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Sending In the Saints When Cats are Nowhere?

World Bank’s intervention in what ought to be obligation and duty of Philippine government stirred the nation lately. WB blacklisted some contractors engaged by Department of Public Works and Hi-ways [DPWH] for road projects that WB is funding.

I’ve been a civil construction worker. Project costs estimate is an exact science and not guesswork. Let’s take a simple house for example. In structural work, the total volume of concrete – cement, sand and gravel, can be approximated; likewise, the volume of all the steels needed for reinforcement. In electrical, there would be the quantities of wires, switches, circuit outlets, lighting units, breakers and panels, etc. And then there are the aspects of Plumbing and what more else provided with plans and details. With the lists of material completed, figures in money can be supplied in easy. Items like labor, consumables, rentals, insurance, social security, documentations, depreciation of equipments, profit, taxes, etc. are added to complete the total estimate.

There are other tested methods employed, shortcuts in costs’ estimation. But normally, they all come up to more or less the same. Now we can take the biggest and tallest building instead of the simple house – from ground, basement, up to tower… or, let’s take a stretch of road to be constructed. Nobody just can snatch figures from nowhere! [Except a crook in cohort with another crook like I once knew.]

It is elementary for a contractor to know how much it will cost, especially the bottom line of a project, before it will negotiate. It is also assumed that the owner or developer has its own Costs estimate as they are usually the origin of the approved plans where contractors base their independent estimates. Otherwise, project owners do not know if they are paying right and not being robbed. They needed an estimate before they have  even decided to look for a contractor.

In this case, it would be stupid to think that World Bank does not have its own people engaged in cost management, scrutinizing the same plans that all the parties are furnished. Thus it does not take intrigue or proof for them to determine that something is smelly, out of norms, or that needed a deeper look. That a contract for a certain road project in Basay, Negros, for example, is ridiculous!

Estimates of some items may be based on percentage, cost-on-material. Labor could be at minimum 40%, for example.  Then, a 30% profit on top of everything could be considered  high in this part of the world. Sometimes the winning bidder will arranged with sub-contractors, sharing his profit with them. General contractor  in that situation opts for less but sure profit free of any possible overrun, and free of sweat.  For sub-contractors, profit can sometimes be squeezed out of some items. You don’t want to know them.

But a 300% profit, or a 65% value-added on what possibly is a lucrative proposal, for example, would be absurd and a big cause for alarm especially when we are talking here of hundreds of millions and billions of pesos. Such is highly improbable where fair, free, healthy competition is in place wherein bidders would be trying to out-edge  and out-bid everyone else. No, there is no law governing profit.  There is only freedom of competition to follow. Something that cost a centavo that sold for a peso would be great! But a centavo that is fraudulent is a one-centavo-fraud that is  a fraud.

World Bank, by its act of blacklisting the contractors, is in effect saying that there is monopoly and cartel involving Philippine Public works. In that case, then the situation can be complicated than we think. 1. The contractors have agreed to play by orchestration. 2. For reward, they get guaranteed employment in a project to be assigned or shared by all of them. 3. They get what is due them for their share of work, perhaps better than if there will be free, tough competition. 4. They might not have robbed Juan dela Cruz but they are party to conspiracy by playing exactly as directed. 5. The contractors are just one side to it. We have masterminds to hunt, or does WB already know them?  Just a theory?

There Is No Fail Safe Measure against Corruption

The World Bank itself has already identified the following administrative remedies:

  • An independent permanent assessment and technical audit that strengthens transparency of the bidding process.

  • Enhanced processes for procurement, financial management, internal controls, and audit of the road management agencies.

  • Inclusion of a new and innovative coalition of citizen and road users group, called “Road Watch” in the project management setup.

I think bullets one and two, in principles, are nothing new. They are in places everywhere. Perhaps they are matters that need renewed or more focus, or needed to be strengthened. Sometimes a crook can penetrate a system. In that case owner-developer then sees right when it should be seeing wrong in his contract. His system is corrupted and rendered futile by virus!

Bullet three I think is something new. [In fact this is the manner by which World Bank  intervened, something I don’t remember it did before.]  It calls for formation of a watch group to watch the watch group, forming a second line of defense against crooks. The remedies must be in a manner and makeup so that it will be hard by crooks to hack thus disabling the system. And, it should be free of partisan politics or else it will be another futile thing itself.

It is obvious that the Senate probe of the World Bank blacklisted contractors will have little legislative value, because it has been overtaken by events. Pres. Arroyo has already ordered the Department of Trade and Industry to investigate the subject. The Ombudsman is already conducting preliminary investigation of the criminal cases, and she is scheduled to release the results in February.//excerpt, Senator Miriam D. Santiago, The Contractors, 26 January 09 archives

Now you see them, then you don’t. This is the Philippines. There is no effective measure against graft and corruption really in place or seriously tried yet. The issues involving Public work contracts are not new as far as I can remember which would be since the time of President Marcos. Filipinos simply became tired of them. Nothing usually came out of them, and there seemed nothing could be done about the problem. Or, maybe you have not heard about the corrupt being hard to persecute because of corruption.  Abangan na lang natin.

I grew up in a town where our house used to be at the gate of District engineering, Ministry of Public Works, or DPWH today. We had a canteen where everybody used to hang out. The place used to be a sort of a second office to some. A majong den by some of them lazy bureaucrats, sometimes. I’m familiar with them from managers, equipment operators, to ordinary laborers and local contractors. Yeah, [local] corruption down the grass roots that everybody is talking about was there like they’re nothing! [Even the night watchmen were not outdone!]

Graft and corruption could be from the top [bureaucracy] or it could be from below [the contractors]. It could be anywhere of the system. It could be the janitor generating it all and acting as go-between, which explains his life style was at par with the managers. Which also explains why sacking the manager or the contractor did not work! Sure, there were always good people around. I guess they shut their mouths most of the time if you call that good! But we are talking there about bread crumbs  at some lower level.

Talk with people long enough in the construction world. Public works is no place for a contractor who has no guts for corruption of any form. That’s been the playing field ever since. It could also be suicide for a whistle blower. They will tell you that.

Corruption does not always involve cash payola, by the way. A “damaged culture” as one foreign observer once summarized the nation that drew indignation from Filipinos like the chap Chip Chow now is reaping. [Mr. Chip is wrong for being not factual. The Philippines is not a nation of servants as he  said.  Factual is, The Philippines is a nation that is the top exporter of servants!]

Corruption as one “normal” way of life is not acceptable to the Filipino people. They have seen other nations that have managed theirs at very low level.  And I think  Philippine government must shape up while it has time.

Moral Renewal for Filipinos

There have come out louder calls for moral renewal or moral uplifting for Filipinos lately. I absolutely agree with that! Filipinos appear to be at the mercy of corruption. We seem to be in a situation wherein change can only come from the corrupt or corrupted themselves by their own free will!

With the election fever on the rise, we have heard names like Among Ed [Father Ed Panlilio], Bro Mike Villarde, Bro Ed Villanueva – heavyweights in religion, being pushed forward for President this 2010. Any of them to bring end to corruption? I think we can send all the Saints after them but I doubt very much if it will work. There are no devils to exorcise in the first place. There are only crooks to send to jail or better still – hang for all to see. Maybe then, and only then, will everybody make that change within them.

But, execution of heinous criminals is not the way of the religious as we know. In fact it was the Church that had influenced the abolition of death penalty in the country. Bro Ed Villanueva, claiming seven million followers, lost Presidential election in 2004. I guess he had failed to explain to three quarters of his flock how exactly he could make this nation great again, something many Filipinos could not quite imagine of him. But who knows if he won… or if they will win.

Well, since there was mention about virus and viral infestastion Take no action, Repair, Move to chest, Delete file… System restore… they are all the options.  Sometimes infection is serious that Security center and Virus protection, to include System restore were disabled.  That would leave no option. No more option except one recourse… Reformat of the system. And that’s a fact. Which of the situations, or which way now, folks?

Must Self-Destruct be Stopped, or Pushed

Myth 1: That progress depends on foreign investors coming in.

Foreign investments coming in would help. They add. But, that the country will progress only if we bring in foreign investors, to the point like it is the end of the world for Filipinos if we cannot, is in fact twisted, corrupt and bankrupt ideology. It is a myth. The Americans, the Japanese, the Europeans and the Chinese to mention some, gained progress through self-reliance. Fact is, nations whose leaders [and peoples] are not ideology bankrupt are those that have advanced. Fact is, the Philippines standing next to advanced Japan at the start of the 20th century is now the number one most backward country in the Far East.

Enticing or luring foreign investors into the Philippines, has not worked. 10 million OFWs and ever increasing number of Filipinos seeking economic opportunity abroad attest to that. We have yet to see a reversal of that trend.

And, why advanced nations opened up their economy to foreign investment is because they need to EXPORT their capital and they want everybody to do the “same”, open up – globalization, leveling of the playing fields. They did not advance because of foreign investments, which in their experience is late-day development.

Myth 2: That wage increase is killing industries and it keeps away foreign investors.

Fact is, today, the Philippines pays cheapest compared to its neighbors. Philippine labor costs about I/10th compared to those of their counterparts in advanced and most industrialized nations. The country is not as attractive  for foreign investment as its immediate neighbors like Malaysia, Vietnam and China. There is negative cycle of high degree of poverty and high unemployment. [Industry and consumerism are Siamese twins. To kill one is to kill both. To stunt one is to stunt both.]  As proven by Philippine experience, cheap labor is not everything to foreign investors. There are other factors being considered like social-political stability of the host country, and likewise the types of industries  and their market. Peoples Republic of China [PRC] for one, has cut the Philippines when it came to that.

The State has been pursuing those myths for a very long time already.

I came from Negros, the home of the Sacadas. And anybody there will tell you that a place full of Sacada is a dead place for business and industry except  for the Hacienderos. The whole Philippines has  over time become a Sacada country of some sort.

Developing Our Prime, Best Resource

I remember in the end of the Marcos era, Filipinos talked about developing our best asset – agriculture, while blaming the more “ambitious” industrialization thrust of the past. Those talks were easily forgotten.

Much has to be done to bring Philippine agriculture into shape today. In the sugar industry, for example, the need is not as simple as putting up new mills. We need comprehensive stimulus, incentive, motivation, for landowners when the nearest thing in their mind has been to put up their lands for Voluntary Offer to Sell [Land reform], while would-be beneficiaries talk like getting a share of one or two hectares of land will end their misery and the start of this nation becoming great again. As predictable as sunrise and sunset, and as clear as seen in reality experienced, there won’t be enough by these beneficiaries for their table and they won’t be able to repay government thus the program has become a dole-out that does not solve the problem of poverty.

Presently, we have room for additional 30 and more sugar-ethanol mills in the Visayas. This would be hitting [more than] two birds in one shot. The figure is nothing, actually, because 10 thousand [fully productive] hectares is more than one regular mill can accommodate. And, we are talking here of hundreds of thousands of hectares of upland agricultural lands; half of them are underdeveloped and idle. We are not talking yet about committing any of our millions of hectares of denuded public lands, which is what proponents of Cassava and Jatropha Curcas have in mind – wholesale use of those lands for almost no cost to them, to utilize destitute squatters  in public lands who literally scratch for a living, many of whom will work for food. Jatropha and cassava involving private lands is fine.  But same programs to involve vast track of forest reserves I think is a big mistake for the world.

As we know, from farmers’ standpoint, Cassava and Jatropha Curcas cannot compete with say coconut, corn and sugarcane in terms of cost-income. It means that cassava and Jatropha programs, which are getting more attention from government, practically do not consider the Philippine farming sector.  And the way domestic political-economy runs in the country, it appears that the country, blessed with climate  very suitable for agriculture,  is decades away from self sufficiency in its bio-fuels need as mandated by its bio-fuels law – or perhaps never will be like in its needs for foods such as rice, corn and wheat that are traditional imports.

There is always an insatiable need for fuels. And that’s guaranteed by the global situation. Furthermore, there won’t be any real competition in there coming from the world. And, Philippine government is capable of putting up all those industries needed. State can privatize them later if that’s what people want. Yes, as you will note the idea is towards Socialism or industrialization by the State, if you hate socialism.  State can always pursue programs in partnership with private, domestic and or foreign capital. Meanwhile people need jobs. And jobs mean more consumers. And more consumers mean more industries and jobs.

Whatever way, the nation needs to survive. At, nangu-ngutang na rin lang tayo, bakit hindi natin gastosin sa mga direct-productive kaysa magtapon sa mga palliatives and superficial development? Talking about economic stimulus, especially in times like now, a gain in one place is a loss in another place, spending on one thing may be cutting on another thing, so there’s nothing real. But where or on what money is spent indeed makes difference. There can be long term, real economic stimulus.

The country’s bio-energy program has been beset with bugs since the start. The program, much more should it be nationalized, has conflicts with the present political-economic powers in the Philippines. Counting on foreign investors for the development of the program has its dead ends, too, thus the idea for the State itself to initiate the industries. Like, kontra ito sa nagmamay-ari ng mga existing sugar mills gayon din sa komokontrol ng negosyo sa industriya, o dili kaya, walang kikitain para sa mga namumuhunan ng laway lang – ang mga umaasa sa pangungurakot, etc. Meaning, the whole idea of a progressive nation is in fact a dream for Filipinos until they have freed themselves of the clutch of bankrupt ideologies . The Filipinos are in a quagmire that has built-up over many decades.

The Filipino nation must advance – the long or the short way, the easy or the hard way, and sooner or later. And in this confused side of the world, down can be up, wrong can be right, exit could be entrance. Yeah, like  what the Dragon warrior in some virtual Realms kept saying, “Left is Right… Right is wrong.” So take your choice, folks. One cannot possibly be wrong. That’s right, or maybe you have not been to a meeting of Bayawak. And what’s that? In Hiligaynon it means about a bunch of people everyone talking none of them listening. [From bayawak a creature believed to be deaf.]

So, what is definite about Must Self-destruct be Stopped or Pushed? Well, I’d say if people are hell-bent on their ways, give ‘em the final shoves when they have stood at the edge of their world, folks! Oh, OK, just seat back, relax, and watch them as they fall since you and me can do nothing about it  😦

Add to your vocabulary, folks.  Sacadas migrant agricultural workers. Connotes [discriminatory]: unruly [as teachers would say of their noisy class], useless people; looking too much but buying nothing [as regarded by shopkeepers];  work animals [by the aristocracy].

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Small Thing Everyone Talks About That Goes Nowhere

Palace exec cautions Senate vs moving to halt Hanjin ops.

Hanjin is in the Philippines and it employs thousands of Filipinos. That’s a fact. That it is there for profit is another fact. It is in the country to evade high necessary costs of production and strict law enforcements in Korea – Japan.  Their operation in the Philippines also gives them the edge to cut the throat of their kind somewhere else.  What more else is naked?

That Hanjin is in the country with nothing but all the good intentions,  therefore,  is something that one should tell to the communists or to the Philippine marines if they’ll believe.

Profit,  the Real motive

Fact is, business is business and profit is the objective. Other than that are hypocrisy, myth , merry-go-round ride and make believe rhetoric.  Fact is, when something is not profitable it goes out of business. Driving for best profit therefore is natural and perfectly in order of all business establishments.  And, only one thing is asked in there – compliance with laws and regulations, rules of the land. They are acts of goodliness, Godliness without saying the words. Words are cheap, anyway.

Threat of closure no longer works anywhere. It’s deemed childish. It’s like stumping feet and yelling at scattered mischievous monkeys that hear nothing. Fines are more effective. How about a $50,000.00 company insurance for every death, for example? Right now, one Filipino can die in there everyday and it’s nothing when all it costs is burial expenses!  Even that would be lucky considering that employers have battery of lawyers whose job is to see that company does not pay a single centavo. Now, that reminds us of the  700 death victims or so of the MV Princess of the Stars who until now have not been been paid their Php 200K insurance.  Filipinos simply are cheap.  Meanwhile

During Tuesday’s hearing on the rising number of reported deaths at the Hanjin Shipyard in Subic Bay Freeport, lawyer Ramon Ogregado of the Subic Bay Support Service Group said the unsafe acts of the workers caused their deaths and injuries.

Ogregado noted that there was a dramatic increase in the number of deaths in 2008 due to the simultaneous shipbuilding and construction activities.

Somewhere else in the world, looking at the deaths and accidents by Hanjin, Mr Ogregado surely must have  already been sacked. He is among whose mission is eradicating work related deaths and accidents and not rationalizing them. Facts point to him as a failure. Sacking the likes of him will also save  Senators and congressmen time and resources going to Hanjin, or to any work-place,  to oversee things themselves.

Health and safety people, government or private, are there because, indeed, some workers can be stupid to kill themselves if it comes to Mr Ogregado’s line of reasoning, or should we say tsubibo.  At least, they should send those stupid workers home if  workers cannot follow rules. And that exactly is the reason why  the need for safety people in there at the expense of taxpayers.

Acts of God; or, God killing people? – Whoa! There is always human lapse in every work related accident. Call them in-experience, stupidity, overconfidence, carelessness or what, by the victim or by another person besides. Ok, we call them accident, or something that happened which nobody wished. Otherwise, they are homicide if caused intentionally, or due to reckless imprudence.

Whatever, managements should be made to pay dearly for work related accidents. That’s for not policing or watching their own. That’s also about justice for the victims, which should be made easy for them.  [Even the Chief, Public Attorneys Office, found the latter frustrating.] And, if all profit goes down the drain because of violations of safety codes that could cause accident, and because of actual accidents, then that’s  louder than threat. Businesses naturally must pay serious attention to the rules and safety of their workers or they won’t make profit, which is the only language that business understands – shape up or fold down.

The number of workers in Hanjin and the ratio of reported deaths and accidents that happened over some specific period surely is outrageous and cannot be justified. It is only building construction, steel fabrication & erection and mechanical works in there, and not driving an army up the Normandy beach to say that 18 24 casualties are nothing.

[And Hanjin is the answerable party to government. Its business with its subcontractors is absolutely and purely its private business, or government must be derailed. ]

Accident, each of them, looks innocent. I remember a co-worker who shot himself with a Ramset. He saw it lying around in the workplace and thought he had the chance to get the feel of it. He thought it was malfunctioning until someone told him that the thing is impossible to fire accidentally. It’s got safety measure; it has to be pressed squarely hard against the object to be nailed, to operate. He pressed it against his palm,  pulled the trigger, and bang!  Indeed, the thing worked!

The thing can shoot a 3-inch nail through concrete, with a bang like they are sponge! Yeah, stupid worker, but that’s a case between him and management. Management had problem with the law. Ramset is handled only by authorized personnel covered by permit from government’s Firearms and Explosives – no ifs and no buts.

Back to Hanjin meanwhile, things will pass and morons like Mr. Ramon Ogregado goes on like nothing’s wrong. And, about all these talks of health and safety in work places go to their folder –  Political Grandstanding if not government neglect – since nothing was achieved.

Or, do we have Health and Safety rules, and safety people in the Philippines? I could probably be talking here of dreams, of things none-in-existence yet in the country.

I think the real problem is not Hanjin. The matter is about the little thing everyone talks about, which seems evasive in this side of the world,  called Good Governance.  And it always starts from the top.

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The Fish Called Mao

I’ve been to TVNet-25 this morning. I came in time of one documentary showing textile and garment workers in Shri Lanka.  I think the situations shown of the Shri Lankan workers  are no different to that of Filipino garment workers I’m familiar with.

I used to work for one local shirt manufacturer. No, it was all construction work, freelance, mostly carpentry and general construction, like cabinets, shelves, repairs and renovations. My asking rate used to be high than others but, glad to say, everyone I worked for usually called me back. You see, I employed power tools that ordinarily freelancers didn’t have. Power tools finished the jobs faster and easy on me, too. Besides, I was cheaper, actually, compared to the times when they hired formal contractors. Yeah, I was sort of cut throat in a dog-eat-dog world.

In that garment factory, only my boss and his secretary seemed to know my rate. I learned how much workers, mostly females, were being paid. And, I kept it a policy to smile away any curiosity about my rate. I guess I hated to tell any of them about the big disparity. I could probably be hurting them  if I told.

Anyway, I remembered the printed shirts made there were sold around P120.00 apiece  or U.S. $ 4.60 [@ $1 : P26] locally, when I remembered the types sold for $20.00 per  in Guam at around that time.

The Shri Lankan report said that for every four [4] Euros worth of garment sold in Europe [Germany], Shri Lankan garment workers’ sector  gets four [4] cents or 1 percent. One [1] Euro of it, or 25 percent, goes to Advertising. One Garment worker said she was earning an equivalent of about 50 Euros a month including long hours of overtime, not minding the despicable working conditions and yes, alleged abuses by supervisors that other workers  interviewed were also saying.

Now, where is the fish called Mao? Yeah, what about the fish called Mao.

I remembered one time I was an electrician. The establishment we worked for was one of them across and fronting SM Mall in Santa Mesa. We were doing re-wiring of the building complex which was just finished construction. As I understood from my boss, Peter [not his name], the establishment was owned by a Briton who was in  import-export business.

In the complex  was this wide, very spacious display room that must have been over a thousand square meters of floor space. Overlooking the room was a mezzanine where about a dozen employees did office work. Annexed to the mezzanine was a suite where the masters lived.

Separated by a wall with the display room was some manufacturing, assembly work actually, of things like Venetian blinds from parts, all imported from Peoples’ Republic of China. And again, divided by a wall with the manufacturing section is the warehouse that I should say was real awesome wide considering that the place is in a prime urban commercial area. So, it was in this bodega where everything I saw on display came from. And there were crates and crates of them inside that warehouse plaza! A good part of the merchandise was assorted tiles and masonry products imported from P.R.C.

Well, I always know my way if I must go for my curiosity. Landed costs of those PRC tiles were about a quarter of  those that people were used to. No wonder, it’s been said that Mariwasa and American Standard have not been making good like they used to be since PRC came in. Anyway, I also saw all them familiar brands displayed beside those PRC products. Looking at the price tags, those PRC tiles must be real profitable. They were tagged  almost the same with those of their class. Unless one is an expert of tiles, nobody can tell the differences, anyway.

The people I worked with were mostly young. I felt like a senior citizen among them. We worked buddy system most of the time. The boys were work experienced, alright, but naughty I should say. Like, first time I crawled inside the ceilings I got pointed to this and that comfort room in case I wanted some. Oh, perverts, I don’t have time in oven-hot space, squeezed between roofs and ceiling, just to see people on johns! Haah, It made me remember the time I was a carpenter in Silahis International Hotel [Grand Boulevard today], home of Playboys Club Manila. And I repaired a ceiling at the ladies comfort room there because it sagged. And I inserted in my post-repair report to Engineering what I think caused the structure to fail. The ceiling was not designed to hold a party!

But what about the fish called Mao? Yeah, I think I was on my third day at work when the boys stirred as someone announced that Fish Mao was coming. I thought I heard them talking about somebody funny, weird, or ridiculous, they called Fish Mao before all that, though it never interested me.

So, this person they called Fish Mao was the owner of the establishment. To my surprise, he looked Chinese to me head to feet, and not British like I thought he was. Stupid me, I should have known that a British subject of Hong Kong is perfectly a Briton! Well, well, I did not remember hearing the boys discussing politics to possibly get the idea of calling someone, Mao. So, I guessed it’s because he was Tsino and chubby, and one of the boys must have known one Chinese by the name Mao Zedong.

Sometime later  I came to be in the master’s suite. Lo, there was something I saw there that I think very well explained Mr. Fish Mao or how he came to be. In the living room was one big aquarium. In the aquarium was one big fish, I should say unusual fish since I have not seen the like of it before. It has got big head and big mouth. And, the more I stared at it I began to see the face of Mr. Fish Mao. And the more I looked at the fish and thought about Mr. Fish Mao; indeed, I could not help but seeing Chairman Mao!  Naughty boys!

Anyway, Mr. Fish Mao must still be there today. Slowing down of business maybe, but what recession are people talking about? Surely he is not really affected by global economic recession.  He’s just sort of hibernating,  at worst, I suppose.  It is the producers and consumers  – especially  the fixed, limited income earners to include the workers who are likely to feel the crunch.  And Mr. Fish Mao the trader will tell you he’s not to blame for that as he is only making a living.  Yeah,  right, what has the obese child, left by himself in the kitchen, got to do when he has eaten all the foods! 🙂

Alpha Humans, Wars, World Economy, All in One Pot

I’d been to social-economics and this caught my interest. I found it weird because it is not any of those usual subject-related comments. It is trying to link human genetic and economics. Although there was no correlation presented, however, I think there is sense in linking world economy with intellectual advancement of mankind. But, no, I don’t mean the brand of Alpha humans as pointed there, which incidentally was also the subject in my previous post.

…The new work [involves] much more intellectual input. We don’t need workers, we need thinkers. Since almost half of the population is below average intelligence, there’s a problem.

It’s a qualitative difference. It requires more than social evolution, it requires actual biological change to the organism, ie, humans…

I think any kind of work requires necessary intelligence to get done and done efficiently. And I believe, except for the born mentally handicapped, any man can become an Albert Einstein given the absolute exact conditions that Albert was brought up.

But in reality, one child was more interested in playing with spiders and marbles, when another was more interested in reading books, so that now we see everyone like we see them today.

This is hypothetical, but even if every man is an Einstein, we would be seeing the same social structures that we see today: A company needs only one manager so only one person gets the position. And, the same goes for all other slots. So, we will have the IQ of an Einstein to cut the sugarcanes, the same to haul them to the mill, and the same to finally produce the sugar that is brought to every table.

Let’s accept it that society is one huge corporation. There is head, body, hands and feet, or heads and tails – all them working collectively to serve the whole. Other than that would be a giant blob that thinks but does nothing and goes nowhere.

The present world economic recession cannot possibly be beyond social-political-economic reasons . The Financial crisis in America that tiggered it,  I think,  is only the fissure of a long faultline. Among the immediate effects is more unemployent. And everything is cascaded and will be cascaded. Unemployment means less consumption. A decrease in consumerism means retreat for industries thus more unemployment that again has ripple effect.

Meanwhile, maybe we should go back to some old perenial problems of societies before all that.  Maybe people should be working for more social equities. When some have too much while others are starving or are deprived, then we have an issue. There is a problem. And they are  only aggravated with the present economic crisis.

People dream. They don’t really mind if others drive luxury vehicles or they live in mansions. But these are issues when people can’t have cars, they don’t have food, and they don’t have roof over them. I think societies have a long way to go to make a better world.

Even Socialism has miserably failed its theories. I think it is because of bad politics and economics. While private enterprises have their own dreams, so have the governments of Socialist countries at the expense of their masses. Chinese working class, for example, except for some social amenities, are paid about 10%  only of what their counter parts in advanced countries are getting.

So, it is more often that we hear people complain that everything now is made in China. Some of them with Chinese markings could be speaking Canadian, American, and Japanese! Surely there are good things in globalization [free flow of capital] but globalization is not free of negatives. One of them is flight of capital not actually surplus.

Capital – American, Russian, or Chinese speaks only one universal language – profit. And apparently nationalism is meaningless when stood beside profit. But I guess export of capital is more of an issue for people in the advanced world as it benefits the underdeveloped nations, top and bottom.

I think @96 97 has one hidden point there. Miserable third world countries have negative cycle of no education and poverty. Vote buying is effective among the poor and uneducated. This in turn is blamed for corruption in government. There is negative cycle of poverty and high degree of corruption. There exists threat of rebellion that needed bigger expenditures for security. This in return eats up fund that could have been used for developments like public education and other services, failures in which feed rebellion. The war against illiteracy and no-education cannot be wrong.  And this is a dismay in the third world like the Philippines. The matter is beyond statistics of classrooms and teachers. Problematic third world is one way or another dragging the first world down.

I think President Barack Obama is right. The ideals that America was built on cannot be sacrificed for something else. But how far will he stand on his speech in the third world where Uncle Sam most often supported the failures against struggles of those who think they can do better? And this has been going on for long that, I think, the talks about US economy now built around war is not a myth. Yes, People naturally catered because there was war. But it is cyclic when people mongered so they can cater! [This is of course an opinion as this has always been negated.]

Maybe President Barack Obama sees ways not envisioned by others before him. If he means no more American troops in foreign soils in the end, I think he is on the right track. Maybe Uncle Sam should not be in foreign soils other than his own war.

Wars will finally stop when everyone on Earth sleeps with a full stomach and greed is history. That’s what wars, white or red, is all about and nobody can change the rule. Other than that is rhetoric and make believe by those in it. But end of wars is mere idealism – dream. The world seems trapped to its present politics of economics and economics of politics.

As for the advancement of Alpha humans, I think we need not worry about it. Mother Nature has always been in the act constantly. So, there is no need to forcibly castrate people or massacre races like Hitler did!

Is Social Evolution Pointed to Extinction of Mankind?

I have been to a site which suggested that mankind is probably making a mistake by doing away with polygamy instead of promoting it. I find it interesting especially for Filipinos that I decided to make a posting about it.

Filipinos see themselves as devout religious. Or, you have not seen them yet like in the rallies of the El Shaddai and the annual procession of the Black Nazarene that happened in Quiapo, Metro Manila, yesterday. The multitude, mostly made up of les miserables, are there hoping for prosperity and good luck.

I think, practices like trying to kill  the self just to get near the black Nazarene, just to touch or to wipe a cloth at it, is blind superstition and orgy. I don’t get it, Brother Mike Villarde can be seen and heard better in TV. One can also go to Quiapo Church any ordinary day to touch all the icons there if that‘s about it. Ah, Filipinos have always believed in talismans and amulets even before they have become Christians. I don’t think they’re what God has been telling man so they will have a better life. But, OK, only the great old man has the right to say what does or does not really please him.

Now, as we have seen how devout religious Filipinos are, they are also equally ignorant of the stand of their Churches. They have patronized, or should I say idolized, people who are publicly known to be polygamous. The star and king of comedy Dolphy, for example, is well known to have sired dozens of children by different mothers. They also made Joseph E. Estrada who has also been linked with different women besides legitimate wife Senator Loi Estrada, as their one time President.

It now appears that while many Filipinos are probably faithful spouses, they idolize those who have lived their fantasies! We have a situation here where there is tacit approval by society while officially the moral and legal codes of the land do not allow it. Indeed, man as has been observed, is naturally polygamous.

But let’s go back to the big question. Did mankind really make a mistake by deciding for monogamy instead of promoting Polygamy?

Humans, somewhere down our history, apparently acted no different from animals like pigs and dogs of today. Sows and bitches when they heat will do it with any. Males will fiercely battle it out with any when they want it. Primitive man and woman apparently did it also with anybody. It is not a monopoly of any sex. And, I guess, the same nature is still with humans today although it may be override by other things, by culture for example. Ah, the simple walking organism has developed into a thinking creature later called man [Homo erectus >> Homo sapiens >> modern man].

Polygamy was predominant during Slave societies spilling well into the era of Feudal societies. Those were the times when physical strength played dominant role in survival of the specie. Societies were male dominated sexist.

I think we need to examine the role of religions in the issue since more often man has imputed God to justify his polygamous way. Polygamy was practiced by early precursors of Christians as evident in the old testament. Christians today, except for the Mormons, no longer sanction it. The Roman Catholic Church is, in fact, against polygamy. Its influence like “till death do you part” is widely instituted in monogamous societies today. [Who says religion did not evolve with society!] It is also against divorce of those it united. While other Christian churches approve of divorce, they are never the less opposed to polygamy, too.

And since atheists Red China and Russia also practice the culture of monogamy, therefore, monogamy is simply [advanced modern] human social behavior independent of religion. Muslims incidentally lag behind everybody in social-cultural advancement.

Polygamy or polygyny, therefore, is more on sex and economics rather than a practice based on religion.  I think it is mostly economics. In a polygamous society, only a few can afford it, actually. To maintain more than one wife or mistress and family, costs.

I think it is normal and universal of people to like sex the same way they look at foods. But I guess some can discipline themselves while others are like obese and gluttons when it comes to sex. They can also afford it.

Another nature of animals is jealousy, which is in fact related but is conflicting with greed.  They can be present like two sides of the same coin sometimes.  And out of this conflict, humans, developing thinking creatures then, has synthesized what is known as fairness – equal rights for man and woman. What is allowed for him is also allowed for her – mutual respect between man and woman. Man has come to the time when it is now intelligence that plays a major role in survival. Unlike yesterday, sex has ceased to be an issue in moving tons and tons of dirt. It now takes a little strength to turn hydraulic wheels and throw or pull hydraulic levers to do such hard and complicated jobs. Wars are now fought by  both men and women as it takes a small strength to pull the trigger of a gun.

Maybe somebody can think of something more advanced about man’s procreation, but surely it cannot be polygamy or polygyny as we have known them. Otherwise it will be a move in the direction when man was called Homo erectus. It would be going forward to the past. [Monogamy >> polygamy >>primitive man >>animal]

Polygamy is no doubt natural of man though it may have become inert in peoples and societies  of today. Monogamy is a choice by modern man. I don’t think mankind will reinstate polygamy to where it was. Anyway, there is always legal separation, which advanced with monogamy for modern man if he or she thinks that they deserve better and another.

But, back to the heart of the issue, what about Monogamy destroying mankind by preventing the proliferation of the Alpha humans?

Alpha humans? I think the marked difference happened when man had split from the main branch – Gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans and others. Internal biological factors [genetics] in humans, I think, are almost absolutely equal. Genetic evolution must still be at work. Yes, I think genetic advancement has always been there but too small to be noticed. Mother Nature must still be in the act, promoting if not eliminating or refining, silently. Everyone we see today is product of evolution or they’re not there. Capacity to evolve is in all. I think, All men were created equal still holds sense in it.

And, with the internal factors set aside, I think, the rise of historical figures is then due to external factors. [What can hatch is in the egg – genetic. But, it is right environment that causes an egg to hatch when exactly the same egg under different settings surely won’t.]  Where are the lineages of the Alexander, the Caesar, the Napoleon, the Khan, the Einstein, the Mc Arthur, and the Mao Zedong today? It also shows that this so called “Alpha” can come from anywhere. Like:

Somebody rose in a rank to become a leader and later to become a king. As the king he was bugged by the idea of perpetuating the good things for his children. [Thus born the idea of extending “God’s given rights” for them] Most often, the progenies, this time reared in different environment or atmosphere, turned out to be dunghills – social degenerates, retardates and stagnates. The degeneration can go on until society realized, and the line is ended. Thus Feudal societies gradually receded while advanced the more progressive systems driven by the rise of new heated elements – the actual, true fittest hatched by the right environment.

[Rasputin was believed by many as the real power in the time of the Tsar who was believed to be under the whim of the Tsarina! Those “Alpha” who were in fact dunghills were controlled or manipulated by “Beta” or “Charlie” gathered around them!]

Maintaining a mate takes a lot. For those who can’t stand the thought of his mate probably doing it with anyone, here’s the tip. For one thing, give it in the morning, give it again at noon, and in the evening, as well as when you wake up in the morning. And every day too! Until came the complaints: “I’m tired”, “It’s not safe”, “don’t you get old?”, and yes “this is marital rape!” Or, any flimsy excuse, so you don’t make it. It means you are giving more than needed. [I wonder where had Senator Miriam D Santiago got her ideas when she authored the Anti-marital Rape Law!]  🙂

Anyway, I consider myself more than average hot, but I cannot imagine those sex starved women in a harem! The polygamous Kings did not probably know behind the smiles of those Beta, Gamma and Charlie around them! I am more inclined to believe one contention that the Ottoman Empire was later dominated by the progenies of the Zetas [slaves] instead of the Alphas’ of the empire!

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