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No Rails, No Walls, No Borders


YO! I am opening this section primarily for friends, fellow Binalbaganon and Negrosanon and Batch 67. This section is like all others except that, like I have started page one, I will be doing pages ad lib manner. Languages to use may be English – that would be neutral, Pilipino – would be fair, and of course, Hiligaynon – modern or Sumakwelan, they and all others are welcome here. Rod

December 4, 2007

About the title, it means Welcome Everybody! You are all free in here.

It’s also, actually, more of a yearning to go into space that I feel exists but my mind can’t find. For a very, very long time now I’ve been trying to figure out the thing or things that excited me in my sleeps. I can’t remember since when, It occurs to me once in a while.

It’s about some sort of totally or entirely new realization or realizations that excited me out of my sleeps trying to catch them. But whatever it or they might be, they suddenly fade as soon as I come to my senses. The harder I try to recall, the more they’d slipped leaving me blank.

I have taught myself to perfectly manage encounters. Like, I went over and over them memorizing details. Or, I went hard and slow so I’ll remember everything. I’ve reached the point where I was vividly sure that I could bring out the memory with me into the conscious world. But it’s the same blankness every time I woke up; although, I’m sure there was something, whatever it is, that slipped.

I have come to realize that I am no more than railroads, highways, alleys and paths of information, everything walled, that I myself built in me. Awake, the thing or things do not exist which must be the reason for the excitement.

Adding highways and spaces would be easy. Looking for something that one feels is missing, is not.

I have searched up and down looking for that crack that opened to a new dimension. I also searched for a place that perhaps I could breach an opening. I did not see any place to start. I don’t even have any idea what exactly I am searching.

The space does not exist, or maybe they do to others. They’re probably nothing at all. / RLTJ

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  1. I highly enjoyed reading your article, keep on making such interesting stuff.

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