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When the Slaves Have Become Maharlikas

Should We or Should Not We

I am not a war monger but the best way to recover parts of our homeland is by recovering them through arms struggle or war, negotiating for our ancestral domain is futile and will bear no results because no Pilipino will allow to us to recover our lost Moro territories. Every Moro must consider going to offer more sacrifices either passive resistance in combination with armed struggle to attain our goal of independence.// Datusalaya, at Luwaran.com

I find the above very depicting of the objective, concrete, present political situation. The Philippines is composed of many different ethnic groups that form the Filipino nation. The Filipino nation has a defined territory which is internationally recognized and accepted for around 450 years now. The region was once divided among themselves by superpowers namely the Netherlands, Britain, Portugal and Spain.

But we have tribes, which see themselves as different(?), that exist in the territory of the Republic of the Philippines. They call themselves Bangsa Moro (Bangsamoro) or Moro Nation. Viewed from national standpoint they are dissenters and rebels with intentions to secede – to take with them people and territory that they occupy. This cannot be granted by the Republic of the Philippines. The republic cannot allow itself to be disintegrated. No nation has ever willfully granted independence to a part of it. For the Bangsa Moro to expect independence to come from the Republic of the Philippines is baseless, without any historical basis.

Indeed they have to get it through war waged against the whole. A Bangsamoro war against people of the Philippines(?) Maybe they can get independence from the United Nations, but never from the Philippines.

As we have seen, not even Malacañang can push things nearer to what Bangsa Moro wants – Independence – taking away with them part of the territory that the WHOLE nation owns. Even an Autonomy “that will eventually lead to the aims of the Bangsa Moro is not acceptable to the Filipino people. It will take subversion from with-in the State to make that happen.

And while subversion from with-in has been historically probable, I don’t think that it will work in this case. I don’t think Filipinos will allow such to pass only with sarcastic grin and funny scratching of chin.

We have heard Malacañang from people like Sedfrey Candelaria, legal consultant of the peace panel and Solicitor General Agnes Devanadera. What they gave are their own opinions, or how they look at things. It’s just simple autonomy very compliant with the Philippine constitution, they say.

Surely, Bangsamoro and the MILF do not really agree with them. For people who are intent on independence, no deal is a good deal. There will always be reason to throw them in the trash can when it is time for that.

And from where I look at it, I don’t think that even the international community will agree with Mr. Candelaria and Ms. Devanadera if it comes to worst. They are giving the Filipino Muslims a legal international personality.

I am a Filipino. And for all Filipinos to be one is only what I wish.

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2 Responses

  1. Philippine Supreme Court today has practically unanimously ruled out the MOA hatched between GRP with the Bangsamoro/MILF as unconstitutional. Eight justices ruled “unconstitutional” while seven others said no more than “moot and academic”.

    Everyone has his own idea of peace in Mindanao but I think the fact that the court found the MOA unconstitutional points culpability to the Legal Panel and legal consultants of Malacañang. It’s their job and that’s why they are there. I think some people should resign or, if not, Malacañang should fire them for clear incompetence.

    I believe government has a battalion of lawyers commissioned by Civil Service. It appears now that Malacañang has picked out not the best but the most incompetents. Government is spending a lot of money on them. And fiasco is their payback that Malacañang can only blame on itself now.

  2. […] That has not been easy, though we see progress,  as it is very deeply rooted in their culture. The lingering animosity between tribes comprising Bangsamoro and all the others that make up the Phi…, or probably even before that in old […]

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