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America Sent a Message!

Here’s something I found interesting. Running through the article and through half the comments gave me the impression that American people voted for a President that they never liked. I guess I must be seeing more of hawks and war mongers in there and less of the majority who made the President.

The world has been watching President Obama carefully in the weeks leading to this current North Korean crisis and in the weak response that has followed it. . . .The message Japan and other countries who depend on the U.S. — like Israel and Taiwan, have received is clear: You are on your own. The U.S. lacks the resolve and iron-will to defend you and stare down your enemies.

As an outsider-observer I think President Barack Obama is right. If North Korea is bullying the world, then let the world deal with her. America can always stand beside the United Nations, which is the policeman of the world, than take the matter personally upon herself.

Fact is, peace always comes from third party intervention and never from any of the antagonists that Uncle Sam has already projected himself. By one of any contenders, one must be down and  or dead for peace to finally prevail in that situation, if you call that desirable way for peace.

There must be a final end to the long cold war that should end nicely for the American People.

America should wake up to reality

Half the Americans should wake up to reality. Fact is, Uncle Sam has already isolated himself much more after the Iraq invasion. We all went in there to save mankind. Finding no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is unspeakable for those who were led into participating in there. If we did not go in there to save mankind, then what was it? The sad truth is that Uncle Sam today is on his own if it’s not for the handful of friends who will stand by him right and wrong. Surely, many will still go with Uncle Sam but only as far there is right. Americans should realize that.

“The U.S. lacks the resolve and iron-will to defend you and stare down your enemies”.

I think it is one hawkish interpretation. Maybe dovish will put it this way: “Ok, folks, Uncle Sam is tired of playing foolish politics, fancying himself as the policeman of the world. Go, see the police if anybody has complaint against anyone else. And everybody stand behind the policeman, please.”

[And I think the world should vote into key positions in the U.N. persons other than those from countries  that are involved in conflicts.]

Maybe there are matters that U.S.A. should stop worrying about. I remembered when North Korea was faced by poor harvest and hunger, U.S. impressed me like it was its obligation to feed the Koreans. Like Nokor will go amok if they’ll go hungry? And Uncle Sam was serving him right by acting like scared of him. So what if the world go hungry by their own fault or because of stupidity by their leaders!

Stuck in the obsolete world of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Napoleon?

Nokor has impressed me as some sort of a world brat obsessed for big toys that it can swagger at other kids. If Pyongyang is threatening its neighbors, or the whole world itself, great! If he invades the South as it did once, then fine. I don’t think they can even handle populations that are socially, economically and politically advanced than them.

In the other hand he could actually be a cower ruled by paranoids who suspect everyone as interested to grab their territory. I don’t see anybody, not the Philippines. Maybe they are seeing Uncle Sam as the bully. Or, they must be seeing their own shadow and got scared of it. Does not Pyongyang too scared why he wants to arm himself to the teeth? Why else must people spend a great deal of their resources for missiles and bombs when they ought to be spending more for the betterment of their hungry masses? One report said 60% of Nokor’s young population have been malnourished. I’d say, fine, let them make nuke bombs and hide them under their own bed if they think it’s a greater idea! Filipinos have already removed theirs at Subic.

Maybe Americans should stop believing in their myth that mankind will end without them. Fact is, seeking a better life is one universal nature of mankind. I think Mother Nature can be trusted on that. Americans should stop taking upon their shoulders all kinds of burden more than they ought to.

I buy the observation that American economy [industries] has revolved around war – i.e. people catered because there was war, then people mongered so they can cater. I bet nobody can change things overnight. And, I think, that’s what President Barack Obama is apt to – steer in a different direction. Sure enough, half the Americans do not like him for that. A gradual change always started with the first freak. Is not President Barack Obama that right kind of freak? Beside, The glory that was Rome is history.

The world must shape up and stand on their own. You are on your own. I think that is one good message to the world especially from the American people who are being looked up to by many. It’s much better than probably, one way or another, propping up plutocracy and tyranny in some parts of the world, which Uncle Sam may be unable to see of himself because of his blind spots.  He needs to win back respect and not to blemish himself further.

Maybe we all need mirror.

3 Responses

  1. […] America Sent a Message! […]

  2. Mothers,

    I appreciate your passing by 🙂


  3. ‘We all need mirror’. We all do not see ourselves easily. It would be extra ordinary for one to do so, see himself from afar. It usually takes another.

    I think one thing good with President Obama is that he’s had grown up in places or in environment where he seems to have seen America from afar. He could be the most objective when it comes to world situation and where Americans should be.

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