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Happy New Year

It’s 9:27 PM in my wall clock, Dec 31. Let’s forget the world in 2 hours and 33 minutes.

Happy New Year to all. Whew.

Everybody Is an Aspiring Zookeeper.

CIA suspects Russia’s President Putin to have Asperger’s syndrome. I found the matter interesting, being part of a more interesting subject which is human characteristics, social and human natural, so that I decided to make a post about it.

Everybody is a jail warden. Everybody is a zookeeper. People should be good.

What’s that? A good warden lets people out in the yard for relaxation and play. He should know when and who to let out, and when and who to lock in.

Now, everyone is doing that to all the characters in him, he is aware of it or not. One will be surprised he has Hitler to Pope Francis inside in him. Each person is a complete jungle of characters within himself.

Hitler and Pope Francis

Lifted from Google search: Hitler, Pope Francis. Arranged by RLTJ’s

Human characteristics are generally universal. Sure, they vary in degree, from person to person. And the differentials make the thing called Personality. Other wise, humans are all boringly the same – they all can be tickled, pleased, irritated, angered, what else.

Sometimes Hitler might be good let out when Pope Francis might be good suppressed in, or the other way around. It’s a matter of doing the right thing in the right time.

That is why Solomon is considered as the icon for most gifted. Wisdom is deemed the greatest of all virtues.

There are differences between the real world and the world of virtual reality or that which exists only in the mind, though. In the real world, characters to mean persons, can die. In virtual reality, they cannot be killed. The most unwanted of them are always there, only shackled, arrested, held in a dungeon sit for life. Because nobody wants them out. Ooh, Sometimes they do escape a warden.

This post has nothing really particular to Vladimir Putin. In fact, we all have him inside each one of us. When we get irritated we all react the same. 🙂

This Ought to Be a really Real New Year

Hi friends,

Its January 14, 2015 and I still do not know what to say in my site. This ought to be a really real new year, I keep telling myself that. I have no idea. I mean, there are many things I want to write but I feel they’re all fragmented.

OK, here is something that really amused my morning. I was reviewing world current events… it’s mostly about Paris attack by alleged Muslim extremists, when I stumbled on it.

It is a picture of a man under arrest. No, it is not a failed suicide bombing attempt. It is not what I thought it was. Guess what it is all about. 🙂 150113162342-china-iphone-crop-large-169

But, why ‘really real’ to new year? As we all know, every year that comes is new and they  are all real.

What I meant is, every year that came seems to be the same. This year ought to be different. Also, I hope this year would be happier, or happy if it has not been.

Its 2015!

Praying for a Miracle

I had a talk with Jack M Arricivita this morning. Jack is son of my Compadre, Fortunio G Arricivita. From Jack I’ve learned that his dad, Tony, is in coma. And the sad news about it is that his state could be permanent. From motorcycle accident resulting to head injury.

To Comadre Tessie and Family: Dont lose hope, miracles did sometimes happen.

Hello world!

I signed up this Blogsite yesterday. I can’t think of a better name so there it is – RLTJ. At least for the time being. Looks like plenty of ‘housekeeping’ ahead of me in my site…

The first letter is that of my Given name. Second letter stands for my father’s First initial added to mine- a deviation from Filipino custom because usually parents would have done them like LTJ Jr. Third letter is my Middle initial. And the last letter is that of my Family name. I spent more than half an hour thinking, thinking and thinking what to make of this site yesterday until, unable to make up my mind, I decided to go somewhere else.

Now here I am again confronting the same thing- what to make of my Blogsite. I was thinking of devoting this place to Farming and for uses of my group–BAYAWAN VALLEY FARMERS’ ORGANIZATION- a non partisan, non religious organization that I helped organize in late 2003. I have thought of retiring to a farm life.

In the other hand, I was thinking of using the site for my High School group –BCCHS BATCH 67, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental, Philippines. Members of this batch are in all continents – with scattered Filipinos all over the world. The group was forgotten until very recently when homecomings were begun to be held. Old acquaintances are being brought to light again. I guess people think of their old hometown and everything of the younger years when they have aged and tiring… Mga gurang na.(Feeling old)

Also, I was thinking of using this place to rant about SOCIETY, POLITICS AND ECONOMICS. I hated Blogsites which called themselves “progressives” and “democratic” but moderated people OUT FOR NOT EXACTLY CONFORMING TO THEIR VIEWS. I got the whole idea when I passed a place called “Dont Block The Blog” sometime ago.

Maybe I should give everything above a corner in this place. Help!

By the Blog Author-RLTJ/RTJ

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