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There Shouldn’t be Anti-war Manifestations…

There shouldn’t be anti-WAR manifestations, there should be pro-PEACE manifestations…

Now that US election is over, starts another chapter in American history.barackobama44thpresidentoftheusa

The world has been wondering what’s in there for them now that Mr. Barack Obama will be President. In foreign policies my guess is not much revolutionary changes to those of his predecessors in the White House.

Presumably, it will be mostly house keeping first – putting the domestic American economy in order. From there emanates foreign policies and relations. There will be the same old problem of national survival – something that is universal of (not all) nations. But ways and means can vary so that this draws everybody’s interest – on what would be Mr. Obama’s ways, although he has outlined them all.

I don’t see anything real to hope for, for Filipinos, actually. Like for example? Filipino leaders are hoping that America would be liberal in importation of Overseas Filipino Workers. Filipino labor export is better than nothing because nothing short of solving unemployment in our home front is good. For Philippine government it means labors export with billions of US dollars in remittances payback, and less unemployment and social problems at home. To the OFWs and their families it is simply no-choice-self-sacrifice because of a system that has not worked. Filipino families are separated as bread winners go abroad to escape unemployment and very low wages.

Survival in the Third world is not exactly like that of the advanced nations. Third world is  much heavily characterized by survival of the ruling elites, if we can call them National survival at all. [Import of toxics…does not JPEPA for one smell of that? Economic Toxins are not at all time imposed because more often they are products of being  pulled in and enforced.]

America expects her children to come home from the overseas wars waged by the Bush administration. That’s one promise made to them by Mr Barack Obama. And he has assured people that he is far from a war monger. Making friends without making enemy seems to be in Mr Barack Obama’s mind. This is walking high wire for him as America has got enemies. She is target of world terrorism. Mr. Obama has been making apologies for America which I think is a fine start.

Following are interactions made elsewhere at the time of the US Presidential campaign. They are out  of reactions ensuing from what appeared Anti-war activism in the US posted in the web.

Somebody hates war and wants to know.

hbowden Says:
October 18, 2008 at 7:04 am

“Why is it that they hate the US above all others?” Al Qaida already told us why.

“America is the head of heresy in our modern world, and it leads an infidel democratic regime that is based upon separation of religion and state and on ruling the people by the people via legislating laws that contradict the way of Allah and permit what Allah has prohibited.”

In other words, small countries like the UK and Israel are little Satans. We Americans get the honor of being the Great Satan. Lucky us. Changing leadership isn’t going to make Islamic Supremacists like us; when Clinton was in office, they bombed the Khobar Towers, our embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, and the USS Cole.

That’s doesn’t mean Islamic Supremacists aren’t fighting others– over the past few years, they’ve been killing Russian schoolchildren, beheading Buddhists in Thailand, bombing Indian train commuters, plus violence in Algeria, Nigeria, the Philippines, Turkey, Israel, Spain, the UK, their little intifada in France — jeez, does the media in the rest of the world keep people in the dark?

He thinks hmm it’s interesting.

hbowden says:

October 18, 2008 at 7:05 am

Above, that’s a quote from al Qaida spokesman Suleiman Abu Gheith.

And from people who are becoming sick of it all.

Scope Says:
October 18, 2008 at 7:44 am

Maybe we should kill those killers in return! Then those families of the killers can come after us! Then another batch would kill those killers for us!

Then… why not we kill every single chap on Earth?

Problem solved.

Entered the joker a little wild you may say.

RLTJ Says:
October 18, 2008 at 7:53 am

Somehow I have the impression that half the Americans do not like themselves. [ ] If you think U.S. of A. is bad, you should see the third world. People there kill or get killed just to be where the Americans were, some two or three decades ago or perhaps a century ago!

Why the third world is a third world is because countries in there are being ruled by corrupt, selfish, plutocrats and/or tyrants. And you are right Uncle Sam played Ugly American in there by helping or propping up those kinds of regimes. Casualties run already in millions.

Never mind the communist revolutionaries; they want Uncle Sam dead. Who is happy with what he is doing to them, anyway. And these corrupt, selfish, plutocrats and tyrants are killing Uncle Sam as well. Slave wages in the third world is dragging you down! And they become so rich to buy USA itself while their peoples are sucked dry! That’s what Uncle Sam got for helping them!

Maybe American people can help the third world and themselves by telling their government to keep off internal affairs of other nations or do it right. Allow people to settle their issues by themselves. And, Uncle Sam is to deal with the victor whoever comes out on his feet, on pure economics, later.

And Uncle Sam needs not force or beat up others to pulp so they copy his system. Maybe all he needs is to show the world that his system works (and works the best in the world there is). This will bring us back to square one – people killing each other just to be where you, Americans, are!

And without Uncle Sam next time, these regimes have to learn to be sensible to their peoples’ needs or else. Right now they don’t because there is always Uncle Sam behind, right or wrong. Is not Uncle Sam ashamed of these people who have no resemblance to him calling him “uncle”?

Somebody wants to think for himself.

cptag Says:
October 18, 2008 at 9:09 am

wow Thats all i can say .

Somebody has put forward one Synthesis:

Arbune Webmaster Says:
October 18, 2008 at 11:26 am

It’s sad that people really kill each other and that seems so logical or well deserved… there shouldn’t be anti-WAR manifestations, there should be pro-PEACE manifestations…

Anyway, Americans did not vote Senator Barack Obama as President of the U.S.A. because of the color of his skin. Nor did they elect him because his name sounds like Saddam.

Let’s talk about Art and Culture. About movies. People have ideas of what their heroes should be – their Ideals. They are what they yearned to be. Film makers dish out what people want or they won’t make money.

Well, if you’re an avid movie goer, Mr. Barack Obama, to the American people, is simply every movie superhero that has come down of the screen. That’s what his victory was all about and people are betting on him. Sounding somewhat familiar with what happened once upon a time in the Philippines, huh?

Let’s hope Mr. Barack Obama stays a hero to his people and to the world unlike ours that soured. He cannot afford to fail all those bets put on him.

First published:Nov 18, 2008


4 Responses

  1. The pingback you made to my blog is much appreciated. That one post received over 62 thousand hits in just 48 hours and only two days before the election itself.

    The 2000 election was decided by just a couple of hundred votes, so the whole experience humbled this British democrat considerably.

    The ensuing argument among people who’ve never been to my blog before or since, was a surreal exchange between fundamentalist rednecks and hook line and sinker liberals—which granted me a uniquely transatlantic insight into why this is considered such a dirty word among the religiously corrupted.

    From the terrifyingly simplistic attitudes of the pro-Palin brigade, to the kill ’em all steamroller anger of the pro-McCain camp—no one this side of the Rupert Murdoch Atlantic ocean, or indeed this side of the Mason Dixon line, is in any doubt as to Mr. Obama’s superior intellect and suitability for the hardest job in the world.

  2. […] that’s why. [My media says 33 images but except for one, they’re all inserted as links.] The one and only picture you’ll find inserted in here is that of President Barack Obama. First, because I think he is one extra-ordinary historical figure who deserves it. Also, I saw the […]

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