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Cory as Saint, Time Fast Reverse

I’ve been to my Dashboard and I noticed that the article I put up for my personal tribute to the late, former President Corazon C Aquino, has topped all my posts in numbers of views made in a single day. Titled Hero of time, Preserving the Naked Legacies, it was published in my page section. Why in the page section is because I was then able to set it to front page, as stand alone by itself. It stayed there as such for 10 days, which is more than the 9 day mourning period, customary and traditional of Filipinos.  Normally, my Home page is made up of five posts starting from the latest. They slide away, articles and links, as posts keep adding. In the Page section, article may no longer be in the spotlight but the link remains, always seen, unless the article itself is deleted.

I think the number of views is also due to interactions I made elsewhere that linked back to my site. One of them is in some article about making Ms Corazon C Aquino a saint, by the Church. I can’t help it but I came to the extent of saying that the Roman Catholic priest that favored the proposed sainthood is either drunk or is mixed up in politics and piousness. I see, the authors of the publication cannot publicize my comment. [I’m not handsome, so why cannot they show me? :-)]

That former President Aquino is a hero of the Filipino people is no question about it. I agree she topped all presidents, from Emilio Aguinaldo up to the present, when it comes to respect. In her case I prefer the word “respect” instead of “popularity”. As we have seen, even the Marcoses and the Estradas that she was instrumental in overthrowing, were there at the wake. Meaning, everybody went there to pay last homage and respect deserving one former President.

Numbers  showed that Cory is most respected of all Filipino Presidents. But the matter is politics. [Benigno Ninoy Aquino surpassed all in number of mourners, actually.]

Vox populi vox Dei, as a general rule, must be true. But popularity as the basis for sainthood is out of place. Because popularity and righteousness are NOT ALWAYS one and the same. Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross because Pontius Pilatus, the Politician, decided in favor of an overwhelming crowd. If it was Pontius Pilatus, the Righteous, who had stood up then the crowd would have been told to go home, and the man he saw no wrong would have been set free. Anyway, knowing very well the situation and knowing very well what he has done, Pontius washed his hands. He must have wished he had none of stinking political matter in his hands.

Justice cannot see and does not see a handful of individuals in one hand and Sodom and Gomorrah in the other hand. It sees only what is right and what is wrong. Justice do not see numbers.

Where were we. Ah, Cory Aquino as saint.  I, for one, frown Corazon C Aquino for sainthood.  Some people have used the word selfless to describe her. I have preferred to use  “unselfish” to describe her instead.

Sainthood and Selflessness.

If we put selfishness at zero and selflessness at one hundred, Mother Theresa may not be a perfect 100 but she happened to be my idea of one who is selfless. Lorenzo Ruiz, a nobody until canonized by the Church, I think also earned it. If Ruiz thought of self and told his Japanese persecutors what they would have loved to hear, then Ruiz would have been spared from torture and death. He proved selflessness for his faith.

I’m not talking about who is right and who is wrong in this here, or why people are killing each other, but I just can’t imagine blood spilled in Mendiola Bridge and in Hacienda Luisita with selfless Mother Theresa as President of the Republic of the Philippines and as owner of a Hacienda.

Tributes and respect deserving one Filipino great, yes. To kneel to as a Saint… for all the faithfuls…umm…oh…well, folks?

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