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Alpha Humans, Wars, World Economy, All in One Pot

I’d been to social-economics and this caught my interest. I found it weird because it is not any of those usual subject-related comments. It is trying to link human genetic and economics. Although there was no correlation presented, however, I think there is sense in linking world economy with intellectual advancement of mankind. But, no, I don’t mean the brand of Alpha humans as pointed there, which incidentally was also the subject in my previous post.

…The new work [involves] much more intellectual input. We don’t need workers, we need thinkers. Since almost half of the population is below average intelligence, there’s a problem.

It’s a qualitative difference. It requires more than social evolution, it requires actual biological change to the organism, ie, humans…

I think any kind of work requires necessary intelligence to get done and done efficiently. And I believe, except for the born mentally handicapped, any man can become an Albert Einstein given the absolute exact conditions that Albert was brought up.

But in reality, one child was more interested in playing with spiders and marbles, when another was more interested in reading books, so that now we see everyone like we see them today.

This is hypothetical, but even if every man is an Einstein, we would be seeing the same social structures that we see today: A company needs only one manager so only one person gets the position. And, the same goes for all other slots. So, we will have the IQ of an Einstein to cut the sugarcanes, the same to haul them to the mill, and the same to finally produce the sugar that is brought to every table.

Let’s accept it that society is one huge corporation. There is head, body, hands and feet, or heads and tails – all them working collectively to serve the whole. Other than that would be a giant blob that thinks but does nothing and goes nowhere.

The present world economic recession cannot possibly be beyond social-political-economic reasons . The Financial crisis in America that tiggered it,  I think,  is only the fissure of a long faultline. Among the immediate effects is more unemployent. And everything is cascaded and will be cascaded. Unemployment means less consumption. A decrease in consumerism means retreat for industries thus more unemployment that again has ripple effect.

Meanwhile, maybe we should go back to some old perenial problems of societies before all that.  Maybe people should be working for more social equities. When some have too much while others are starving or are deprived, then we have an issue. There is a problem. And they are  only aggravated with the present economic crisis.

People dream. They don’t really mind if others drive luxury vehicles or they live in mansions. But these are issues when people can’t have cars, they don’t have food, and they don’t have roof over them. I think societies have a long way to go to make a better world.

Even Socialism has miserably failed its theories. I think it is because of bad politics and economics. While private enterprises have their own dreams, so have the governments of Socialist countries at the expense of their masses. Chinese working class, for example, except for some social amenities, are paid about 10%  only of what their counter parts in advanced countries are getting.

So, it is more often that we hear people complain that everything now is made in China. Some of them with Chinese markings could be speaking Canadian, American, and Japanese! Surely there are good things in globalization [free flow of capital] but globalization is not free of negatives. One of them is flight of capital not actually surplus.

Capital – American, Russian, or Chinese speaks only one universal language – profit. And apparently nationalism is meaningless when stood beside profit. But I guess export of capital is more of an issue for people in the advanced world as it benefits the underdeveloped nations, top and bottom.

I think @96 97 has one hidden point there. Miserable third world countries have negative cycle of no education and poverty. Vote buying is effective among the poor and uneducated. This in turn is blamed for corruption in government. There is negative cycle of poverty and high degree of corruption. There exists threat of rebellion that needed bigger expenditures for security. This in return eats up fund that could have been used for developments like public education and other services, failures in which feed rebellion. The war against illiteracy and no-education cannot be wrong.  And this is a dismay in the third world like the Philippines. The matter is beyond statistics of classrooms and teachers. Problematic third world is one way or another dragging the first world down.

I think President Barack Obama is right. The ideals that America was built on cannot be sacrificed for something else. But how far will he stand on his speech in the third world where Uncle Sam most often supported the failures against struggles of those who think they can do better? And this has been going on for long that, I think, the talks about US economy now built around war is not a myth. Yes, People naturally catered because there was war. But it is cyclic when people mongered so they can cater! [This is of course an opinion as this has always been negated.]

Maybe President Barack Obama sees ways not envisioned by others before him. If he means no more American troops in foreign soils in the end, I think he is on the right track. Maybe Uncle Sam should not be in foreign soils other than his own war.

Wars will finally stop when everyone on Earth sleeps with a full stomach and greed is history. That’s what wars, white or red, is all about and nobody can change the rule. Other than that is rhetoric and make believe by those in it. But end of wars is mere idealism – dream. The world seems trapped to its present politics of economics and economics of politics.

As for the advancement of Alpha humans, I think we need not worry about it. Mother Nature has always been in the act constantly. So, there is no need to forcibly castrate people or massacre races like Hitler did!

2 Responses

  1. […] bookmarks tagged mother Alpha Humans, Wars, World Economy, All in One Pot saved by 5 others     roman705 bookmarked on 01/24/09 | […]

  2. Government Economic Stimulus Package, are they real?

    Government Economic Stimulus
    , by itself sounds impressive, is no more than politics – political propaganda based on myth and or make-believe.

    First it should be noted that in times like this it helps if States have more money pumped out into their economies. If State has a total income of Php 50 Trillions for the year, for example, it has only that amount to spend whatever – wherever. Gain in one place is loss in another place, so there is nothing real to everything.

    Government Economic Stimulus would be real if State exerts efforts to gain fund OTHER than that Php 50 Trillions to add to its expenditure, thus pumping MORE money into the local economy. And there is only two ways to do this in the Philippines: More money by tax collections, and or secure more borrowing.

    And, indeed, if they are spent on palliatives, then they are meant as politics, to impress people but that could actually deepen the quagmire that the nation is in, than bailing the nation out in the end – digging own graves – deeper.

    Putting our money where it counts? Government should have done that since three decades ago.

    National Economic Stimulus: Philippine labor is getting 1/10th of its counterparts in advanced countries. If it is doubled, that makes it only 1/5th. But think of 100% boost in consumerism that will be cascaded by the working sector.

    When cure tastes like death I think the disease is too deep.

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