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Cory Aquino a victim of ‘insensitive’ US TV joke

Philippine COMELEC Commissioner Ben Abalos and ZTE-NBN deal were hot until all these:

Cory Aquino a victim of ‘insensitive’ US TV joke
By Dona Pazzibugan, Miko L. Morelos/ Inquirer

Boycott ABC, Disney, Fil-Am groups urge
By Nimfa U. Rueda/ Inquirer/ Last updated 09:23pm (Mla time) 10/06/2007

‘Desperate’ slur deleted; Filipino-Americans not satisfied
By Nimfa U. Rueda/ Inquirer/ Last updated 01:57am (Mla time) 10/06/2007

Dishing out what is very sell-able makes good business. Boycott this or that, and down with this or that, are perfectly okay and no big deal. That’s real democracy

Drums are beating, horns are blowing and the tribe is stirring. Pick up your bolos, spears, bows and arrows Kabayan! Men and women, young and old, the honor of the tribe is at stake! Let’s be in the warpath and dislodge the filthy enemy in his land!

But whoa! Don’t get me wrong folks, I’m with the tribe. What is the matter and where and who is the enemy?……I think, there he is, tribe!

The American working class

The American working class is the type, whose idea of life is probably to seat in his couch after work, sipping cold beer while watching TV. The American working class is not burdened of the world. His government does things for him, providing him them with comfortable ways of life and plenty to flow on their table or else….

The American working class is a majority class. Everything caters to them. If you are a politician, you don’t go to Congress or become anything without them. If you are an artist, you don’t sell a song without them in mind. They created the Rolling Stones and every big name; American culture itself. If you are in a TV show like “Desperate Housewives” or “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”, you should sell what goes in their mind or you’ll be left behind. That has to do with show ratings and money-making, but I guess matters must have been overshot, at least from the Filipino point of view.

Foreign workers are imported by their employers. Importation of workers is allowed upon proof of shortage of labor. Filipinos are becoming outstanding of these imported workforces. I think, the Philippines and the Filipinos are incidental in “Desperate Housewives” (It could have been the Mexicans) and same with Madame Corazon C Aquino in “The Daily Show…” (When it might have been the other Lady President)  Ok, the joke is more on Filipinos, symbolized by their [ex] President.

The American working class is not comfortable and very happy with influx of foreign workers in their territory. Foreign workers, like Filipinos, are known to be very industrious people especially when they are in foreign soils. They have big reasons to be, like the P150 or P200 Thousand Php/month that is quite a fortune where P15 or P20 Thousand pesos a month, or less was probably the best that they’d made back home. Many foreign workers are liked by their employers over their local counterparts.

We see ourselves as industrious and people of deep gratitude. Others might see the same as Kasipsipan (Suckers). I think American Televisions SHOWED ONLY how many Americans regard Filipinos…. like “Sluts” in their soil. I think they showed us some of the things that many Americans probably say behind (not only Filipinos but) foreign workers’ backs.

I had been in foreign soil with Korean workers once. Generally, they looked at Filipinos, except for some, as ridiculous which was actually the same feeling the other way around. I was at home with them, top and bottom. How did I make it to the exception? I simply acted like any of them in everything that they do. I think this is also advised by POEA to every OFW. (If you’ve been abroad without showing at POEA, or went through the back-door, you probably missed this piece of advice – closing our gap with people of host countries) We don’t go to foreign soils and act like its them that should assimilate our culture. It’s offensive. It’s the other way around.

Racism has no place in modern civilization. Racism is (a little refinement of) stark human-animal characteristic. Clouted in a more presentable manner, they are called Ethnicity, Regionalism and Nationalism. They are not monopoly of the Filipinos. Adolph Hitler rode aloft on them way back in history.

Who started all these drum beatings, in the first place, anyway? Are not they RACISTS, themselves, proposing a RACIST WAR AGAINST RACISM? As filtered from media I learned that American TVs have already made corrections and asked apology. (I did not clearly see this Desperate Housewives scene nor heard people apologizing.) As I understand, Filipinos won’t accept the apology given and they want more.

But, I bet, American TV will not go to the point that they will be called Sluts by their own people too, so what now mga Kabayan?

Beat up those drums and blow the horns, tribe! Maybe wifey likes to join, but right now I have fire-woods to chop and waters to fill.

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