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An Odd Mission: Spreading Goodwill and Selling Myth

A Spanish galleon is in Philippine port right now. No, just an awesome replica of one that sailed between Manila and Acapulco, centuries ago. It is one great delight for Filipinos to get a feel of the great old days with, sad to say, long time ruler and, yes, mother Spain.

In the 350 years of Spanish claim or rule of the Philippines that ended in 1898, not a few ships like them were built at the Cavite naval shipyards using the sturdiest, most durable and finest of Philippine hardwoods. Lumber as long as 70 feet could easily be fashioned out of the 4 to 6 foot-diameter logs that grew abundantly in Philippine forests.  >>Click here for the full article >>.

Trick or Threat?

Halloween just went. In the Philippines, which is predominantly Roman Catholic, yesterday in the calendar was All Souls Day. Every Filipino family, or at least member, has been to the cemetery to visit the dead ones. Every Town, village and locality has a Fiesta day.  This is Filipino tradition, Hispanic in origin. Filipinos brought or extended festival to the cemeteries.  Halloween as fiesta for all cemeteries has now become national tradition of Filipinos. Because of complaints, many cemeteries have banned liquor and music by late generation, though. Marginalized indigenous Filipinos do not have Halloween season. After sending the dead off, Indigenous Filipinos simply regard burial grounds as all-time reverend.

Philippine Halloween Celebration is November 1 and 2, which are All Saints day and All Souls day respectively. In Hiligaynon, All Souls day is translated Tigkalalag or Tagkalalag [root Kalag, to unintangle/departed] translated: time of, for spirit, soul, or ghost. In Pilipino, the national language, the day is called Araw ng mga kaluluwa – literally Day of the spirits/souls/ghosts, and also Araw ng mga patay or Day of the departed /dead. Another word for  All  Souls day is Undas, whatever that word actually means as nobody can tell the origin and meaning.

The season is one of the heaviest in term of  human traffic,  of people going to and from urban centers and the provinces.

All soul’s day celebration is a mix of old tribal and Church customs thrown into one. Old Malay custom in the celebration, for example, is preparation of delicacies, mostly sweetened rice preparations, that is or are offered to the dead. Offering is usually done in some quiet corner of the house or in cemeteries. Originally, offering of food is done where spirit is or are believed to be, of no specific time or special day.

Burning of candles for offering is Church influence. Urban Filipinos have developed a weird practice of burning candles in front of homes and in sidewalks on All Souls day. Here in Payatas, many homes had it and everybody now is doing it. There was nothing like that in the place some ten or fifteen years ago. I guess many Filipinos who have migrated to urban areas have no opportunity to visit their dead because of social and or financial constraints, so they expressed it in, around the homes, and in the streets.

We do have western Trick or Treat that has gotten into our culture. I first encountered this in Marikina some twenty five years ago. I opened the door surprised to see some kids in ridiculous costumes demanding candies! I could not give them some sticky rice cake we did have in the house so I gave them the go-away-from-here threat 🙂

And, yes, Floral offerings. I remember, flowers used to be daily decoration of homes, schools, offices, churches.  It is also given to special people. Philippine cemeteries are now full of them on All Souls day. A very lucrative business during the celebration. Flowers for the loved ones that’s how it is. The influence is western and modern in the country.

What a week. I mean it’s all been scary ghosts and Para normal movies dished out in TV everywhere I switched. I had settled for Flatliners starring Keifer Sutherland, Julia Roberts and other familiar faces I know I can tell when I see their names flashed again.

It’s one movie I’ve seen before, actually, that I decided to see again because I could not remember very well what it was all about. The movie is about a group of medical students who secretly experimented with death experience. They took turns experiencing being dead. Death as defined by the movie is cessation of breathing, heart beat, and electrical activities in the body, as in real dead. By turns they put one of them to total sleep, or dead. Then the subject is stimulated back to life when it was at the limit where they can be brought back.

What the film showed of people while they were in their dead moments can never be real. What the subjects told after they were resurrected was their story, their nightmares, their Imaginations. Our characters were there dead on the experiment table. They were there being watched by their live peers ready to revive them when it is time. Subjects were there at the table all the time. That they were going places and meeting people while their body lay dead is but a dream and cannot be real. I guess nobody can really tell or impart what goes when a person has gone dead.

Now, that reminds me about nightmares. Nightmare, from people who have experienced them, is dream, scary dream, a product of  the mind. Most people translate the word nightmare to Bangungot. Bangungot and nightmare are not the same. They may have similarities. Nightmare in Hiligaynon is Daman, scary dream, like when a person wakes up screaming running away from something not there.

I have experienced nightmares in my boyhood. I can no longer recall most of them except that they were usually associated with scary folklore, or dreams near those I saw  in scary movies. From the experiences, I have learned ability to re-awaken myself. Like, ‘hey, I don’t like this; this is a dream’ so, I woke up. I have only one unforgettable  nightmare. It was nothing to do with  the metaphysical or supernatural world. Whew! I woke up really panting and to remember the nightmare all these past 25 years. What about? I was with wife and three toddlers in some crowded city street I did not know where.  Suddenly they were not with me. I ran everywhere looking for them and asking strangers if they knew. I lost them! thanks God it’s just a dream.

Bangungot or Hupa the Killer Disease

People have died in their sleep.  That’s  Bangungot. It’s known as Hupa in Hiligaynon.  Bangungot is also a Hiligaynon word. In there, bangungot and hupa are not the same. Bangungot in Hiligaynon means asphyxia or near-asphyxia  like when one has a severe case of nasal congestion. Hupa or calm after [storm, rage, etc] is one major killer of Filipinos. I believe it killed more than many people think. The figure is around half of all natural deaths in the community where I have lived since 1984. Old people dying make no wonder. Young healthy people suddenly dead bring out many stirs.

The young actor Rico Yan died, as medico legal said, something of disorder of the pancreas during his sleep. A taxi driver neighbor died, blood oozing out his mouth and nose, while taking a short nap at a parking lot. He was diagnosed a cardiac arrest. Another neighbor living next door could not be awakened one morning. He was breathing but pale except for his lips that had darkened. Hospital declared him clinically dead of stroke. Yet another was dismissed by people as caused by his drinking habit and for going to bed drunk. Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson might not be different from them.

Bangungot is something I think people know little about because apparently most victims of bangungot did not live to tell the experience. I have been searching for survivors but I saw only people who apparently say things that they have heard and not out of experience. There must be survivors or there won’t be many stories. Some of the stories are in fact very old like the folklore about the Aswang that I think is a product of bangungot. Bangungot is something physical and real but perceptions and imaginations, which are unreal, might have been added to them by survivors. I suspect some writers of scary movies have gone through the experience.

I happen to be one survivor. It first happened when I was around eighteen. The Tiktik is real. It is a nocturnal flying creature nobody can tell the look, but makes a sound that gave it its name. [It probably is a kind of bat, or irregular sound made by some of them] That when there is a Tiktik there is an Aswang or evil being not far behind. I was a stranger in a place. A nice couple had said that it was safe if I slept inside the house. People had died in the locality killed by aswang, they said. I belong to the generation that no longer believes in many old tales. In some places and times, I could have laughed the matter off as I always did. In fact earlier that evening I did.

A tiktik did make a pass later that night. It triggered bangungot in me. It must have been instinctive like, ‘hey, wake up, you have an appointment and you’re already late!’ only it said like ‘hey, danger around!’

Then I realized I could not move. I tried to scream for help but I realized I had no control. Odom or damned by evil spirit is what the folklore has said about that. I have no control of my body except perhaps my eyelids. Vision was hazy but yes, there was some control because I was able to shut any light coming in. It must have been instinctive not to want to see things. Consciousness, yes, which was exactly why it was most scary. I was in panic. I did not only feel my heartbeats, I thought I heard my heart pounding very fast and hard. There was loud ringing in my ears like a lingering aftershock of a powerful firecracker exploded too close . I suppose it was caused by sudden and extreme blood pressure. That the aswang was there and it was staring down at me [in the manner of the alien getting the smell of helpless Segourney Weaver] well, I did imagine it. I had almost felt the presence of some supernatural being. However, nothing touched me. I heard nothing except the snore of my sleeping companion, as I was not alone. I did not see a thing because vision was shut.

Have you ever tried lifting a truck? At least the truck lifted a little. The efforts, the emotion, the feeling, while under bangungot were more than that. All efforts are useless. I could have blown my heart attempting to move a finger or a toe. [How fast can the human heart go? Probably any figure is short. They are records from live subjects and do not include heartbeats that blew organs and killed people. I could have blown a lung, an ear, a pancreas, a brain cell, some weakest link, lucky I did not. Few more bouts happened in the months that followed. And then for nearly two decades I had none of them until it kept recurring again. About a dozen times in all, maybe, because it never came to me to record the count. Latest occurrence was about 9 years ago.

I remember the second experience was scary absurd, funny you might say. It was the Tiktik again! I thought I saw a human silhouette as my shutters opened that by second instinct I also closed as fast. “You cannot touch me, devil!” is all I can say in myself. This time I really felt it breathed down on my face. Nevertheless, no, I felt my hand was lifted and placed on its head! “No, you are not real, devil! This is a dream! I am sick! It is just my mind playing against myself! I have a disorder!”

Back to reality later, everything must have been a dream. My mind must have been mixed up or confused between reality and imaginations.

The latest was most interesting. It settled the last lingering doubts whether consciousness is real or not. It happened in daytime and not in the stillness of the nights when they usually occurred. Children were yelling and laughing in the street while I was in it. There was nothing to do but listened to them most of the time. They were there all right when I regained myself. I also happened to be facing where the wall clock was so I noted the time was not far different. The tiktik and the aswang were finished and gone long time ago. I think bangungot is too complicated to explain in brief.

To explain it in near medico terms, by some cause I must have been through temporary comatose state. A near death situation. Mind is helpless over the body. They have always been scary. Every time always seemed the end. One may regain oneself or one may not. In my experience, things went like these: 1 Struggle 2 Resignation 3 Calm 4 Blank [no idea how long or brief] 5 wake up [automatic]. In later experiences, struggle has been done away. That leaves 1 Resignation 2 Calm 3 Blank 4 either wake up, or back to normal sleep to summarize the experience later. I guess sad will be when blankness turns to final sleep. For most Bangungot cases, I suppose there were only struggle that ended in permanent sleep.

How does one regain the self in a very helpless situation? You cannot. You just regained. I guess I was lucky my mind was equipped enough to overcome the situation especially the first time it happened. The mind is all you have since body cannot be willed in such situation. Thinking is all the mind can do. And when it is clear that there is no way, mind started to wish. Wishing is praying, and praying is wishing… helpless resignation.

As taught by bangungot, prayers that I learned when I was a kid are mostly trash. Since then, I have archived almost all in some dark corner of my mind. Praying for Saint Cory will not help. Maybe, impromptu and direct ones are better. There is only one prayer valid at the end of the road that I will not even change a word. For me, guess what, it is the only prayer that makes sense. The Credo left only one sentence intact and valid. Well, what worked for one may not work for all, vice versa. The Absolute of people is variable, so mine here are no rules.

Bangungot is like driving a car to the max with its clutch down or its gears in neutral. Let us put it another way. Bangungot is as if my CPU just hung. I happened to be equipped with automatic restart or reboot. On second thought, maybe I was not. Just some finger simply decided to push Restart button for me and I was not time for the junk yard. 🙂

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Nature Dictates and Man Is Slave – Obesity

More and more people are concerned against obesity. To trim and slim people have become multi billion-dollar-industry, actually. I can’t seem to look at scenes in TV where a steel tube is inserted in and out to siphon fat from some flabby person. The whole process is ridiculous in the first place. I can’t imagine. The situation could have been avoided.

Obesity is not limited to the rich of society. The poor, particularly that in urban areas,  among the malnourished have their cases of obesity, too. In urban areas, as the fangs of poverty keep closing in at the poor, poor are retreating to basics, will abandon all but foods.

Filipinos are rice eater. Rice as we know is starch or carbohydrates [sugar], high in energy but low in protein. High protein content in rice is in the bran [13%] but then rice bran is fit for animal feeds.

Obesity is rare in Philippine countryside. Getting meat or rice is not as simple as taking a little walk or taking a ride to and from market. There, people plow, they weed, they harvest, they haul, and they pound to cook and to eat; to do it all over again.  It is not as simple as going to the ref to see what’s for grub. They also walk a lot to socialize.

People have always talked about obesity as a matter pertaining to physical activity, artificial exercise, and food intake. Some have gone to pointing to chemical toxins by advanced civilization as one of the causes. As we know toxins affect liver and nervous systems. Liver and nerve diseases as causes of obesity? That one is new. Yet, others believe that illnesses and diseases are rooted in the mind. Directly and indirectly, I think, they are.

I think some obesity is linked to very little mental activity in people. There are people who think much while others think very little.

People do not just say things out of nowhere. Let’s take the word “lousy”. There are people who are, literally, lousy. That’s right, there are people who you can put lice in their heads and the next day lice will be gone. No anti lice shampoo needed. That’s a fact. Probably lice migrated to heads they found environment-friendly. Maybe some heads are literally hotter than others, I really don’t know except for the fact.

No, I’m not saying that most active minds are automatically geniuses because they are not always the case. I think degree of mental activity is something that developed naturally and became involuntary so that there seems nothing one can do about it when one is in or out. We have words like workaholic associated to that.

Mental activity requires energy greater than many people think, and in my personal observation most active minds are also more often naturally active and lean bodies. Have you been in a situation when your mind race and you tried to keep your body slow or arrested? Hold those fingers and your feet from wriggling! they are energy seeking to be released.  Mind and body  must naturally go together. Anyway, energy  from food intake must be about equal to total energy spent; rarely gaining surplus that we know will be stored as body fat, for one to stay lean.

For an obese person to be also an active mind and body, one must be  extremely a voracious eater – one negative connotation of the word Obese, meaning glutton.

Some people eat small yet they grow fat. That’s a fact. That proves suggests that obesity may also be biologicalgenetic: Efficiency of body to synthesize energy from raw material and efficiency in utilizing that energy. [Like  comparing old-fashioned home appliance that uses high energy when  the work it produces can be matched by energy-saving, more efficient, model.]

Advances in technology must have contributed to the rising cases of obesity. What I am saying is that maybe modern man is less active thinker today than yesterday in addition to already lesser physical activity due to changed lifestyles, plus richer food intake of the modern-day.

I guess everything is a two-way street.  But for most obese  it is more of a one way street. Over supply when there is now little actual demand will be storing or fattening.  Obese condition did not develop overnight.

Science has theorized that it was improved diet that had accelerated evolution of Homo erectus to Homo sapiens and finally to modern man. As man was gaining intelligence his nourishment went less hard to easy. Vice versa, that improving energy intakes supported evolution of size of brain, or supported bigger brains, for more intelligence. He was getting energy more than needed for physical activity. Man developed bigger brains and becoming more intelligent to where he is today.

Anyway, as a young boy I was always obsessed for foods. I remember being always subject of ridicule at the table. I usually ate as that of my father and any of my siblings put together. I had always wanted to be like some of the burly or fat bullies I saw around. One time, father had whispered to mother that maybe I needed some de-worming as I never grew big, and I never grew fat. I have always been lean.

As a construction worker I never had problem with overweight. My worry has always been about not to lose weight.  My struggle is against being underweight. When on the go I have learned to eat heavy at breakfast. I must also take snack at break times, morning and afternoon. Sweets [candies] which are cheaper, practical, and most effective as they are readily liquefied and carried into the blood stream, would be fine. That’s some trick I have learned when I was in the army. Or else, I might be burning body proteins down to my bones in every march and in every swing of a hammer. Today, as semi retired and when out of work, I usually eat only twice a day with just coffee for breakfast and at times of day. It’s called APPETITE, folks.

Appetite is the body regulating itself. I think everybody is just a slave to this thing called appetite. But some people must have their regulator out-of-order. And when appetite dictates ‘grab’ when it should be dictating ‘not in the mood’ or ‘not hungry’, then I guess that person needs handcuffs and shackles to keep him off foods. Teasing some people gluttons does not work. Something stronger than that is dictating. Some obese have simply grown callousness when it comes to that.  🙂

For those with overweight problem, next time you have your hands on some video disc why not try the hard copy version if available, instead? I think reading is more energetic. Reading requires more imaginations compared to seeing fast actions. Or, when not pushing or heaving any of those, I should say, silly gymnast thing, or instead of seating, or lying awake doing nothing , maybe you should have your hands on computer games – the one that requires quicker responses. Spend, spend, and  spend all those surplus, folks.

Gymnastics is good only for keeping flexed. Uh uh, ok, its good for both.

Meantime how about that lice test, folks? We Filipinos are known for cheating but since one can keep the result to oneself, please, no cheat! And don’t forget the count. There is mild, moderate, and high, you know. 🙂

The Dread called A(H1N1) Swine Flu

As been reported A[H1N1] Swine Flu is Avian flu, Swine flu and Human flu all-in-one. Ok, it has the properties resembling all three. But since viruses and germs procreate by splitting and not by copulating, it must have originated through any of these: A Bird flu virus infected swine. The virus mutated as it adapted to its new environment to start a strain of [bird] Swine flu. The virus happened to infect a pig previously or later, was infected by Human flu. The bird-Swine flu virus further mutated assimilating the qualities of a Human flu virus thus becoming a bird-human-Swine flu. Or, it could be the other way around. A Human flu virus infected swine and became a [human] Swine flu, and so on.

Whatever, the newest strain that then has the property of a human flu became Zoonotic or disease organisms that are passable from animals  [pigs] to humans. And, since they are now in man, they have finally become easily transmittable  among humans [and probably passable back to swine and birds]. All that appears theoretical, or presumption by science, as nobody was there observing right when the first freaks mutated.

The whole thing is intriguing. While most people would regard the matter as entirely new, similar zoonosis must have occurred countless times already since dawn of mankind. Man, swine and all the rest have always co-existed. But I guess what made this time extra ordinary is because it’s not everyday that something virulent like this one came to pass.

Other than them could be more intriguing.  Let’s be frank about this and face it. Mutation as we know is genetic [re]engineering. It could either be natural – by the organism itself, or it could be artificial – of Genetic science – by man. By artificial it could either be intentional or it could be accidental. In fact vaccines are related matter as they are actually disease organisms that have been altered by man. They are usually modified-live viruses: virus is altered to become harmless and then propagated for medical or veterinary use. Apparently, while vaccines are beneficial, even science cannot be sure about them. Per instruction, excess amount of them after each use, are exterminated together with all paraphernalia used.

No, I’m not a Doctor of medicine, a Vet, or a scientist. I am a carpenter who, once in a while, read works of authorities and experts in their fields. You see, I have a wife, I have 7 children ages from thirteen to twenty six and I have 5 grandchildren – the eldest of whom is six years old. I’ve tried to keep up with information that greatly helped in bringing everyone through this far. What we do not know cannot hurt us, right?  Wrong.  Information is important. It can save lives, or it can also save high costs of hospitalization. Right now I have actually two bulotong [chicken pox]  in the  family.

I’ve worked as pig farm manager in the 80s. I took the job that I knew nothing about so I started with the books. I recall about keeping  the farm secured from ruminants, especially birds to include chickens. Loose chickens will be feeding with pigs and some of them could be carrier of bird-passed virulent organisms. That, farm personnel who are with flu should stay out of the premises until they are well again so they also, do not infect the stocks. [Funny, I don’t remember anything said about humans staying away from pigs that sneeze or positive of Swine flu!]  For my own safety I really had to know everything about my line of work. And sure enough I came to know about zoonoses, like Leptospirosis and anthrax, among possible hazards. I don’t remember Swine flu as a direct concern for man. I guess they were no more than a simple sneeze to him then.

But, about A[H1N1] Swine flu, or should not we now say A[H1N1] Human flu, how really dreadful is it? Going through the total number of people infected, and considering the rate of mortality to date, A[H1N1] Flu appears nothing compared to say, Dengue fever. At 6 thousands infected worldwide and at roughly 0.01 mortality, A[H1N1] Flu appears dwarf when compared to other killer diseases.  The worrisome part seems to be the fact that as reported, there is no cure yet developed for those who are stricken. Also, as reported, vaccine might not be available before December this year.

It should be noted that number of people infected and mortality referred only to cases reported. A[H1N1] Flu virus is airborne. Thus, infestation, which is easily transmitted among humans, should be assumed more widespread than we people think. The infestation must be far beyond the numbers of cases diagnosed, confirmed positive, and reported. It can safely be assumed that more are infected without people probably knowing it. Thermal sensors at travel checkpoints are therefore inadequate at controlling the spread of the viruses. To compare, Dengue is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes’ bites. Dengue cases in Metro Manila alone far exceeded world statistics of places hit by A[H1N1]. The good news about Dengue is that, like Malaria which is also mosquitoes transmitted, they are more confined to certain territories. Dengue appears more lethal though  apparently more controllable. Dengue has frog-leaped great distances so that humans are also suspect carriers, to have possibly passed them to Dengue or Dengue-like mosquitoes, to start another outbreak. Malaria exists in places not reached or saturated by eradication program until the 70s when the use of DDT was disallowed.

Meanwhile, something out of Pandora’s Box doesn’t go away by itself. They just grow old. Meaning, there is no way stopping  A[H1N1] flu from spreading worldwide. Measures at containing the outbreak appear good only in slowing down its spread. But there must be something good at retarding that impending spread. Between a trickle and a swarm of something highly lethal is a big difference. Certainly time must be of help. Let’s hope the thing will lose virulence as it progresses. Yes, the sad and also the glad news is that the most virulent of them don’t last long. They kill their hosts thus killing themselves. That’s about extinction of the unfit by Mother Nature herself. Sounds hopeful and wishful thinking by me, you might say. Surely, something real can be done about this A[H1N1] Flu , which is development of vaccine or cure against it.  And that again, indeed, is a matter called time.

I remember not too long ago a scion of a renowned media person died of Malaria in Palawan. He was there to make one documentary regarding some indigenous tribe. The place happened to be Malaria infested. Natives have lived with Malaria for generations. They eat Malaria infected animals. They drink Malaria infested water. Malaria appears nothing to many of them. Not for the young stranger. He died around 48 hours after infected stricken. What’s interesting about that?  It looks like we had a classic case of one old-primitive meeting an advanced-updated. Naturally the contest favored the superior one. Now, which was which?

It also showed that resistance to disease is something developed, genetic-hereditary, or may be something passed on. That’s about survival of the fittest by Mother Nature herself, or something called evolution.

Meanwhile, always brace yourselves against any of them tiny things, folks. Added lately is only flu, just a more advanced and more virulent form of it. But, remember any of them agents of decay can pounce and kill. Some of them are probably already in us struggling for their survival. But come another time it might not be the same, for it could be the other way around. That’s right. Under some circumstances even ordinary flu can kill… the weak. In different circumstances, the same could actually be adding to the stock of the fit, which will probably win him the race comes another round.

Well, as been said, animal kingdom has always been an endless race for dominance of this planet Earth. Cheers people, you and I have out-paced and out-raced everything else this far. But, watch out. Maybe Filipinos should listen to W.H.O. and D.O.H. once in a while instead of brushing them aside because viruses do not salute age, sex, color of skin, religion, nationality, fame and wealth, and yes, social classes. Viruses are more than real classless, folks, so watch out!

Right of Reply, Environment, Bio-diversity – All in a Fix

Right of Reply, environmental protection, biological diversity – all in a fix? You might find that weird but I see them all strung together in some situation here.

The Right of Reply Bill

The Right of Reply bill, if passed into law, will make it mandatory for any [publisher] to provide space [equal time] or to print reply to anything that has been published by media concerning others, for no cost. Like I have already commented elsewhere, I think the intention of the proposed law is good. It is pro-democracy.

When one says something, there is always the possibility that another will disagree to what are stated. Everyone has always the right to express himself. Such has been guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. So, what is new about the right of people to reply, or the Right of Reply Law as proposed? Apparently one intention there is to expand, furtherance, existing rights of freedom of expression by making it literally more free, which is the good side of it.

But, as we have seen, the proposed law is strongly opposed by Media – the journalists themselves, who are supposed to be the bastion of democracy! Main argument is that the law if passed will stifle freedom of expression as it will intimidate people. Therefore, following that argument, the bill must be anti-democratic. Indeed, stifling freedom of expression is no doubt anti-democratic but the question posed now is: Who wants to gag who, actually?

Intimidation of people? Tell me what could be more intimidating to a reporter than a case of Libel or Slander. And the threats are nothing new. People simply have become careful and responsible at reporting. So, why would people then be afraid, or feel intimidated, to say things that are far or short of being libelous and slanderous?

If people are afraid for others to be more free to express their side, much more themselves afraid to say what they think is true, then, maybe they should not be in journalism, not even fit for blogging. And such are also worthless of any claim that they believe in democracy because such thoughts are in fact tendencies, manifestations of fascism – both sides of the thing are present.  It appears to me that this argument against the proposed law is weak.

Like I said, I like the idea behind this Right of Reply bill.  It’s not because one of the principal authors is Congressman Monico Puentevilla who is a Kabayan from Negros, a townmate from Binalbagan actually, but because of what the proposed law means.  No, we have no acquaintance.

Right of Reply is the same idea behind, or similar concept being applied in the Blogging world. And like traditional media, even the freer Blogging system is far from being perfect. For example, while one publisher claims objectivity, it may also warn that it is not responsible for what contributors say. But, by deciding on which and which-not of comments should be published, it is in fact driving for a cause in a very bias manner. Everybody works for one cause or another, people are aware of it or not. Sure, rules have to be made. But I think people should be or must be fair to all. Besides, how would people know that they are true? That an idea is superior and not trash that they could be carrying and pushing around? I think, ideas should stand all tests. Otherwise they are weak. Walang personalan, ideas that can be killed are inferior ideas that do not fit. Inferior in the sense that they could be out of place, out of time, or simply ridiculous

Anyway, a publisher may claim one thing or another. So does the second party when there is conflict. But, it is always the third party that finally determines what is what. It is the third party that determines what is right and what is wrong, what is sense and what is nonsense, etc. Thus, that everyone must be allowed to express himself  is always been right.

If my vote is needed in this Right of Reply Bill, I will vote no to it.That’s right, I will vote No. While I agree with it, I feel it is too complicated when there are other available, better options. What seems to be the stumbling block?

If it becomes law a tabloid with say, eight pages that people use to buy would be running more pages! Meaning, a publisher could go out of business unless the selling price of that tabloid is adjusted. Nice if patrons find the papers more interesting as a result of the new law, and if they think the increased price is worth everything. Because if not, then there would be a drop in sales that may set back whatever gains made by price increase, resulting to loss in profit. Puede siguro kung tubong lugaw sila.

Then why is it that it is the journalists who are actively opposed when it should be the media or publication owners who ought to be out there in the streets? Well, I guess, while employer–employee relationship can be contradictory, at times they can also naturally be one of symbioses. Because, if publishers fold up, then that in effect would be death of democracy by another way. Everybody under the fold dies. A pro-democracy law that will help kill democracy? I am also reminded of the Total Log Ban to save the forests that actually, totally killed many of our forests. When sawmills  and their foresters went away,  illegal logging and slash-burn farming took wide over.

Instead, why not people open website for themselves. Then snatch-in anything they feel should be commented if not lambasted. Never mind some silly warnings, I think anything publicized is free for all that could be snatched, or else maybe somebody should make it a law or clearly legal . And, maybe the Law can improve blogging, I mean improvement to people’s rights in there to include Right of Reply.

That by itself, appears unnecessary because tomorrow’s masses will be patronizing sites that they see are fair. It is natural self regulation by Mother Nature herself. But until then, I think, laws can help to educate people on rights and fair play.

Now, where’s Environmental Protection, Biological Diversity – all mixed up in a fix with them in there? Yeah, I’m beating some deadline right now and I’m still working on them, folks.

But, you see, yesterday my daughter who is in first-year-hi asked to go with her class to   La Mesa Ecopark. It was an excursion for the whole school actually. She felt very bad because I had said no. It was not about the P200.00 that she had asked for the excursion which happened to be non-compulsory unlike some of their fieldtrips. It gave me room to say No for some reasons.

Ecopark is now the fruit of peoples’ struggle and triumph to rid La Mesa dam of ecological threat to Metro Manila’s potable drinking water. One housing project for MWSS employees inside the reservation was successfully opposed on argument that the dam might be contaminated by its residents. I think what we really need in there, aside from the dam personnel, are no more than half a dozen hard working Forest rangers and then we can throw everyone, yes EVERYONE, out!

Now, who’s going to do that? Nobody can tell Ecopark that. Not the administration politicians, not the opposition politicians, not the environmentalist groups that are mostly  behind this Ecopark idea, and not  the foundations that support them all. [In fact you can save this page, as this is the first time someone said something like Ecopark is worse than the government  housing project that it had displaced in there!] You see, Ecopark is brainchild of Ms Gina Lopez of the Lopez group of companies, which is also owner of ABS-CBN radio and television networks. Nobody, and nobody except Ecopark and Company to walk out of there at their own free will, can tell Ecopark to go somewhere else.  The old abandoned Wawa  dam or the whole Sierra Madre  for example, I think, needed more help. We have millions of hectares of denuded forest lands out there actually being destroyed by man faster than they can be repaired or regenerated.

Wha?.. Just a while ago I thought there were people here at my back. Hey, people, where are you?! Please, comeback here! I thought we were going to free 12 million souls of Metro Manila from ecological threat by some horde!

I would like to write more about, but I really must go. Meantime, click on the links where you might probably make out things yourself, folks.

Or, did not I say I hated looking at them, Dan? 😦

Alpha Humans, Wars, World Economy, All in One Pot

I’d been to social-economics and this caught my interest. I found it weird because it is not any of those usual subject-related comments. It is trying to link human genetic and economics. Although there was no correlation presented, however, I think there is sense in linking world economy with intellectual advancement of mankind. But, no, I don’t mean the brand of Alpha humans as pointed there, which incidentally was also the subject in my previous post.

…The new work [involves] much more intellectual input. We don’t need workers, we need thinkers. Since almost half of the population is below average intelligence, there’s a problem.

It’s a qualitative difference. It requires more than social evolution, it requires actual biological change to the organism, ie, humans…

I think any kind of work requires necessary intelligence to get done and done efficiently. And I believe, except for the born mentally handicapped, any man can become an Albert Einstein given the absolute exact conditions that Albert was brought up.

But in reality, one child was more interested in playing with spiders and marbles, when another was more interested in reading books, so that now we see everyone like we see them today.

This is hypothetical, but even if every man is an Einstein, we would be seeing the same social structures that we see today: A company needs only one manager so only one person gets the position. And, the same goes for all other slots. So, we will have the IQ of an Einstein to cut the sugarcanes, the same to haul them to the mill, and the same to finally produce the sugar that is brought to every table.

Let’s accept it that society is one huge corporation. There is head, body, hands and feet, or heads and tails – all them working collectively to serve the whole. Other than that would be a giant blob that thinks but does nothing and goes nowhere.

The present world economic recession cannot possibly be beyond social-political-economic reasons . The Financial crisis in America that tiggered it,  I think,  is only the fissure of a long faultline. Among the immediate effects is more unemployent. And everything is cascaded and will be cascaded. Unemployment means less consumption. A decrease in consumerism means retreat for industries thus more unemployment that again has ripple effect.

Meanwhile, maybe we should go back to some old perenial problems of societies before all that.  Maybe people should be working for more social equities. When some have too much while others are starving or are deprived, then we have an issue. There is a problem. And they are  only aggravated with the present economic crisis.

People dream. They don’t really mind if others drive luxury vehicles or they live in mansions. But these are issues when people can’t have cars, they don’t have food, and they don’t have roof over them. I think societies have a long way to go to make a better world.

Even Socialism has miserably failed its theories. I think it is because of bad politics and economics. While private enterprises have their own dreams, so have the governments of Socialist countries at the expense of their masses. Chinese working class, for example, except for some social amenities, are paid about 10%  only of what their counter parts in advanced countries are getting.

So, it is more often that we hear people complain that everything now is made in China. Some of them with Chinese markings could be speaking Canadian, American, and Japanese! Surely there are good things in globalization [free flow of capital] but globalization is not free of negatives. One of them is flight of capital not actually surplus.

Capital – American, Russian, or Chinese speaks only one universal language – profit. And apparently nationalism is meaningless when stood beside profit. But I guess export of capital is more of an issue for people in the advanced world as it benefits the underdeveloped nations, top and bottom.

I think @96 97 has one hidden point there. Miserable third world countries have negative cycle of no education and poverty. Vote buying is effective among the poor and uneducated. This in turn is blamed for corruption in government. There is negative cycle of poverty and high degree of corruption. There exists threat of rebellion that needed bigger expenditures for security. This in return eats up fund that could have been used for developments like public education and other services, failures in which feed rebellion. The war against illiteracy and no-education cannot be wrong.  And this is a dismay in the third world like the Philippines. The matter is beyond statistics of classrooms and teachers. Problematic third world is one way or another dragging the first world down.

I think President Barack Obama is right. The ideals that America was built on cannot be sacrificed for something else. But how far will he stand on his speech in the third world where Uncle Sam most often supported the failures against struggles of those who think they can do better? And this has been going on for long that, I think, the talks about US economy now built around war is not a myth. Yes, People naturally catered because there was war. But it is cyclic when people mongered so they can cater! [This is of course an opinion as this has always been negated.]

Maybe President Barack Obama sees ways not envisioned by others before him. If he means no more American troops in foreign soils in the end, I think he is on the right track. Maybe Uncle Sam should not be in foreign soils other than his own war.

Wars will finally stop when everyone on Earth sleeps with a full stomach and greed is history. That’s what wars, white or red, is all about and nobody can change the rule. Other than that is rhetoric and make believe by those in it. But end of wars is mere idealism – dream. The world seems trapped to its present politics of economics and economics of politics.

As for the advancement of Alpha humans, I think we need not worry about it. Mother Nature has always been in the act constantly. So, there is no need to forcibly castrate people or massacre races like Hitler did!

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