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The Joint Aquino – MILF Enterprise called Bangsamoro Basic Law

This is not about right and wrong. This is not about good and bad, either. This is about what is what.

The thing called Bangsamoro Basic Law

This has been heralded by Malacañang as the “long-lasting peace” or “final peace” for Mindanao among others. The Bangsamoro Basic Law or BBL, since its Bangsamoro Legal Entity days, can be said as the brainchild of the President, Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III.


The President seated with the MILF Chief. lifted from Google search: mamasapano massacre images

Malacañang, through its negotiating panel, has entered into formal agreements with the MILF, something which people now know as the BBL or the Bangsamoro Basic Law. The BBL has become an Aquino – MILF partnership, with Malacañang Palace much bound to it. That reminds us of the MOA-AD that although of different contents was of similar circumstances. One  difference in them is that, while this BBL is now a done deal between Malacañang and the MILF, in the MOA-AD the Supreme court intervened just in time to stop everybody from signing. It caused embarrassment to the PGMA administration but otherwise President Arroyo was free to walk away from the deal.


The President’s mirrors and alter egos with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front: [L  to R] Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, Marvic Leonen, Teresita Q Deles. Lifted from Google search: presidential adviser on the peace process. Alteration to the images is by rltjs.wordpress

I think the architects of this BBL have their cues from the wreck of what was MOA-AD that ran a-ground.  This time they are more adept and cunning steering almost through without any snag. They have even rendered the Supreme Court helpless to look into the matter as they work it on.


Eager to stamp the Aquino-MILF enterprise into law, the eager beaver and the skeptical of them. Lifted from Yahoo search: feliciano belmonte images

But the agreements without the seal of Philippine congress are useless. So, we have seen congress, both houses almost without any opposition, trying to expedite the thing called Bangsamoro Basic law.

They also talked about amending the constitutions. They saw conflicts that call for a need to rewrite whatever in the constitution to suit the Bangsamoro Basic Law that the President wanted done by congress.

Then came the Mamasapano debacle

It’s been 41 days since Mamasapano. Philippine SAF troopers going after Zulkifli Abdhir aka Marwan and Basit Usman, two internationally tagged terrorists, encountered composite rebels in that place. Marwan and Usman were said to be living in that territory controlled by the MILF. SAF got into a fight with the MILF which later were said to have been reinforced by Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters [BIFF], Abu Sayyafs, and their militias.


A “Misencounter” between enemies. Images lifted from Yahoo search: mamasapano maguindanao images

When the guns of battle ceased firing, forty four [44] members of the Special Action Force [SAF] of the Philippine National Police [PNP] were accounted dead, killed in skirmishes and ambuscades that ended in their total rout. This happened shortly before dawn in January 25, 2015 that went on until the next day, the 26th.

The Mindanao Islamic Liberation Front [MILF] has justified it as a “misencounter” and later as an act of self-defense on their part. That is interesting. Misencounter is a term applicable only between two friendly forces. And that could be true. The President and his men have considered the MILF as friends and partners for peace. In fact this is not the first time that there was a “misencounter” between Government and MILF forces. In such occasion, government never lifted a finger against MILF perpetrators. “For the sake of Peace”, they will say.

Like Filipinos will be in trouble if they insist on respect and justice due them? Are not Filipinos being bugged or held hostage?

I think Filipinos should be reminded. The Mindanao Islamic Liberation Front [MILF] is a secessionist organization. They are fighting for a different, separate national identity and territory. They have Islamic Mindanao independence for their ultimate end. Filipinos cannot allow them that.

The MILF is on ceasefire with Philippine government, something that has been going on since the PGMA administration – peace that is good while they last. That does not change the fact that they are hostile forces, enemies of the Filipino people.

One people, one nation, one country – the Bangsamoro Basic Law does not serve them. It is bringing the Filipinos away from them. It will wreck the country apart.

“For the sake of Peace”? Grant genuine amnesty to those who would want it. There is no shorter way than that.

Opposite that is peace, the long and the hard way, but nevertheless true peace and not mere hope for peace that is devoid of any historical basis to support it…a pure dream, a fantasy.

That’s true. One object of war is peace. Stated from another angle, sometimes peace is attained through war.

On the Mound of Political Madness

What’s happening in our country, Mr president?  That’s one unforgettable  question thrown by Emmanuel Pelaez, Vice President of the country, during the time of President Ferdinand E. Marcos. That’s one question  the ordinary man in the street would like to ask in times like now, but coming from people who ought to know things, it was stupid.

Right now, to date, 57 bodies have been recovered in one of the most heinous, probably most gruesome,  massacres of the modern time – the Maguindanao massacre in Mindanao. Half  of them were members of the camp of the Mangudadatu, one ruling clan of Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat provinces. The rest of them were media workers and innocent motorists who happened to be on route  where a checkpoint was set up and where prime targets were being herded and, later, all of them massacred.

Where was government when everything happened? That is probably one very, very stupid question. Because since things came out, fingers everywhere  have been pointing to the Ampatuan clan behind the massacre. The Ampatuans are THE government in that part of the country called Maguindanao province.

Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat are creation of government. They were cut from old Cotabato province which was then hot spots of Christian-Muslim conflict in the time of President Marcos. Creating the two new provinces gave Muslim Filipinos better chances at being at the helm of political power as old Cotabato in the whole had become  dominant Christian. Today, both are controlled by people who are known very close to Malacañang palace. Government has depended on these local Muslim forces to maintain peace and order in the region. “Monsters reared by the state”, as some observers have put it.

All fingers pointing to the Ampatuan clan are  indeed at this time allegations. But, for Department of Justice [DOJ] Agnes De Vanadera to say that the Ampatuans cannot be considered suspects I think is misplaced. Was not it better if she had called all those who have been pointing  fingers and get into what those people are talking about, instead? Either she has been miss-projected  [ABS-CBN Nov 25 evening news] or she must be out-of-place. Already her name was linked in the bungled MOA-AD, what ever was in it, where it was not Ed Kabalu and company to come out benefactors but the ARMM governorship that is incidentally, currently controlled by one of the Ampatuans.

Of course the Generals know everything going on in there all the time, or they ought not be generals. But as we can see the matter was politics and between politicians. Last time a General did what he believed was needed done, he ended up living with rebels  in the hills. That’s General Jarque for messing with politics and politicians. He was the gallant hero of Operation Thunderbolt in Western Visayas until he stepped inside a political feud. [He searched and confiscated the arms belonging to one of the feuding party. He was charged with theft, plus illegal logging, and much later frustrated murder, as a result.]

The military has today ordered government issued firearms in Maguindanao province turned in. Now, that sounds like sense.  Yes, just give that order Sire/ma’am!

Media reports show the Ampatuans and the Mangudadatus as former allies. Feud or Redo has also been mentioned. I don’t know how factual the latter is, but in Feud there is no such thing as justice that we know.  In feud, the acts are the just and the justice part of it.  A culture. The hen and the egg thing.  There can only be punishment for any ‘wrongdoing’ for those caught in the act by  now  third-party intervention.

Have you been in a place where everybody qualified as bandits and thieves? Like, abduction and rape is not abduction and rape, because they are for the times the other side pillaged and burned or butchered? They are what they call justice. And everything is probably nowhere from the start of the conflict yet.  To enter in there fancying the self as justice in shining armor, well, that may be make-believe. Whatever one does in there, half the people cannot agree with it. Political conflict at that level is usually split down to the grass-roots. Restoring sanity order is what it is, and they don’t come easy in such places.

Anyway, I smelled something like somebody had sworn  and another had  wanted him to eat his words. It looked like a miscalculation. I must be imagining the ways of warriors and wars.  And we have that kind of reality in many places out there, folks.

More updates

Gov’t prosecutors now say they have witnesses against some Ampatuans 12/10/2009

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