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Peace and Unity in Mindanao

Here’s something from Inquirer.net where I found many points interesting. Some are very timely, too, I should say. Let’s start with the sideline that is the present impeachment complaint lodged in congress against the President, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo: Treason, Betrayal of Public Trust.

While Philippine Supreme Court concluded that the MOA-AD is unconstitutional, Mr. Honesto General mentioned “treasonous” or treason. And so, I think this is the nearest real thing there is to substantiate the impeachment complaint. All others therein are speculative when compared to.

Although not from the exact point as that of Mr Honesto General, I think the MOA-AD was a probable attempt at subverting the State. But let’s leave this impeachment to its petitioners and to Congress and let’s go to Mindanao. Is peace in Mindanao possible?

Alphabet soups of multi-faith groups are going to conduct workshop seminars to search for peaceful solutions to the conflict in the Central Mindanao region. These well-meaning people will talk up a storm. The Philippine government and the MILF will be asked to go back to the table and talk peace. The talks will drag on, as it has for 14 years. In the end, the talks will accomplish nothing.

Why? First, I think because we have people out there who see themselves as a separate nation – a Bangsamoro – and are resolved at independence. Talks about unity and peace in such situation therefore, are but rhetoric and political maneuvering, or buying time and advantage – in furtherance of the means of achieving ends. This is also true as with the communists in the Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia experiences.

[ A Marxist that is resolved at armed overthrow of State is likely a Communist. A Marxist that believes in peaceful and popular support to push for change is called a Social Democrat. ]

President Arroyo should take a tip from Tony Blair. When he was elected prime minister of the United Kingdom, he told the Irish Republican Army (IRA), which had been waging a bloody war against the British for decades: “Lay down your arms. Then, we will talk peace. Otherwise, you will be left behind, because the bus is leaving.” The IRA laid down its arms. Peace and prosperity followed.

Secondly, In the Philippines, we are dealing with secession and rebellion typical in a Third world. I think it is needless to reiterate the political economic conditions, but we live in a country that is far from being stable and able to rely on itself, or to deliver the needs of its people. And we have dissidents who believe that the nation is damned and they will do better than government.

The State is dealing with movements that have considerable mass support or they are not there today. Who we see in there are, in fact, tip of the iceberg. And, in the base of this iceberg, reality is what are or are not on their tables, the rags they wear, the shanties where they live, etc. If you belong to the school of thought that thinks brute force is the solution, you must beat these miserable sons of bitches, too. And, you are crazy and sick as Lt. Caley if you don’t kill those who caused poverty and misery, the mothers of all the sons of bitches, as well!

Dissidents have considerable morale and are quite resolved. By morale I also mean cause. It would be silly to expect these rebels to lay down their arms as precondition for peace talks. Oo nga naman, ano na lang kung wala na sila ngipin. Only the beaten and the vanquished do that. And where this happens, there is no further need for peace talk as there is only condition for surrender to talk about. [Maybe some of them did lay down arms but if you have noted they turned in Sumpak, Model 1917 infield 30.06, WW-2 Garrand rifles, perhaps a few modern FAs para naman hindi halata.]

United Kingdom and Ireland are developed countries. As time went by people [mass] no longer see sense in violence as the means. Dissident leaders need to follow their mass or they isolate themselves. They lost resolve. Armed struggle became obsolete. Peace invitation in such situation is nothing but convenient face-saving for people who have actually contemplated. All the dissidents need to do is to win elections. If they cannot win an election, neither can they win an armed struggle. I don’t know what else is rational and logical than that. We do not have clean and free elections? Society is working on that, or maybe we should.

The best that Philippine government can do in the situation, I think, is to defend itself while trying to arrest these movements (hoping) the conditions will improve and insurgency naturally fades away. Eradicating the cause or causes of armed rebellion, making them obsolete, should be the true war therefore. Never mind Commanders Bravo, Umbra Kato and who else. They are just fruits of discontent.  Government should go more for the roots – the real cause.

Bad thing to happen to this government is when it has become too bugged by the fruits that it neglected the roots and the shoots. And, worst is when State is feeding the roots, crazy I should say, since it hates their fruits!

Above all, the Moros should finally learn that life is a give-and-take affair, and prosperity can come only with peace.

Now, we cannot say them without people retorting back that we do not have peace because we do not have (justice and) prosperity. Or, China achieved prosperity only out of the barrel of the gun… the hen and the egg thing, the two faces of the same coin, the two biases of a whole; ignorance and denial. When people are resolved they have their eyes and ears closed. We can take sides arguing forever and yet we will achieve nothing to change the situation that has already existed. Fact is we have widespread poverty and we have rebellions. One feeds the other. Which caused which and which way, folks?

I think to argue that violence is the reason for no progress is flimsy excuse and simple rationalization by poor or lousy administrators. And, maybe on their part, Bangsamoro should rethink their position from time to time if not once and for all.

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