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  • A small thief and a big thief are the same. They are both thieves... Uh uh, OK, we have a small thief and a big thief - they are not exactly the same... size.
  • People don't know good until they have seen bad, or they don't know bad, did not have any idea about bad, until they've seen good. Before all them could be hollow strings of words. [Tumen's doctrine]
  • Gagged people can sometimes be as dangerous as the non-reasonable. [Right of Reply]
  • One thing is always better than nothing. [When hope is gone; Kapit sa patalim.]
  • There will always be something better or advanced than the thing. [Law of Dialectic]
  • Putting down good or perceived good you lose. If good puts you down you lose as well. Try to be good. [Politics and propaganda]
  • Tyranny and rape belong to the same set of mind. They believe and look at themselves as too good.
  • When a person has lost credibility the best thing for him is to stop issuing statements because politically he has already lost any and all arguments. [Everything to a person - Integrity]
  • If truth can bring you down you must be stood on weak or false ground. If lie can bring you down then you must be stood on worse than scum!
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    "True" church or true religion is a squabble between theists. Whatever it is people believe in must be of no problem to God. I bet He can speak very well the language of any man - any creature, actually. [A Universal God]
  • A man's gain may be another man's loss. A man's happiness may be another man's woe. A man's ease may be another man's sacrifice and misery.[Expropriation/Profiteering/Bureaucrat capitalism/Government corruption]
  • To err is human. That’s why it is not good habit to drop God’s name just to drive the self. It might be standing stinking shit aside Him. [Cashing-in on the gullible]

  • Man has sometimes relegated God to a mule. Religion and State need to separate. [Religions in politics]
  • Heroes are remembered for their greatness. The bad sides of them are all in the hidden files and folders. Villains are the other way around. Nobody is perfect.
  • Except for being a figure of speech, nothing is really absolute.
  • Some people are hard headed. They cannot be told once. Well, try and try again, who knows. [Big names that flopped in politics]

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Hello World!

I signed up this Blog-site yesterday, October 7, 2007. I can’t think of a better name so there it is – RLTJ. At least for the time being. Looks like plenty of ‘housekeeping’ ahead of me in my site…The first letter is that of my given name. Second letter stands for my father’s first initial added to mine – a deviation from Filipino custom because usually parents would have done them like LTJ Jr. Third letter is my middle initial. And the last letter is that of my family name. I spent more than half an hour thinking, thinking and thinking what to make of this site yesterday until, unable to make up my mind, I decided to go somewhere else.

Now here I am again confronting the same thing – what to make of my Blog-site. I was thinking of devoting this place to farming and for uses of my group–BAYAWAN VALLEY FARMERS’ ORGANIZATION- a non-partisan, non religious organization that I helped organize in late 2003. I have thought of retiring to a farm life.

In the other hand, I was thinking of using the site for my High School group –BCCHS BATCH 67, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental, Philippines. Members of this batch are in all continents – with scattered Filipinos all over the world. The group was forgotten until very recently when homecomings were begun to be held. Old acquaintances are being brought to light again. I guess people think of their old hometown and everything of the younger years when they have aged and tiring… Mga gurang na.(Feeling old now)

Also, I was thinking of using this place to rant about SOCIETY, POLITICS AND ECONOMICS. I hated Blog-sites which called themselves “progressives” and “democratic” but moderated people OUT FOR NOT EXACTLY CONFORMING TO THEIR VIEWS. I got the whole idea when I passed a place called “Don’t Block The Blog” sometime ago.

Maybe I should give everything above a corner in this place. Help!

By the Blog Author


17 Responses

  1. Thanks for visiting my site. I agree, there is a divide widening. I think it is turning the religious world into an us or them proposition. Movies like Expelled don’t help.

  2. They’re just expressing their freedom of thoughts, sometimes quite chauvinistic in manner. Fighting chauvinism with chauvinism is a last thing to do. There’s nothing wrong in expressing oneself. It applies to them and to ourselves too. It’s Ok.

  3. Rod J, I posted my reply concerning your comment, but PinoyPress decided to take it out the thread. But it sounds like you have read it before they got to it base on your latest comment. Maybe it was viewed too far to the right. So I’m posting it on your website in keeping with your theme of radical forum. Hope you stand up to your website’s principle. Don’t take it personally my comments. Look forward with your response but please answer the questions I raised to you. Don’t come back with sweet and short general comment. Describe everything as if I was a computer to be programmed. So…

    I don’t get your point Bro. I was specific about FOREIGN investing in P.I. but whimsically you somehow concluded that it would also apply domestically, ah how? I don’t understand that, explain. That is how your argument basically started, and it started on a magic carpet ride premise. If your talking domestic business, the only domestic corporation doing foreign investing is Jollybee in the U.S., as far as I know. We don’t have capital to do so. San Miguel, alcohol is limited through trade sanctions.

    Your full of generalization and hot air Bro. You bring nothing to the table. All you have going for you is good grammar, fancy words, scrambled thoughts, and a bad tendency to assassinate the character of others in order to prove your point. And you have zero ideas to contribute. Basically, this makes you a certified moron or mental case and you’ll see why. You’re just a philosopher who did not make the cut.

    Where did you get the idea of color of skin from? Nowhere in my response did I suggest or even hint about color of skin, you must be out of your mind Bro. If there were any hint, it would be me advocating protectionism. The article stated (top) that allies in the administration continue to push to allow corporations to own LAND AND LAND-BASED RESOURCES base on the belief that foreign investment will lead to development in the country even though this idea was dropped by the World Trade Organization after many underdeveloped countries have deemed it unacceptable. Moreover, the research done by IBON only confirms why the idea was deemed unacceptable; we are now facing the worst job crisis in history while foreign investors continue to rake in profits. So there is no benefit in giving up our only Aces: fertile land, minerals, pristine waters, and others. We would be better off protecting them and perhaps develop a tourism campaign.

    Your only idea is good governance. This is too general Bro, explain exactly how it would shift power to working class.

    Good governance per se doesn’t reflect responsible governance in which the well-being of the citizens are in the forefront of every decision making. In your case, what’s a good governance if and when foreign investors for some reason decides to pull out of the country, nothing. The government can’t do squat how ever good the government you perceive it to be, case in point FED EX. You’re relying too much on foreign handouts Bro. It ain’t gonna be there forever, what you gonna do then? Meanwhile the natural resources that you have given up is already used up due to FDI proposing to own land, what are you going to use now that you need it most para uunlad tayo when the time comes? We are going to end up buying it from the same people we sold it to, only it will cost us 100 times fold. Who’s the idiot now! How do you suppose to lead us to providence on mounting trade deficit with inferior resources? Protectionism is the answer. Protectionism is responsible governance.

    Other nations are in protectionism mode too, no doubt about it. You can’t enter agricultural products in other countries because of biodiversity reasons according to customs, don’t believe it. What’s stopping a domestic pest from entering the country and causing problems when it’s packed in a textile product which other countries have allowed for importing, or the migration of swine flu through airline passengers, which have a direct consequence to domestic population? The point is that biodiversity is a tool use to discourage importation of certain agricultural products. The reality is that they’re protecting their local growers. Notice closely the agricultural product allowed are those that do not compete in the local market. They have full government control; in short, they have a responsible governance. Citizens first!

    We have everything we need to sustain life within the borders of the Philippines if we were to close our borders. We don’t need their ipods, iphone, their playboy, their sony, their cell phone pasaload, or their automated voting machine that doesn’t work in rolling block-outs, and we certainly don’t need to cross the ocean to be in servitude in other countries (promotes low morale). These foreign corporations only profit from us, sumasaw saw lang sila one centavo at a time. Every centavo we spend on these things is one centavo less in our national savings that could in turn offer loans to Pilipino businesses therefore more jobs and services improving Pilipino’s well-being. WE NEED TO SAVE OUR MONEY IN ORDER TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY’S FUTURE AS WELL AS OURSELVES.

    Spread the word, “Stop consuming western culture, we need to lower trade deficit”. Hold media for accountability in promoting western culture for the purpose of MASS CONSUMERISM, is after all..what..this..is.. all about consumerism. However we need to consume nonetheless but more of the life giving product and less of the ego boosting product. You know what I’m talking about, iphone laber.

    You have portrayed me as insecure Filipino businessman and something about the skin, are u mental praning pa sindi nga. You assassinate my character but I let you slide. In the world of business, there’s nothing wrong with insecurity my friend; it only puts your perception in conservatism mode and your mental antennae working. How many businessmen or indigenous farmers have confidence about the idea of allowing land to be owned by foreign corporations for the purpose of mining, take a poll idiot and see why your a certified moron.

    Here’s a task for you. Tell me why I shouldn’t be insecure about the way the administration is giving away our only puhunan, land and everything in it? Convince me dare taka. Tell me how the foreign take over would benefit our society when after all the natural resources have been harvested and we are left with deteriorating environmental conditions and the problems that arise because of it. Think hard and long term consequences of 100 years or more. Just remember that TIME IS INFINITE, it was 500 B.C. before and now its the 21st century, we come along way as human beings. You might be gone today but your seeds need to grow into the future.

    You claim that, “slave wages in the Philippines is the summary product of the Filipino “Nationalist bourgeoisie” politics in cohort with Maoist politics”, you have documents to prove it? Your idea is out of the universe, di kita ma reach. This sounds far from a perfect marriage but I will allow. Enlighten me of the role of middle class in the history of the Philippines and how it became significant in slave wages. State your argument with REASONABLE premises and FACTS, para ma reach huh. Opinion does not equal facts, ok.

    You claim that protectionism is the main reason for slave wages, explain mo ngato parts. You think foreign capitalists will lift domestic standard of living, no way Bro. There are lots of factors: other countries have better incentives, political conditions change all the time, can the business sustain 50 years of life, business takeovers, and lots more. Let’s assume that they are willing to carry this burden on their backs, it would take thousands of special foreign investors that are willing to put up with our infrastructure. Even if we invest out of our own pocket to up date infrastructure, there are no guarantees that FDI would happen base on the factors I mentioned above.

    Ang masabi ko lang is that slave wages is a matter of perception. Wages are relative, if you push too much you risk getting laid off without government help. If it’s too low, then you bring about negotiation to middle ground. Look, no one will give you high wages period. It’s a balancing act between business ethics and employee standard of work. You’ve got to fight for every inch, not advocating violence.

    Don’t assassinate character you know nothing about.

    Contribute and don’t hate on fellow countrymen, specially middle class. We are your closest allies.

    Philippines needs to rely on sound economic policy. Beer and alcohol need to be regulated because it makes people lazy, brain dead, and makes more babies than we can feed.

    Last words: The government have the power to implement change, kung gustohing lang nila ito.

  4. Walang personalan. It is the idea that is either agreed or disagreed, people are incidental.

    Come for a visit once in a while. I invite you to browse, I think I have already stated most of what I need to explain to you in my posts and pages.

  5. I’d be disappointed if you have no blog about Ondoy.

    This is as relevant as it can get as far as your topics.

  6. I felt redundant to write about the subject. I had imagined the wails and cries of the miserable victims. I don’t think anybody really heard or cared. One thing I noticed is the circus of Stars and the Celebrities like, thank God, they had an opportunity to desplay their big hearts.

    See “More troubles for Mother Earth Ahead”. Also see “Widenning the Crack to Economic Exploitation of Forestlands”. Now, everybody wants to blame Mother Nature for everything… but themselves.

    Expect flash floods here to stay for the Filipinos. In fact they are becoming “normal” in the lowlands like Metro Manila. Ondoy was not the last of it. It was just a beginning, that’s for sure… because the cause is barely scratched at the surface.

    Or, do you really believe all those ads and propaganda about our big stride in the war against destruction of Mother planet and against global warming? Well, they’re to impress the world [as if we are winning the war]. In reality, more destruction is, in fact, poised.

    Jatropha curcas, for one, as we know, is being pushed by Malacanang Palace and by its arm the DENR. I think they should review the program. Filipinos must. [which again is wishfull thinking.]

  7. I’m not saying that you REPORT.

    What I want from your is an ANALYSIS regarding the event.
    Just as you have diligently analyzed topics you wrote here in your site. You can incorporate anything: videos, photos.

    The event should move you one way or another. This event should be on your journal because it is RELEVANT to you as concerned citizen and for your Pilipino audience, unlike the topics you have chosen to write in your site I could careless about. You should CARE about ONDOY and feel a RESPONSIBILITY to write about the event.


    SAMPLE, regarding your comment.

    Public in need should not have to look to celebrities for calamity help.
    A product of colonial mind setting prevalent in Philippine culture that needs to be broken.

    Celebrities already have been taken their money 100 times fold through product endorsements (IMPORTED products) and others like it. Besides, the money and relief goods that were donated came from manufacturers and private citizens, not directly from celebrities. All the celebrities did was bring convincing power, made cries in medias for help, and gather the items while at the same time proclaiming the good they have done. You are going to hear about it for years and years to come, hirit lang gud. ABS-CBN has perfected it, in doing little things and promoting it for everyone to see so that ABS-CBN becomes a BRAND that Pilipinos can relate with (case in point, your comment about celebrities ‘had an opportunity to desplay their big hearts’ only shows how you became victim of MARKETING & BRANDING. RLTJ, you feel for the celebrities, its undeniable in your writing. Your falling off the wagon of realism a little bit RLTJ, let’s get back on ok. You said it yourself; IMPARTIAL, AND OBJECTIVE). By branding, ABS-CBN profits from its consumers, ticket sales and commercial time in times without calamities.

    Those manufacturers and private citizens who donated are the one behind all the glitters the “Stars and Celebrities” so called ‘giving back’. Time spent, sweating a little bit under the sun, and LOTS AND LOTS of crying for help is all the celebrities have done to lift spirits and bring hope. But that hope can be deceiving without real change. Citizens should not look to celebrities for calamity assistance.

    Where is the bulk of the responsibility lies?

    Citizens should hold the government accountable.

    It’s the governments job to protect its assets. A RESPONSIBLE GOVERNANCE should have saved money for events like this. Our IRRESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT should start owning up to their responsibilities and they need to stop crying about who said who in state funded platforms like the house of senate and congress. We have other important things that need resolution.

    Next year and the year after that and so on, we will still be talking about the same scenarios. So don’t be surprised.

  8. Frankly I did not even know there was a storm and its name was Ondoy. I remember there was rain all day. No tree branch broken and no roof blown away in Payatas. I have no worry about flood because Payatas is on a hill. No worry about landslide too because the locality is sticky red clay with adobe beneath, and not lose sand and gravels like Cherry Hill or Modesta townhomes.

    If you live beside Marikina river like Provident Village I would recommend for you to move out.

    I’m sorry for the victims… we all are victims. We reap what we sow, right? No excuses no exceptions! I can only thank God he brought me to Payatas and not to the esteros.

  9. I dont really patronize ABS – CBN except TV Patrol maybe half of the times. “Ten” in Channel 5 is more interesting [of late-night news] since Bandila is just a repeat of earlier news + updates if any.

    Wife does…Wowowee, or maybe she does, because my TV is always open people are watching or not. Call it bad habit. That’s true.

    Not really interested in the world of Pinoy entertainment. I belonged in the era of Guy and Pip and of Vilma and Bobut. Not affected. Dont you feel manipulated by the new breed in there?

  10. you’re jumping around.

    like i said, i don’t want your report.

    the fact is, it happened irregardless whether you knew or didn’t knew.

    where’s your analysis?

    are you going to write one? yes or no

  11. report [ri páwrt]

    verb (3rd person present singular reports, present participle reporting, past reported, past participle reported)

    1. vti tell about what happened: to give information about something that has happened

    reported that negotiations were proceeding slowly
    2. vti broadcasting press tell people news using media: to find out facts and tell people about them in print or a broadcast

    3. vt inform authorities about something or somebody: to inform somebody in authority about something that has happened, especially a crime or an accident, or about somebody who has done something wrong
    reported him missing two days ago
    reported the break-in to the police

    4. vti tell about research or investigation: to give detailed information about research or an investigation
    The committee will report their findings early next week.

    5. vti make full official statement: to make a formal statement regarding something

    6. vt law record court proceedings: to record the proceedings of a court

    7. vi inform about arrival: to let somebody know you have arrived
    Guests should report to reception on arrival.

    8. vi declare state of health: to declare that you are in a specified condition of health
    another worker reporting sick

    9. vi be under somebody’s authority: to be subordinate and responsible to somebody or something
    You’ll be reporting to me from now on.

    noun (plural reports)

    1. account of something: an account of an event, situation, or episode
    2. press broadcasting news item or broadcast: an account of news presented by a journalist
    3. document giving information about something: a document that gives information about an investigation or a piece of research, often put together by a group of people working together

    4. unconfirmed account of something: a widely-known account of something that may be true but has not been confirmed
    Report had it that the company was approaching bankruptcy.

    5. business periodic statement of company’s finances: a detailed periodic account of a company’s activities, financial condition, and prospects that is made available to shareholders and investors
    a quarterly report

    6. education written account of child’s schoolwork: a record of a child’s academic performance at school over a specified period, prepared by teachers and given to the child’s parents. US term report card

    7. law sharp loud noise: a very sharp loud noise, especially that of an explosion or gunshot
    8. reputation: reputation or character

    plural noun reports

    law accounts of case at law: written accounts of a court’s adjudication, summarizing arguments and findings

    [14th century. Via Old French from Latin reportare , literally ‘to carry back’, from portare ‘to carry’. The underlying idea is of ‘bringing back news’.]

    -reportable, adjective

    Microsoft® Encarta® Premium Suite 2005. © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    They are according to Encarta dictionary. [I dont see myself as a reporter.] I write what I think is writable , you like it or not. I am not a politician and no intention of being in politics so, as you can see, I write more freely. See Home page, left side.

    Now, if there is a line, a clause, or a paragraph in here that you think is non-factual or basiless, that would be interesting.

    I think you should be reading more instead of ranting /// blog author

  12. Here you go again, looking for the exitS, that’s plural. Unfortunately for you, there are no exits here. No..no…Your still in the hot seat Bro until you have written your ANALYSIS. again, ANALYSIS.

    Leave reporting out! ANALYSIS is what is needed here, I can’t emphasize that enough. Its as clear as a crystal ball can get.

    So you think by pointing to the “ENCARTA” dictionary the meaning of REPORT gives you an excuse not to write about something with more relevant in terms of geography, affiliation, the racial divide being Pilipino yourself. Your ignoring facts again, encarta is not the only dictionary. There are varieties of them each specializing in variety of fields. What encarta defines a term is not the same in another dictionary. Besides, the meaning is not the point. This is about what make sense.

    Use the encarta, and find the meaning of a HYPOCRITE, and you’ll find your picture in there. (writing about Obesity problems in far away places while in your own neighborhood children are dying in hunger, nice pick of topics Bro. Nice contradiction in all levels of humanity. Maybe there’s no information ready for you to copy)

    You just proved to me that your a FAKE WRITER, PLAGIARISM FREAK at its best.

    You take work of others, rearrange it, sugarcoat it with sophisticated vocabularies, and viola! pass it as your own original IDEA. You have zero ideas about anything Bro, and yet your quick to the gun to shot others. But when tables are turned, your looking for the shortest exit. hahahha

    If any additional reading must be assigned, it would be you that needs to read. And make sure that you read it twice.

    I’m not kidding. Geniuses spends many years on a single idea so that they have a strong argument.

    “…little knowledge is dangerous…” applies here.

    I regret clicking your blog. I feel like there’s no sense in corresponding with you. I have invested too much of my precious time to try to engage in a discussion that makes absolute sense for the both of us, but your avoiding.

    Frankly, after reading the contents here, your blog is nothing more than diaries. No substance at all.

    DON’T PLAGIARIZE, my brother.

    Make friends with middle class. We are your closest allies in calamity, in poverty, in brotherhood, in country.

    All power to you!!!

  13. impertinent [im púrtinənt]
    adjective (formal)

    1. cheeky: showing a bold or rude lack of respect, especially to a superior
    2. irrelevant: not appropriate or relevant

    [14th century. Directly or via French from the late Latin stem impertinent- ‘not pertinent’, from the Latin stem pertinent- ‘pertinent’ (see pertinent); ‘disrespectful’ evolved in the 17th century, via the idea of presumptuously going beyond what is relevant to yourself.]
    Microsoft® Encarta® Premium Suite 2005. © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    I said read. What analysis are you talking about? Analysis of what? What do you drive? and what are your analysis, yourself? Whatever you need to know, Im sure its there somewhere from A to Z of this blog. I dont think you are somebody special, for me to be doing something redundant.

    Natural calamities? Is not that a boring subject for Filipinos? Everybody is talking about that out there. Buksan mo nalang TV mo.

    I think you’re boring.

  14. thank you for visiting my “orb” post. like i said, i really got a kick out of your comment! (smile)

  15. Hi Ching,

    I think we have things in common. My family name ends with lin. You must be of Chinese descent. As I understand, Chinese put their family names [or was it generation names] up front and their given names follow next. But not so with westernized, like Filipinos of Chinese descent, do. Instead of Lim Alfredo, for example, Filipinos do it Alfredo Lim. I’m wondering which of that is yours.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  16. yes, my family name is lin. first name is yi-ching. hope that helps.

  17. Hello pa just checking out your site. Plenty of blogs to read. Missing you all..

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