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Filipinos Did Not Jump in Murky Waters

The Bishops Geared for a Check

“The moral sensibility asks why we have to wait. If we can, let’s get rid of her now.”

If we mean Edsa III, the sword of Damocles has always been there, much more since Hello Garci. I think it is for nobody to determine whether or not the sword should fall. Edsa-1 and Edsa-2 all unfolded naturally and genuinely and could not be faked.

Five Bishops just cast their votes. Thrown in the box are the issues of the Vice Presidency, the Senate Presidency, (and why not include the whole Senate and the Lower House, too,) the Charter change, Federalism and what more else. I think our concerned Bishops are actually adding to the already muddled waters.

We have heard from the anti-GMA as well as from the pro-GMA. But little is heard from our silent minority. Let’s call them mga tikum na meron ng lipunan. Do we need to count their votes? Here are some.

That at 66/100 disapproval rating we have the most unpopular President ever, whose stay is too soiled by unresolved controversies. The figure is actually, probably better than real. But this does not mean anything except that she and people closely associated with her are not winning any national election. We already saw that in 2007. And this is not relevant for her as Philippine constitution allows only one term for the Presidency with no re-election. The theory that the MOA-AD was pushed intentionally to force for a charter change to allow the Horse to run for a second term seems to be wild. Or, some people behind this “re-election” scheme must be out of their mind! How do you suppose a minority will impose upon the majority?

In the other hand, the best that her antagonists have projected themselves is no more than to take her place as soon as they could pull her down even before 2010. Criticisms alone at those in power are becoming obsolete. They are not enough.

In the Philippines we have many issues that needed public debates that came and went. Where were the thousands driven out in the streets but are scarce when it came to issues more important than who should be at the helm of power? For example, Malacañang palace is done privatizing Petron. It is also done selling public’s part-ownership of Meralco. Is this good or bad for the nation? I think stripping the nation’s defenses against fuels and energy threat is bad. Where was everybody?

The recent chapter in US history is interesting. We have a case of Mr. Barack Obama who won the presidency in what many saw was against all odds. I think it was not possible if he had only all criticisms and had not tackled national issues.

Why has regular election 2010 become rational? It’s because whoever will be elected, the truth is that they are the best of the Filipino nation whether we like them or not. At least people did not go into great troubles of removing a crook just to instate what appears to be the same. That is one perception of the situation. People deserve more than a no-choice between a bakukik and a bakukang. Ang buhay ay weather weather lang? Maybe and maybe not.

The sword of Damocles has always been there. As shown by history, it only worked when it was worth it. And I think the moments of fall were purely by truth and justice and never were by politics.


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