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Subversion in the Garden of Eden

One headache to the world today is the crisis brought about by the huge outflow of refugees coming from the Middle east.  Obviously, they are people running away from war, particular mention to the war that is going on in Syria.  We are seeing a massive surge never seen by the world for some time until now.

fighter jet

Lifted from Google search: Syria bombings.

As bombings intensified, the odds of not being hit in the crossfires have become too narrowed for the civilian populace.  Leaving homes and cities have thus become imperative.


Lifted from Google search: Syria bombings

What makes this subject interesting to me? I think I said something out there that looked like stupid even to myself. Like, it looks OK now to incite people to rebel against their states.

Its called inciting to rebellion.

But you know, personally I don’t really agree that inciting is a crime. If I suggested to you to overthrow your President and you did right that and you got into trouble, then, it is your trouble and not mine, right?

RJ1970RJ1970 3 days ago

@RLTJ Then, by your logic, the Syrian problem is THEIR problem, right?

But let’s go away from Syria.  Let’s talk about Satan and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Accordingly, God created Adam and Eve.  And then God put them in a paradise that is also known as the Garden of Eden. God told them that they can enjoy everything that’s in the garden except to eat the fruit of one tree which we now call the tree of knowledge, the tree of innocence , whatever.  And so it came to pass.

One day came Satan in the form of a talking serpent. He subverted Eve who in turn tempted Adam into both them eating the fruit of the forbidden tree.

And God learned about what had happened. God was so displeased by Adam and Eve’s disregard of his law. God banished both them from paradise for their disobedience.

What happened to the Daemon? Nothing or no mention about it. I guess, to mislead or to deceive is Daemon Satan’s role. It is his job. It is his nature. Creating chaos, confusion, hell and everything bad, all belong to him. He is stuck to his misdeeds, which is what Satan is. Blaming Satan for them therefore, is a waste of words.

But whose problem was it?

Whose problem was it?  The problem out of the Garden of Eden was Adam and Eve’s problem. That’s right, it was Adam and Eve’s problem.  Theirs alone. The Daemon did not owe weak people like them anything – relocation, resettlement or whatever.  God does not owe anybody, either.

Syrian refugees

What we see on the roads are actually the fortunate ones. For whole families to migrate is not easy. Migration entails costs and not everybody can afford that.      Lifted from Google search: Syria refugees


Let’s go back to Syria. Let’s go back to the problem of the refugees. Here, we are not talking about the demon. We are talking about Pres Barack Obama.  He is the President of the United States of America.  Somehow, he and America owe some to the Syrian people.  Syria has been America’s war. Or to put it another way, America has been part of the Syria war.

No, you wont find any law that says Syria refugees are America’s problem.

So, whose problem do you think is Syrians problem?

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