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Bayawan Valley Farmers’ Organization

Executive Summary

The Bayawan Valley Farmers’ Organization

Bayawan Valley Farmers’ is a non-stock non-profit organization registered (registry needs update) with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.). It is a non-partisan, non-religious organization. BVFO is primarily aimed at countryside Social and Economic Development. It is a non-government organization.


Development of Bayawan valley when realized means prosperity not only for a few. It means prosperity for several hundred farmers or lot owners of the valley. Several hundred families more will benefit by job opportunities that will be directly created. With the valley earning huge amount by agriculture, equitable and wide distribution of that wealth in the valley, we foresee a boom in micro and small to medium constructions of infrastructures as the community develops. It will need people like carpenters, masons, steel men, and all other construction workers. A condition conducive to general business, commerce and trade as consumerism is developed, will likewise be created. This will draw in more people and capital into the valley. A progressive community, to gain weight and momentum, will develop in place to contribute to the whole economy. An economic hub that will also enhance its neighbors will be created.

Progress of Bayawan valley furthermore means halfway at resolving the social problems in the area. Child labor, out-of-school youths, illiteracy, many petty crimes and more, have their roots in poverty. P50.00 (US$1.00 = PhP46.00) daily wage is still practiced in the valley by employers who are, themselves, living below poverty level. Also, with economic opportunities in the valley, it is possible to vacate the forestland of destitute slash-burn settlers wherein reforestation if any, will then be possible.

Agro-Economic Potentials

At Present: Typical – traditional farming – rice and corn augmented by cassava and variety of root crops, banana and others. They are mainly subsistence farming. There is sugarcane production by settlers. On assumption that 2/3 of overall area is fit for mechanized plowing and a third is made up of pockets and strips of steeps and gullies, therefore:

The Principal Prospect: If the valley is fully developed to sugarcane, it has the potential to produce 200,000 metric Tons Cane (TC), roughly estimated, or 340,000 Lkg sugar with about 25,000 metric tons Molasses (10 – 15%) at moderate average 1.7 PSTC. Purity Sugar per TC exceeding 2.0 has been achieved in the valley. (Lkg = 50kg unit brown sugar)

Secondary Prospect: Agro-forestry to cover the third of the territory – Abaca production in areas unfit for plowed agriculture. Region, topography and soil are favorable to Abaca. Like its native and wild relative – the Pakul, which thrives well in the region, Abacas are good at preventing topsoil erosion. They are suited to Gully Saturation Planting or GSP. Wherein they are saturated, Cogon and much type of weeds are no competition. They are less prone to grassfire. They require less intensive care. They are compatible with taller trees.

Social-Economic Agenda

Whereas, the people of Bayawan valley is generally poor and nothing substantial has been done without funding;

Whereas, there are problems why landowners cannot develop their farms by individual approach, or there exist problems insurmountable for individuals;

Whereas, there are landowners who have never exercised actual control of their land, there are those who have actually lost their land to lending institutions but are interested in repossessing the lots that have remained idle up to this day;

Whereas, there are settlers occupying farm lots not their own, many of them for generations now;

BVFO has organized and is helping instate or reinstate absentee landowner-members. It is helping locate or relocate landless-members. It intends to operate corporate type farming managed by a cooperative or CORPORATIVE FARMING.


Bayawan valley is located in southern Negros Island, central Philippines. Greater part of the valley is located in Sitio Montelo, Barangay Pingot, Ilog, Negros Occidental. This is comprised of Gss 851-D, Banso, Magubot, Tilingtilingan and portion of Atikatikon. Part of the valley is in the territory of Sitio Hamham, Brgy Lucotan, Kabankalan, Negros Occidental: this is Atikatikon, Hamham, and Kabagsanan.

Land Area

The valley is roughly estimated at three thousand hectares (3,000 Has): Gss 851-D is about 950 hectares, titled since the 60s. Banso, Magubot, Tilingtilingan and others, about a thousand hectares in the Ilog side of the territory, are areas lately released for agricultural use: land titles are either issued or are under process. Hamham (600 has) and Kabagsanan (±500 has) are pastoral leases, defunct since the 70s that are occupied by settlers.

Access by Road

The valley is about 44 kilometers from the city of Kabankalan. It is accessable via Brgy Salong, Kabankalan, through Tapi and Magballo. It is also accessable via Brgy Dancalan, Ilog, through Tabu, Tapi and Magballo.

It is about 25 kilometers from the city of Bayawan, Negros Oriental if the old logging road linking Banso with Brgy Tayawan, Bayawan City, is passable. It has road link with Mabinay, Negros Oriental, via Bantayan and Baras.

Email to: bayawanvalleyfarmers@yahoo.com

30 Responses

  1. Some articles of Bayawan Valley Farmers previously seen in this site have been moved to their intended home:

    Bayawan Valley Farmers’ Organization

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  4. visit more often, you’re all welcome 🙂

  5. Hello,

    please check my blogs:

    this is nooooo spam! really!

    /// Hi! I did check. But WordPress said they were archived for some reasons. I had to delete those links! //Rod J:-(

  6. my family own some lots in pingot.we used to live on the place lot 19 its on a hill surrounded by sugarcanes and cassava its near a creek that we get water with and swim.how i love the place there were lots of beautiflul memories,swimming on the bayawan river hiking to banso and back then going to molo manila there were lots of quails (umbok) then and lots of fish too.those were the days that i still remember like it was just yesterday.someday ill comeback with GOD”s help

  7. Oy, ikaw gali! This is my site. I’m glad you found this place. I’ve been thinking how to get in touch. [I was duly informed about your tatay.] Take care of all those papers he left behind. Yes, someday, by God’s help.

    Right now it’s waiting and see situation in there. Some planters are in fact lying low or scaling down. Maning for one, if you know him… Bad road, distance to mill and high cost of fertilizer. Latest update: Transport is P550.00 per ton and if weather is fine.

    Wala na ako ka kadto da since that meeting. Nice Bolalohan place we went there. haha.

    Some recommended readings for you: 1. Where is the Ethanol. 2. Must Self-Destruct be Stopped or Pushed

  8. hehehe ho o nong ako ni.. dont wori nakatago to mayo.pila ka adlaw sa kalooy sang DIOS makabalik ta didto kag masugdan naton ang mga kaayuhan para sa tanan.. kabay pa..take care always nong .. makaon ta didto liwat pag may tion pa..

  9. ho o nadumduman ko pa sya. budlay gali gihapoin to ang dalan?san o pa ayhan nila matagaan importansya na man? isa na ga padugay sang pag asenso sang lugar. pero sige lang indi ta dapat madulaan sang pag laum.USWAG BAYAWAN ang aton nga motto..

  10. Bernard Toto

    Yes we can go there, anytime, in fact…

    Plant a little of everything…subsistence farming, enjoying the countryside. But you must have support, or like everyone else there… hardship…poverty. I won’t recommend that to any lowlander.

    Lets hope situation improves. We Filipinos are always hopefull and wishfull people. [Bisan pa ang realidad malabu…Like every politician says dapat wala gutom, dapat maraming trabaho, dapat maunlad na agricultura. Kon paano, well, that is something else that nobody has said.]

    Am transferring some comments to Bayawan Valley Farmer’s site.

  11. And

    The air of politics is already hot. It’s all promises and no issues people like us would be interested to hear.

    Let’s hope that behind the promises are hidden real progress ahead. And that, again, is hope on top of another hope. Haayyy… 🙂

    Please visit http://bvfo.wordpress.com/

    The place is not disseminated yet. It came to me that maybe its time that the site should be known to people there and maybe you can help.

    Maybe we should put up a forum there as this place is turning political [reason why they have to be separated]

    Regards to all.

  12. ok nong try ko na ang suggestion mo.. tsakto ka dapat e palapnag na ang site mo para makabalo man sila sang kahimtang sang lugar..indi nalang naton pag intrahan sang politika kay masabad lang na. tood na ang siling mo nga kita nga pinoy daku mag laum kag mag handum maskin malabo basta ang importante ga laum ta kay kon wala na. tapos na ang tanan. keep the faith…

  13. Hi,

    I want to create my website too, could you help me ?

  14. Hi
    I don’t know why Akismet says you are spam. Sorry about you, I’m still learning how to, myself.

    I think, the best way is to adopt what you think make sites great. Also, WordPress did come up with some suggestions, you may search them.

  15. I prefer to take a bust throughout the my day and browse via some blogs to view what others are saying. This weblog appeared in my search and that i couldn’t help but clicking on it. I am glad I did since it was a very fulfilling learn.

  16. Oh, I wont mind you here. Check with Akismet.. maybe it’s the email ad. I don’t know. Fine.

  17. oo tani ang dalan gid ang unahon nila.pa bukid sang pingot sa bayawan. may duta kami kaso lang kalayo sa lot 99 kami

  18. oo kay ibaligya na ni lola ang duta sa bayawan 9 hectare.60 thousand lang per hec.kay kayalo eh.basi gusto nyo. dis is my contact # 09193033788.or to my email add.diomar_talle@yahoo.com salamat

  19. thanks for sharing, very nice!!! good job.

  20. Akismet let you in, you must be good.

  21. Just building a web site and have some images that require resizing. I don’t want to use the MS image editor that now appears to be part of the MS Office package under the regime on my new Windows 7 personal computer – so wonder if anyone knows of a uncomplicated non-MS tool for re-jigging photographs ?!?

  22. Hi,
    I use ULead Program [ULead Photo Express 5 SE] for all my picture editing. Try that.

  23. In printing job, say 4 pieces 2″X2″ with 8 pieces 1″X1″ ID pictures all-in-one print, I usually use CorelDraw [Corel Graphics Suite]. Resizing and arranging is a whisk of a job. You open the program, say your default page is size A4, you import the image or all the images, then stretch them in or out, and drag where you want them positioned. What you see is how they come out in print.

  24. Hi,
    What is OK with Akismet is OK with me too.

  25. To Diomar and all

    Bayawan Valley Farmers’ organization is good as defunct. Plans have been defered… indefinitely.

    Filipino landowners are stuck to farmlands they don’t know what to do. At least in Bayawan valley. Of course people don’t want to sell them at giveaway prices. Nobody is buying land for purpose of agriculture. That explains it.

    Last estimate was P35,000.00 to cultivate 1 hectare for sugarcane. People will be doing other things if they have that amount.

    Filipinos are stuck.

  26. Sorry folks, but this was all a dream, a dream that cannot work. It’s a complicated situation called petropolitics. A whole textbook might not even be adequate to explain it.

    The vision is shelved with no plan to reopen it.

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  28. With every little thing which seems to be building throughout this subject matter, all your viewpoints are rather radical. Nevertheless, I beg your pardon, because I do not subscribe to your whole suggestion, all be it radical none the less. It looks to us that your remarks are generally not completely rationalized and in reality you are your self not fully certain of your argument. In any event I did take pleasure in looking at it.

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