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Aftermath, Why the Clout of Secrecy Over Nothing, Sire/Ma’am

It was only last night that I got to see what are in the IIRC part I Report, which I finally got to finish reading one item this morning [September 24]. I have, actually, opened the web-page that carried it [ABS-CBN news.com] in the evening of September 21. I spent endless minutes waiting for the PDF down load until, felling frustrated, I decided to cancel. You see, in the era of MBs and GBs I still employ KB per-second rate-transfer over modem. I have tried wireless broadband over USB once and it made me an outsider to my own PC. Everybody in the house suddenly wanted to use it!  Hah, nobody now wants to use my PC except me and the grand children! Sometimes the kids come strong and very demanding. That’s when I know I was seated there too long, forgetting time and day.

I inserted the link to that page seen below my previous post on September 22 . So, actually, I’ve been reading public reactions to the IIRC report all the while until I decided to see the source – the IIRC report, myself. I remembered that, other than the PDF version, there were links to each part of the report seen below the opening address of the President. I came back to that ABS-CBN page last night. I selected the following links: 1. Facts and sequences of events 2. Critical incidents 3. Evaluation of CMC and police actions 4. Evaluation of media coverage… thinking of coming back for more later. I guess I have to make do with probably second or third rate true copy version instead of the PDF I had originally wanted.

Boy, are we trying to amuse the world with some zarzuela? Here are some questions from Juan dela Cruz in the streets. Why give copy to the Chinese first and to the Filipino people later when it should have been given to all whoever got his copy first? In parts or in whole the report is subject to further study and decision of higher authority so, why part one and part two for the Filipinos because they cannot be changed anymore by the IIRC?  Sooner or later they will come out. Why holding off things to the Filipino people? Why the clout of secrecy over nothing? What are there that cannot be trusted to the Filipino people?

By the way for those new in Computer and in the Internet, and who have no time reading pages on-line, or who would like to review pages off-line later, here are the simple tricks: EXPLORER: 1. Add to favorites, also 2. Go to Control panelInternet optionsAdvanceSecurity, make sure that Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed is unchecked. 3. Re-open in Favorites or in History when off-line later. MOZILLA FIREFOX: 1. Bookmarks 2. Same as above 3. Re-open in bookmarks or in history later.

I spent all my time reading the first item late last night, and again early this morning. I gave all the other items a quick scan and decided to save them somewhere. I guess it was my impression of Facts and sequences of events after reading them that tired me.

One flaw with Mozilla Firefox, all the off-line pages is wiped out when the program crashes, which is not true with Internet Explorer. You must Save pages that you need, to be sure.

Going back to tract. I was expecting to see conclusive reporting… barest facts. What I saw was IIRC report of their summary of witnesses’ accounts that in many instances, naturally, differed. In those instances none of them can be considered fact because fact may be one of them or somewhere in them. Minor flaws sometimes mean big.

But now because of some faint shadow of doubt that has cast over it, why not some facts not in there at all? Or, why not they included distorted facts?

The fact that we are in a situation where there is obvious hunt for culpability since the beginning, presents high possibility that each account contains or is tainted with element of self-preservation, which should be assumed of all involved. [Even the IIRC being a part of the State, which is one party involved, has to guard against itself.]

Let’s take Bus driver Lubang. He was previously briefed for any possibility of being a cohort of the hostage taker. And there are the negotiators, the hostage crisis management in general, who are already hinted for the fiasco, failure, short coming, poor performance, probable criminal liability, whatever, even before the IIRC was formed. There was Gregorio Mendoza who has accused authorities of planning to execute him. I don’t think  the other side will take that seating down.

And IIRC is there to ferret out facts – definite, authoritative and conclusive, facts from myths, if any.

My impression of the IIRC report is that of factual reporting in the manner of media reports. Passing  things left to right or  from right to left, exactly and no more when they got them. I think investigative journalism by professional media practitioners might have presented better. Or, maybe, an Intelligence report by any uninvolved third party might have been better. My expectations must have been too much.

OK, Facts and sequences of events offers enough for everybody to start digging and pushing until the thing is concluded and rested.

Maybe I should be reading the whole report from A to Z when I have time. Perhaps my first bite was placed in the least delicious part. Did I see butaw bodi but there is Straight-flush tucked somewhere I have not been into, yet?

Maybe…but maybe when I have no better things to do.

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