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The Time Before Time

I had been into Religion lately and this caught my attention.

Actually God is not limited by time and it is suggested by some scientists today that perhaps time did not exist before the moment of the big bang.

We have something real we call Matter. Fact is, matter cannot be created therefore it has no beginning. Fact is, matter cannot be destroyed therefore it has no end. Matter is infinite and it occupies space. Man’s attempt to plot and measure the duration of matter and space led him to what he called Time. Time, Matter and Space share the same fate. Time without matter and space is nonsense. So is matter without space and time. And they are all INFINITE.

Infinite Time

Since time is infinite, 10, 100, 1000, 100000000000000 trillions of years and more therefore, won’t even qualify as dust in there. In fact man is nowhere in infinite time. He is 2008 years after Christ, at some billions of years of planet Earth, in infinite time that no one will be able to pin a point of when or where.

Science has established that the Cosmos is not fixed. Things are all moving. And, indications point to everything in the cosmos as moving towards a point in space. And, the 1+2+3 of science point to a Big Bang comes a time. I did not say in the end but comes a time. Now the scientist who allegedly suggested that “perhaps time did not exist before the [instant in time] of the big bang” must be a fake. He does not understand what he is talking about. This is negation of the irrefutable law of physics that matter cannot be created!

And since time is infinite as matter, was he talking about the first bang or the second bang? Or, why can’t it be the 10000000th bang already, which happened in infinite time? Matter is tossed away by bang, they gradually lost momentum, and they began pulling themselves together, and got tossed all over again. After that, they pull themselves together again and guess what – my guess is comes another bang – a finite cycle that goes on indefinitely all throughout infinity.

But let’s go back to the word Beginning. Beginning (and end) denotes finite time. It has a first half, a second half, a first quarter, a third quarter, and so forth.

Time that is Infinite without beginning and without end does not have any particular point as that of finite time. It has only present, infinite past and infinite future. Man can only dig back to infinite past. Thus, it would be nonsense to talk about a first, a second, or a 10000000th bang, in the first place. There was no first, there was no beginning, only time that has no beginning.

Now, we have matter and space including time without beginning. This cannot be, says man. Finite man sees everything as having a beginning and an end. If Albert Einstein is alive today maybe he’ll say “Go figure that out guys, but I have better things to do and I’m out of here.” Maybe he knew the answers but he’d rather keep them to himself in private. Or, he could have ended up redefining matter as something that can be created. And since it can be created it can also be destroyed by who or what that created it! This would be incomprehensible to all his peers, an absolutely baseless theory in physics! The renowned Physicist Albert Einstein has gone totally insane!

[Trains and boats do not collide unless one wanted them to. I mean, we have two different dimensions that need not necessarily collide.]

Man in his search for truth has come to dead ends where he is faced with unfathomable mysteries. Man has been attempting to find answers to the fathomless. And man has gone beyond things concrete and solid in pursuit of truth.

Welcome to the world of metaphysics, supernaturalism, abstracts, and virtual reality. In there everyone cannot be absolutely right, perhaps cannot be wrong. For or against any argument in there cannot be proven. It’s every man according to what he believes is rational, logical and sense but without as we know proof. A compilation, combination, and constitution of these most rational, logical and sensible thoughts are called [religion]. And we have people who cannot even agree of what they saw, or what to believe or not to believe in there.

Anyway, I also have my beliefs and at the extreme of them, I buy Georg Hegel – that only God knows himself. May I add to that, that only God has the ultimate truth because all by man in the spiritual dimension (yours and mine, and all the saints included) are just perceptions, beliefs, and faiths. Like, whether or not God is “limited by time”, only He is sure about that. My guess is, God is timeless.

Maybe I have other better things to do, keep figuring, guys. And, don’t fight over who is right about God, folks. Everyone has rights to sell and everyone is free to buy in the world of virtual reality and spirits. Yeah, just like in the real world. Oops! But, did I say real world?

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