that there is that much allotted for them.

    Php 20B would then go to corruption in each district? The same will go to corruption in federalism, anyway, if corruption IS the PROBLEM! One thing in common though, chances for progress has been brought as close as possible for self determination by the masses down the grassroots.

    And where will we get the money? The State has been throwing away in dole-outs to victims of poverty. Maybe Malacañang can close its eyes at the destitute and beggars that society and governance has built up, and concentrate very limited resources on ERADICATION of POVERTY – the mother of them all.

    Php 20B for each congressional district? Who will want to secede by that! People will want to kill corrupt public servants maybe, but not rebellion against the State! Sounds crazy huh, guys?

    Following was originally sent to Bayan Muna blogsite by me. Modified

    Rod Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 28th, 2007 at 11:26 pm

    Miriam made a shot with a sling

    Very recently Kabayan Miriam called Senator Ping Lacson as a Gago. I believe more than half of the people who voted for Kabayan Miriam Santiago also voted for Senator Ping. Araguuuy! for them.

    I remember when I was a boy; I had a chum who was chased by his grandpa with a stick for shooting a bird with a sling. It was not about the bird. The stone missed the bird but oops! It hit an old earthen tadjao straight behind, a family relic actually, that old man took pride and enjoyed taking cool baths from! I think Miriam owes apology to many PEOPLE who voted for her, come next election.

    In the Upper house, I will agree with Senator Ping that pork barrel is just a duplication of functions of what already are in place like the Ministry of Public Works and Highways, the Department of Health, and everything of national in scope and character. But pork barrel would not be law today if Senators were not included then … Nothing wrong with pork barrel per se, nasa klase ng tao lang ‘yan, sure, so most Filipinos seem to look the other way.

    In congress (lower house) I would even laud an idea of increasing Pork Barrel for all the districts. More safeguards against misuse and abuse and less control by traditional politics (TRAPO) and by the Palace are, I think, what people really need in there. Nobody has to be a Sipsip, sucker, so his/her district gets equal share of progress. That will also make Congress less of a rubberstamp, one of the complaints, and congressmen will be freer to follow their conscience and their constituents. I believe Bayan Muna should work for these.

    Other than pork barrel, another option towards getting share of progress is back to the old PALAKASAN, which some congressmen still complain, is not really eradicated in the present pork barrel system.

    Somewhere else. Excerpt. Modified

    Pork barrel is a system where legislators have say on where or on what public money allotted to them should be spent. If I am not mistaken, Senator Miriam appropriated some of her pork barrel to the D.O.H. Senator Ping, for his own reasons, never availed a centavo of his. Others spent them on waiting sheds, basketball courts, roads, bridges, school houses, (public works), or in localized health and educational programs. [They only direct, but not handle funds from central government]

  2. Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

  3. Best you should make changes to the post title Tomorrow Came Yesterday RLTJ's Weblog to something more better for your blog post you create. I enjoyed the post nevertheless.

  4. […] smells like Federalism between the Bangsamoro and the Philippines but it cannot be a federal form of government that Malacañang is creating over there since it has no power to do that over the Constitutions. Chief architect for the Mindanao peace […]

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